Rome was lost, the line of emperors was crumbling, Rome was turning into a democracy, and little by little, and new age was begun.

When Maximus killed the emperor in the arena, The former general had full intentions of giving up all power he would receive, and giving it to the people, something that Marcus Aurelius only dreamed of, but due to an untimely end, never saw it fulfilled.

There was only one thing that stood in the way of a new peace.

The last Caesar.

Lucius Verus, son of the emperor's sister, and rightful heir to the throne of Rome.

In the dark of the night, when nobody could hear, dark assassins snuck into the palace, murdering the queen, and taking her child.

Not once was he missed.

Not one soul knew he was gone.

Because he simply disappeared, torn from all he loved and thrown on a slave ship bound across the Mediterranean for Algeria.

Lucius woke up, tired, confused and aching all over. Where was he?

He remembered going to bed, then nothing.

"The little weevil's awake" a burly looking pirate yelled across the deck of a rather exotic looking ship, nothing like the ones that Lucius' father had taken him to see in the coastline ports of Italy.

"Here's some gruel, little bug" the pirate said, pushing a bowl of some gross-looking substance to him.

"I'm not eating that" Lucius replied.

Didn't they have something better?

"Then you'll starve!" the pirate yelled in his face, throwing the bowl of weak soup all over him, soiling the robe he wore.

The pirates roared with laughter.

One of the men walked over to him to grab the empty bowl, and noticed the gold pendant he had on his neck.

"Eh? the little weevil's got gold on 'im!"

With those words, the pirates deluged upon him, tearing his clothes off, and grabbing at all his valuables.

the pirates clustered on the other side of the ship, fighting over the small treasures they had plundered from the roman boy.

Now Lucius realized he was completely naked, they had taken his robe as well, leaving him comlpetely naked.

'Dear god' he thought. 'It is unheard of to strip a Royal's clothing' but then again, he wasn't home, was he?

"what am i supposed to wear?" he asked the pirates. one of them looked over and threw him a piece of cloth.

"what on earth is this?" it looked like some sort of undergarment, like a slave would wear.

Is that all he was?

A slave?

Lucius slipped it on, trying to ignore the scratchy feel of the fabric.

"Why am I not in Rome?" he asked.

"Cause you're nothing but a stupid, dirty little slave boy!" the biggest man said, making the pirates bellow in laughter again.

They had finished squabbling, and his beautiful clothes lay in a tattered heap.

"Look at him, Crying for his mommy" it was then that Lucius realized that tears were streaming down his cheeks, mostly ones of anger, but a few of sadness mixed in.

He slowly stood up, quaking with anger.

"Oh look, is his mommy dead? Is she nothing but a whore?"

then Lucius' mind blanked out.

He leaped at the pirate and punched him as hard as he could.

The man was strong, but Lucius unleashed a fury upon him that no one had seen the likes of in an eleven-year old boy, and it scared them.

Lucius was beating another man when a voice interrupted.

"Enough" it was a short man, dressed in the Arab fashion; he looked very well off, considering the ample belly on him.

"All of you, back to work" and with that, the pirates dispersed, leaving Lucius staring at his now bloody hands.

"You too" the man waved at him with a perfumed hand.

Lucius stood his ground, haveing no idea what he was suppose to be doing anyway.

"Did you hear me? You are to go to your duties, or I'll have you flogged!"

Now, Lucius knew what flogging was, but they wouldn't dare whip him would they?

Apparently they would, because in a few minutes time, he was thrown against the mast, and tied securely.

"I will not have disobedience on my ship" the short man said, strutting about like a rooster.

'A perfect nickname for him' Lucius thought.

Now the whole crew was on deck and the boy could practically feel their bloodlust piercing him like a thousand knives.

Then the crack of the whip rang out, and the skin on his back felt like it was stabbed by a bolt of fire.

This repeated ten times, and at the end, Lucius was crying hard.

Then the crowd was dismissed and he was thrown below decks, falling down the steep stairs, the porthole being locked behind him.

The deck ran the length of the ship, and was filled with many barrels and crates.

Still sniffling, Lucius crawled to the very back, in hopes that no one would come looking for him.

Now he felt the pain, not just the physical pain, this was a new kind of pain, and it hurt his heart most of all.

Why had his mother let this happen?

He had seen Commodus' death, he had even been a little pleased, but Lucilla should have been given the rights of empress, and him emperor after her.

He gently touched the now drying blood on his back, wincing at the contact.

He had never been punished this brutally before, never even handled roughly.

Maybe if he shut his eyes, this would all go away, and he would wake up in his bed, with his mother waking him in time for his morning lessons.

As Lucius fell asleep aboard the little ship,

He knew.

Deep within his heart.

That he would never.


See his mother again.

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