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Chapter 1 (the crappy, brief intro. kind of chapter...)

Maintenant il commence…

And now it begins…

"Bye mom, going on a trip to Cottonwood City!" I grinned, walking into the kitchen. My name is Dennis. I had a bandanna tied around my forehead, a backpack on my back. I am short: about 4'5" (people always call me bad things...). I have brown hair with blonde streaks; I mostly wear blue or black (with the occasional festive colours like red and green for Christmas); I also have green eyes; I also had on a nice pair of hiking boots. Enough about me...

You are probably wondering what I'm doing? Well I'm going camping! Ooh, how I love it! Every aspect of it is incredible... The scenery, the smells, the sounds... I cannot even begin to describe how it feels. I just love it!

You probably wonder where I live, right? I live in this region called Oriss, a sub-region of Oklariss. (Can you guess where it is?). It is in America. Such a beautiful Oriss is. There are trees everywhere, lakes, ponds, rivers... a paradise for Pokemon. Only problem is, that the Pokemon here are a lot more shy than in Sinnoh or Johto for that matter. Sorry, but I am horrible at describing things... but I can tell you this: Oriss is incredible! Oh wait... I already said that. I happen to be from a place called Buteo Town - Cottonwood City is about 50 miles.

"Bye hon! Don't forget your cell phone!" She hugged and kissed me. My Staravia landed on my head.

"Cell phone while camping…? Mom... I needn't a cell phone while camping...," I sighed. I ran out the door, nearly slamming it; with Staravia gliding past me. He is the fastest Staravia in my opinion... he is the best tracker, too. I have found the best berries plants and the tallest trees because of him.

"I can't wait for an adventure!" He called.

"I know me neither!" I grinned, keeping up some dust. There was so much that it covered me up and I started to cough hard. He flew over me and flapped his wings real hard and cleared the dust. I grinned. This is one of the games we play: "I kick up dust, you clear it away." Yeah, I started doing this when I was really bored... and I do get bored easily. I chuckled and he flew up and between a pair of trees.

"It sure is going to take awhile to get there!" He said.

"Yeah...," I sighed. "Wow... only on the outskirts of town...," I grumbled. Sure I love camping, but do I like walking there? Not really. I looked up and noticed something odd about Staravia. "Is there something wrong?"

"I-I-I don't feel very good...," he looked a bit green in my standards.

"Umm…?" The next thing I knew, he collapsed and fell to the ground... in my best effort, I jumped and caught him while he was falling. The weak and tattered best friend was reduced into a blob of brownness. I drug the ground as I caught him. I stood up and I could see a lot of blood pouring from my legs. I was about to vomit, too... I hate blood. I fainted, flat-backed into a ditch. Somehow, Staravia was still alive; but I was so out I couldn't even see that blood was leaking from my head, too. I couldn't move... why? Why couldn't I move properly... I had never felt like this before!

"Hello...," said a sweet voice traveling through my ears. I could also feel licking on the back of my head and on my legs. I could hear the rustling of a Staravia preening its feathers.

"Uhh...," I said groggily. I woke up to see a canine-like Pokemon standing over my side. It was... a Skuntank. She was... beautiful. She was on all-fours; tail held up high (and not over the face like what some do, and it looked stumpy, too); deep blue eyes; beautiful purplish-blue and whitish-cream fur shined in the mid-day sun; her ears were flopping over her smooth head; I could see that she had a pseudo-penis; her claws were extremely sharp-looking... but my vision was slightly blurry and that was all the details I could see... I could see my Staravia though; and I could barely see that my clothes appeared to be tattered. "What... happened...," I managed to choke out.

"You were b-bleeding... so I decided to help you," she smiled. "Thanks to your Staravia," she wagged her tail happily.

"I-I thought he was dying..."

"He looks OK to me, because he was able to find me."

"I thought Skuntanks eat meat..."

"Oh no silly boy, we mostly eat the wild berries." When she said that, my stomach nearly exploded.

"I-I don't feel very good...," I was just barely able to lift my shirt up to see that I had a hernia. "I'll have to go to the d-doctor..."

"Doctor Chloe to the rescue; I see that you have what humans call a hernia. I know exactly what you need! I will be back, I promise!" She grinned and ran off fast as possible.

"So Chloe is her name, eh?" Staravia flew down and landed on a rock above me.

"How... I thought you were dead?"

"I'm not dead... but it did feel like I got shot by a bullet though..."

