Author's note: I do not own Harry Potter. Andromeda and Ted are some of my absolute favorite characters. For some reason I have a fascination with barely mentioned characters. Anyhow, I love the thought behind these two. One is sworn to despise the other and yet, they have an amazing daughter and they love each other more than anything. My question is; how did it happen? If they really do love each other so much, why only one child? Enjoy my take on it and please review! It helps to know what the readers want!

Jennifer aka dinosoprano

Chapter 1: Gone

Gone crazy, going out of my mind

I've asked myself the reasons at least a thousand times

Going up and down these hallways trying to leave the pain behind

Ever since you left…I've been gone.

"So, I was thinking that we could make a pit stop at Dervish and Banges before we leave. I need a new quill to replace the one you sat on." Fabian said.

"It shouldn't have been on the chair." Robert argued. Both boys laughed.

"Can you believe we're almost seventh years?" Fabian asked. "Six more weeks and we can officially say we're the oldest students."

"Then it's off to the real world of jobs, money, women and headaches." Robert said.

"I've decided to become a Law Enforcement Officer." Fabian announced.

"What happened to the auror dream?" Robert asked.

"Failed out of Potions, remember? Anyhow, I can get into Law Enforcement with and Acceptable O.W.L. Potions grade, no N.E.W.T. needed, so it's no big deal." Fabian answered. He opened the door to Dervish and Banges and the two boys went in. quills were at the front of the little shop.

"Wow, four for two Knut, now that's a bargain." Robert stated.

"Two for each of us then," Fabian said grabbing four eagle feather quills. They went up to the counter where a young woman with blonde hair rung them up and sent them on their way.

"So what are you going to do after graduation?" Fabian asked as they passed the Three Broomsticks.

"I don't know, when I was little I wanted to be a firefighter." Robert answered.

"A what?" Fabian asked absently.

"A person who puts out fires," Robert explained. "Obviously, there is no need for one in the wizarding world."

It was then that the first sign of strange things to come happened. Robert's head began to throb like a sudden migraine. His vision blurred and his eyes began to shake. He stumbled and dropped his Zonko's bag. He grabbed his pounding head as his knees buckled. It was gone before he hit the ground.

"Robert! Robert, are you okay?" Fabian abruptly came back into view as Robert's vision cleared. He was panting heavily and his whole body shook violently.

"What happened? Is he okay?" Fabian's twin brother, Gideon asked running over.

"I don't know, he won't talk," Fabian said worriedly.

"I'm fine, I just passed out. It's nearly ninety degrees out and I haven't had much to drink. I'm just dehydrated." Robert said hoarsely.

"Are you sure? You grabbed your head." Fabian said.

"Maybe he's being possessed." Gideon suggested.

"Oh yes, that's exactly what's wrong with him, Gideon." Fabian said angrily.

"Calm down, I was only trying to lighten things up. He said he was fine. Besides, dehydration gives you headaches." Gideon spat.

"Guys, cut it out. I just need to get a drink in the Three Broomsticks and then we can head up to school." Robert said standing up with the twins help. The three boys walked into the pub and didn't say anything more on the subject.

"You may begin." Professor Dumbledore called, flipping an hourglass over. The sixth years were taking their Transfiguration exam. It was the last exam of the year and they were all eager to get it over and done with. McGonagall had the class arranged in alphabetical order, so Gideon and Fabian were three rows ahead of Robert. They all exchanged a wink and then began on their tests.

Gideon and Fabian finished in record time. They were the Transfiguration prodigies. It was their best subject and they were better than everyone except Professor Dumbledore, but he hardly counted as he was a genius at everything. As Fabian passed Robert's seat, he whispered, "Good luck, see you by the maple tree." Robert nodded ever so slightly to show that he had heard.

Time passed by slowly. Robert felt his eyes growing heavy from lack of sleep. The night before he'd spent studying instead of sleeping. Transfiguration was hard for him and he had to really work to get the good grades he had in it. Worried about the exam, he hadn't realized he hadn't slept until four in the morning.

Describe what a Metamorphmagus is.

A person who can change their appearance at will. Robert wrote. He wondered if it was painful for them to change or if they scrunched their faces up out of habit. His head began to throb dully as he yawned. He was in need of an after test nap.

Name a famous Animagus.

Morgan le Fay, King Arthur's half-sister, she became a raven.

Did he need to explain that or just write her name? To heck with it, he may get extra credit. Ravens…ravens are black…and so is the classroom…no, Dumbledore's room wasn't black, it was gray stone. Then why is it so dark? And why is everything shaking?

Robert groaned as the dull throbbing faded away. He felt warm sheets surrounding him. Where was he? Had he finished the test and headed for the Gryffindor Tower? Was he already in bed? He must be, people were talking quietly nearby…or had been until he'd groaned.

"Mr. Tonks, can you hear me?" Madam Pomfrey, the school's new nurse asked. So, he was in the hospital wing…but why? The he remembered the headache.
"Yes," Robert croaked.

"Good, you passed out during the test from lack of sleep. I trust you got plenty now?" she asked. Robert started to nod, but it brought the throbbing back so he stopped.

"Yes, I got plenty of sleep." He answered.

"Mr. Prewett seems to have another thought to your passing out. He says this isn't the first time you passed out this year?" Madam Pomfrey probed.

"No, it's not the first time. I passed out during the last Hogsmeade trip." Robert admitted. Madam Pomfrey's eyes bulged.

"Five weeks ago? Why didn't you come to me then?" she scolded.

"I was fine after a glass of water. I didn't pass out again until today."

"Yesterday," Fabian whispered.

"Yesterday," Robert corrected. "Yesterday?" He spun to look at Fabian, instantly regretting it as his head protested.

Fabian nodded. "You were out cold, my friend. Are you sure you aren't ill?"

"Yes, I'm positive, I feel fine now." Robert insisted.

"Well I'm going to keep you here a little longer, just to be sure." Madam Pomfrey said turning to leave. "I'll get you something to eat."

"Robert, you're really starting to scare me." Fabian said quietly once the nurse was gone.

"I know, I'm scaring me too."

"Robby's coming! Robby's coming!" sang a little blonde haired girl, dancing around the kitchen. Her mother laughed.

"Ellie, sweetheart, I know you're excited, but calm down before you break something!"

Ellie stopped dancing and sat at the table. "Sorry, Mummy, I'm just so happy to see my favorite cousin!"

"He's you're only cousin, dipstick." Her brother said as he came in to get a glass of water.

"Ted, be nice to your sister." His mother scolded. Ted ignored her.

"When is Robby coming?" he asked.

"Any time now." His mother replied. Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Robby!" Ellie squealed excitedly dashing out of the room. Unable to help himself, Ted followed. He shook his head as she squealed again in delight, unlocking the front door. She could be so immature sometimes, and she was only ten months younger than he!

"Hey, Ellie!" Robert swung Ellie in a circle before hugging her and placing feet back on the ground. He pecked her cheek before she dashed outside to see their aunt and uncle.

"Hi, Robby," Ted said giving Robert a hug.

"Hey, Teddy," Robert returned.

"Do you have to call me that?" Ted asked.

"Do you have to call me Robby?" Robert retorted, giving his cousin a wink. "Hi, Aunt Margaret." He said giving Ted's mother a hug.

"Hello, Robert, have a nice school year?" Margaret asked.

"It was pretty uneventful." Robert replied.

"Mummy, look what Uncle Eddie got me!" Ellie shouted running back into the house, a dress in tow. Ted shook his head, annoyed with her girlyness. Robert chuckled.

"Let's go outside, there's someone I'd like you to meet." Robert whispered to Ted. Ted nodded and followed…anything to get away from his obnoxious sister. By his aunt and uncle's car a boy about Robert's age was unloading what appeared to be a caged owl.

"You have an owl?" Ted asked. He looked uncertainly at his cousin. "Is that legal?"