"Poachers," I growled. "They're everywhere, and they probably had an air-soft rifle. That is probably what happened to you!" Somehow, I was able to collect all of my strength and sit up. I moaned from the pain. "Ahh..." Somewhere I had read about hernias. The best treatment is going through surgery, but that doesn't seem possible at the moment... I had also read that there is a way to push it back in… but how though? I did my best to press against it and push it back in… not good. I ended up vomiting from the pain. "Ahh...," I screeched.

"No sense on doing that," he said.

"I know another way of treating a hernia...," I nodded weakly. "I need to exercise my abdominal muscles," to my best, I tried to sit up and scrunch. It wasn't that bad though... but still, I was tired and sick to my stomach.

"Hello human, I'm back," she smiled, spitting out a huge bunch of blackberries.

"Ooh... blackberries?" I smiled. I sat up some more and ate them happily. "Thank you," I nodded.

"You're welcome, human."

"Umm... my name is Dennis."

"Right," she wagged her tail. "As soon as you get better, I want to show you around." I nodded. I noticed how the sun was only half-way in the sky. I could hear distant howling... It was fairly warm out... about 82 degrees. This isn't a bad temperature, as long as there's at least some wind. There was a slight breeze... I could smell honeysuckle in the wind. A few clouds rolled by. Staravia looked into my eyes with his green eyes. I smiled as Chloe yawned slightly.

"I'm sleepy...," I mumbled. She smiled and lay down next to me. "How... come you're leaning against me?" I asked, just out of instinct and curiosity.

"I'm going to protect you. I respect humans...," she giggled. I chuckled back.

"Well I respect Skuntanks. I thought they smell bad... how come you don't?"

"Skuntanks smelling bad…?! HA! That is just nonsense! We are some of the cleanest animals out there. We groom each... other... every... night...," she started to break up. I dared not to ask. I could sense that something really bad happened to her.

"Oh...," was all I could muster. I didn't even want to ask. I started to sweat like crazy... "I'm really thirsty... I might try to get up...," I tried but just landed flat-faced on a rock. "Ahhh!!!" I screamed in pain.

"Dennis… stop. You're going to hurt yourself," she brushed up against me. Blood leaked from a cut on my forehead. She licked it.

"Hey... that is kinda gross...," I shuddered.

"Our saliva has its own anti-septic in it, do you want to get an infection?"

"Oh..." That proves how much I know about them! "I don't know much about Skuntanks, I've been studying Staravia for years."

"I see. Your Staravia is very beautiful. You've kept really good care of him."

"Why thank you," I smiled.

"Yeah, he's my best friend!" He said, slightly smiling. He ruffled his feathers and preened them. "I've known him for about five years now."

"Hehe," she giggled. "Do you have a name?" She wagged her tail. I rubbed my eyes and saw that her tail looked skinny... almost matted.

"Uhh... I don't have one," he seemingly blushed and cocked his tail. "But I am proud I'm a Staravia!" He spread his wings and circled around. I could see where the bullet hole was though. Right underneath his wing!

"I call him Star sometimes for short. And I was noticing your tail, Chloe."

"Oh...!" She blushed. "Long story… sorta."

"Oh, I love stories!" I smiled.

"Me, too," Star agreed.

"OK... well. I'm part Lucario. My mother was a Skuntank, and my father was a Lucario. So the only attributes I got from my father were his tail and his claws," she unsheathed her claws. "You see, Lucario claws retractable," she smiled. "And Skuntank's aren't. So that is why I don't have very many friends. They thought I was a freakazoid. Having a tail… and claws of a Lucario while everyone else was just a regular Stunky or Skuntan; but that's the past and I try to forget about it. I'm glad I'm taking care of a human though. It's fun, I've done it before but they always ran away from me... never to see them again. I hope you don't do that," she rubbed against me.

"Oh no, of course not," I smiled.

"Are you still thirsty?"


"OK," she smiled and ran off quickly; tail high and proud.

"I smell blood," said a Cerberuss. (One of my fakemon.)

"It smells delicious...," another one of them growled.

"This should be easier than plucking cattle from a field!" Another howled. They all growled and chuckled and eventually ran off to find the human...

"Chloe... where are you? I kinda have to take a piss..."

"I'll go look for her," Star suggested.

"Alright," I sighed and closed my eyes real fast. He was long gone and I woke up to see a huge, brown, three-headed beast in font of me. It snarled and snapped at me.

"CHLOE...," I nearly fainted. "HELP…!!!!" I yelled. "SOMEONE…!!!!"

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