"Of course, why wouldn't it be?" Robert assured him. "Ted, this is my best friend, Fabian Prewett." Fabian, this is my cousin, Ted Tonks."

"Like the singer?" Ted asked. Fabian looked confused.

"Yes, exactly," Robert answered.

"Cool, nice to meet you." Ted said shaking Fabian's hand.

"The pleasure is all mine." Fabian replied. His owl gave an indignant hoot. Fabian glared at it. "Shut up, Ogden, I'm letting you out." He opened the cage and Ogden took off, cuffing Fabian in the head. "Stupid bird," he muttered. Robert laughed.

"You'll find that he and Ogden don't always see eye to eye." He said.

"He's a Lesser Horned Owl. They're rare, how did you get one?" Ted asked suspiciously.

"Robby, who's your friend?" Ellie asked skipping down the front walk.

"Fabian, this is my cousin, Ellie." Robert introduced.

"Fabian, like that cute American singer?" Ellie asked.

"Yes," Robert replied.

Inside the house, Robert's parents had finished putting his bags in the guest room and were joining Ted and Ellie's mother in the kitchen.

"Margaret, we can't thank you enough for watching Robert while we're gone. I know he's a teenager and more than capable of watching himself, but we've been concerned." Kathy began.

"Concerned? Is something wrong with Robert?" Margaret asked.

"We don't know," Edward said. "He's been suffering a near constant headache and he's been very lethargic. Sometimes he passes out."

"The point is, he isn't well enough to stay home alone for the summer." Kathy said. "His doctor told us that if he passed out again that we were advised to take him to the hospital. If that happens, ask for Dr. Reynolds."

"Okay, I'll keep an eye on him. Anything else?" Margaret asked.

"Call us if he's hospitalized." Edward said.

"Of course, it never crossed my mind not to." Margaret said.

"Well, we best be off. Thank you for everything. Tell Theodore we stopped by and all. Mother's going to call sometime this week to update us on her book tour." Edward said.

"Okay, I'll tell him, you two have fun." Margaret said as she followed them out the front door. She watched them hug their only son and his friend, then their niece and nephew before driving off. Margaret watched her nephew spin Ellie again. He looked so alive and full of energy. It was hard to believe that something might actually be wrong with him.

It was the first week of July and the Tonks's and Fabian had gone to the neighborhood park. Fabian was sitting on a swinf watching the other three play. He didn't quite get their game.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" Robert called from the bottom of the slide. Ellie poked her head over the slide's edge.

"Is that you, my dear Prince Charming?" she asked.

"Prince Charming, that's the best you've got?" Fabian asked laughing. Ellie pouted.

"That's his name in the fairytale!" she shouted. Fabian stopped the swing.

"This is a fairytale?" Fabian asked. Ellie looked at him strangely as Robert tried to tell him to shut up without drawing attention.

"Of course it is, didn't you ever read Rapunzel?" Ellie asked. "You have a sister, don't you?"

"Yes, but Molly's not really into that kind of stuff." Fabian said. "She likes the Tale of-"

"The Three Billy Goats Gruff," Robert interrupted. "Stories like that and the Gingerbread man."

"Oh, no Cinderella or Snow White?" Ellie asked.

"Nope, besides, she's already got her Prince Charming." Robert informed. "She's married."

"She's that old?" Ellie gasped.

"She's nineteen if that's what you mean." Fabian huffed.

"Married at nineteen? Wow!" Ellie said impressed.

"How's this, instead of Prince Charming, I'll be Prince Gideon." Robert said.

"Oo, what a handsome name." Ellie squealed as Fabian made a face.

"Gideon, really? You did that on purpose." He whined. Robert just smiled.

"Is that you my dear Prince Gideon?" Ellie cried dramatically.

"Yes my love, it is I." Robert cried back.

"Who dares to bother my sweet Rapunzel?" Ted boomed from somewhere unseen. Both Robert and Ellie gasped.

"Run my dear Prince, it's the wizard!" Ellie shouted.

"I shan't leave you, Princess! I shall fight him off, for he has trapped you where I cannot reach!" Robert shouted. He drew a stick from his belt loop.

"Come out and face me like a man!" he shouted bravely. Fabian was desperately trying not to laugh. It was like watching a horribly done play.

Ted jumped out from behind a bush, his own stick brandished like a wand. He grinned evilly. "Thou hast poisoned her beautiful mind for the last time! Fear me mortal, for this is the last you'll see of this life!"

Fabian was impressed. Ted was quite an actor. Robert grinned.

"I think not foul being. You have hurt my lovely Rapunzel enough and you shall pay!" he charged at Ted. Ted cleverly dodged him and shouted. "Trees, I call on you to tie him still!"

Robert shrieked and fell to the ground, writhing as if vines were tying him up. Ted smiled triumphantly. He was walking slowly over to Ellie, as if waiting for Robert to free himself from his bindings and kill the evil wizard. It never came. Ted turned around, tapping his foot. Ellie frowned.

"Okay Robby, you can come kill Ted now. Your sword was still in your hand." She shouted. He didn't move. Fabian stood up. Was he playing? Suddenly, Robert began to shake violently, without control. Ellie screamed. Fabian bolted over to his friend and flipped him over. He was having a seizure. He looked up.

"Ted, hurry and get your mother! He needs to go to the hospital!" he shouted. Ted, who had gone very white, dropped his stick and ran as fast as his clumsy legs would let him. As the house came into view he began shouting. Both his parents were in the front garden planting pansies.

"Goodness son, what's the matter?" his father asked.

"Robert…Robert…" Ted gasped out. Margaret gasped.

"Theodore, Robert, he's hurt!" she stood quickly and ran inside. When she came back out, she had her purse and the car keys. Theodore had run to the park to go help Fabian bring Robert home. Ted was hugging himself and trying not to cry. He couldn't help but feel that it was his fault. Margaret saw her distraught son and came over to him. She gathered him in her arms.

"It's okay, sweetie, he'll be fine." She reassured him. Ted nodded, not really believing her.

Theodore came rushing up, Robert in his arms. He looked pale and worried. Fabian came forward and opened the door to the backseat. He hopped in and Theodore handed Robert to him carefully. Closing the door he turned to his wife and son.

"He had a seizure, he's not well. I checked his blood pressure and it's way up. We need to move fast. Ted, can you and Ellie fit in the back with Robert lying across you or should we put you two in the front seat and your mother in the back?"

"I want to sit up front." Ellie wailed. She was obviously terrified by the days events. Theodore nodded.

"I'll sit in back." Ted said hurrying to the other side.

"What about Kathy and Edward?" Margaret fretted.

"We'll call them from the hospital, there's no time now" Theodore said hopping in the driver's side. Margaret got in the passenger's side and they were off. Ellie was sobbing quietly the whole ride. Ted wished she would stop, he felt bad enough as it was. He had never realized how big Robert was until he had part of his dead weight on top of him. It worried him that Robby didn't move at all. He glanced at Fabian. His face was drawn and he didn't take his eyes off Robby's face.

Fabian didn't notice Ted staring at him. He was too concerned for his friend. He knew that Robert shouldn't have taken this more seriously. He'd never had a seizure before. Fabian wasn't even sure what that meant. He just knew that something was seriously wrong with his best friend, especially by the way his aunt and uncle were acting. Not to mention poor little Ellie and Ted.

He had never been to a Muggle hospital before. The thought kind of frightened him. It wasn't because hospitals freaked him out, but he had planned to visit one just for fun. He had never thought he'd be taking Robert to one to make sure he would live through the night. He might have been exaggerating, but the worst thing that had ever happened to him was when Molly had eloped with Arthur fresh out of Hogwarts…

"Mr. and Mrs. Tonks?" a kind-faced nurse asked several hours later.

"Yes?" four voices asked.

"Which of you are Robert's parents?" the nurse asked.

"We are, is Robert okay?" Kathy asked tearfully.

"Dr. Reynolds would like to do a cat scan before he makes his final analysis. We just need your permission." The nurse said kindly.

"A cat scan? What for?" Edward asked rubbing his wife's shoulders.

"We need to find the source of his headaches. They may be something serious. Plus, we found a rather large bruise on his forehead." The nurse explained.

"It's still there?" Fabian blurted. Everyone looked at him. The nurse beckoned him over.

"What can you tell me of this bruise?" she asked.

"We were playing…er…Quidditch, a game we made up where you play on broomsticks. He…landed kind of funny and his broom whacked him on the head. He said it was no big deal." Fabian said hesitantly.

"I might not have been at the time, but it's quite serious now. I need to inform Dr. Reynolds. It'll be another half an hour or so." The nurse vanished behind a set of double doors. Kathy and Edward sat back down, but Fabian remained standing.

"This all my fault." He said. "If I had just convinced him to go to a doctor earlier…"
"Fabian, no one could have predicted this. Even we should have done something sooner." Edward said soothingly.
"But…"Fabian tried to argue.

"No, if it's anyone's fault, it's Robert's for not taking this seriously." Theodore said.

"I hate to admit it, but he's right." Edward said. "He let this sit too long."

Ted barely listened. He hoped this was just a fluke and that nothing was seriously wrong with Robby. It would break his heart if his cousin had to remain in the hospital. Why hadn't he said anything? Better yet, why had he not done something about it before now? Why did he have to scare his family like this? Ted was so furious at his cousin and so upset that he was hurt, he barely registered that a doctor had come out of the double doors. His parents and aunt and uncle stood to meet him. Fabian, who hadn't sat back down, hovered by the group.

"After seeing the cat scans I have come to the conclusion that Robert is indeed very ill." Dr. Reynolds said. "I wish he had been brought to me much sooner. I'm sad to inform you that he has brain cancer."

Ted froze. Cancer? It couldn't be. Only old people got cancer. He had to have heard wrong. Robert could not have cancer. It was incurable. He would surely die from it and Robert was much too young to die.

Kathy began to sob into her husband's chest. Edward was speechless. Theodore grabbed Margaret who had nearly screamed. Ellie was pale and the tears burst forth again unheeded. Fabian looked confused.

"I beg your pardon? What's caner?" he asked. The doctor seemed unsurprised by the question.

"It is a disease where your cells do not copy themselves right. They become a cluster of useless cells that can sometimes discolor skin, put pressure on bones and joints and cause many problems depending on where the tumor is located. It hasn't been until recently that a near cure has been discovered." The doctor explained talking more to Robert's parents now. "It's called chemotherapy. It basically zaps the tumor away. There are some side affects though; lethargy, severe hair loss, loss of appetite and such. It has been proved 60% affective at removing the cancerous cells."

"Will it save Robert?" Kathy asked. The doctor looked uncomfortable.

"I do not know. He is at an advanced stage in the cancer. We may not be able to treat him at all." He informed them. "We can give it a try though. The least it can do is let him live a little longer."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, who said anything about death?" Fabian interrupted.

"Son, cancer, when it's not treated, usually ends in death and in Robert's case, it will if we don't. Brain cancer is very dangerous." Dr. Reynolds said softly. Fabian looked horrified.

"You mean, no matter what you do, he's going to die?" Fabian asked.

"Fabian…" Kathy tried.

"I…I…I've got go home." He said abruptly taking off down the hall.

"Someone should go stop him. He has no way home!" Margaret said in a worried voice.

"Don't worry about him, he'll be fine." Edward said mysteriously. "Dr. Reynolds, could we try the chemo? If it doesn't seem to help, we'll ask him what he wants to do."

"Of course, I'll go get it set up." Dr. Reynolds went back through the double doors.

"Kathy, I'm so sorry." Margaret said hugging her sister-in-law tight.

Ted stood and walked slowly over. Robert was dying…and there was nothing they could do. Suddenly, he too wished he could flee like Fabian. It was all just too much. He grabbed his dad's hand.

"Dad, I want to go home." He said quietly. Theodore knelt to his level. He smiled sorrowfully and pulled him into a fierce hug.

"Okay, I'll take you and Ellie home. This must be too much for you two being as young as you are. We'll come back and visit when Dr. Reynolds says it's okay."

"Okay, thanks." Ted mumbled. Theodore held his hand and then picked up Ellie.

"Margaret, I'm going to take the kids home. Do you want to stay or come too?" Theodore asked.

"I'll stay, I can't stand not knowing." Margaret kissed them all good bye. The last thing Ted remembered before he fell asleep in his bed was of Robert lying on the ground shaking like a man wracked with poison.

They didn't come for a week. Ted was terrified that his aunt or uncle would come telling them Robert was no longer with them. When he went into the hospital room he was kept in, he felt his fears may have been unjustified. Robert seemed perfectly normal. He was sitting up, the radio was on and he was gazing at the window at the duck pond. When he came in, Robert turned toward him. He smiled.

"Is that you, Teddy?" he asked. Ted thought that an odd question.

"Yes…" he said uncertainly.

"Are you alone?" Robert asked. Again, it was a strange question.

"Yes, you wanted to talk to me?" Ted replied.

"Yes, could you shut the door?" Robert asked. Ted did as he was asked. "Good, come over here and sit next to me. I have something very important to tell you."

Ted came over hesitantly. Robert's right arm was twitching like it had a bad itch. Ted sat in the chair beside his cousin's bed. Robert cleared his throat.

"I asked you to come because I don't think I'm going to live very much longer." He started. Ted felt goose bumps on his arms.

"What do mean? You seem fine to me!" Ted exclaimed. Robert chuckled.

"Teddy, I'm far from fine. If you haven't noticed, I can't see. I've gone blind." Robert said. Ted didn't know what to say. "I can't smell either. I'd give anything to smell a fart again."

"Thanks for the information." Ted said in disgust. Robert chuckled again.

"The point is I'm losing everything I was used to. I can barely control anything anymore. I can't lift a tea cup; I can't control my bowels, or at times, even my lungs. Let's face it. My body has gone into slow mo shut down." Robert sighed. "But that's not what I wanted to tell you. Teddy, in about a week or so, you're going to get a big parchment letter from Hogwarts. It's the school I've been going to. I can't explain everything, it'll ruin the surprise, but I can guarantee you, it'll seem like a hoax. It's not, it is very real. I want you to go there, kind of like a last request. My other request is that you do everything I couldn't. Lame as it sounds, I wasn't the smartest kid, or the most popular. I never even had a girlfriend. Promise me you'll have what I didn't. Don't get a dead end job and marry someone you love. Got all that?" Robert asked.

"I think so…" Ted began.

"Good, the most important is not allowing anything to stop you from going to Hogwarts, okay?" Robert interrupted.

"Okayyyy….." Ted said.

"Good, now, I need some rest. Just talking these days tires me. I love you, Teddy, remember that." Robert said, leaning against his many pillows.

"I love you too, Robby." Ted said hugging him. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too. Now go on, let me sleep before I pull my sword on you." Robert joked. Ted cracked a small smile and headed toward the door. He had his hand on the handle when he turned back to Robert.

"Nice haircut by the way, bald suits you quite nicely." He teased. Robert smiled.

"It's the Tonks head." He yawned. He was asleep before Ted got out the door.

Ted would never forget July 15, 1961. At 9:00 in the morning, they got a call saying Robert was being pulled. Robert's parents had finally succumbed to his rather weak pleadings to just let him go. He was sick of suffering. The chemo had proved useless at his advanced stage and he hated the way it made him feel.

So, at 10:00, they shut off the machines. They waited patiently with their only son, insisting they stay with him until his final breath. By 10:01 he was pronounced brain dead. By 10:02, he was gone. At 11:00, crying softly to herself, Ellie went to fetch the mail. There was a big parchment envelope for Ted. He took one look at it and burst into tears.