After the Sky People

Chapter 1 - A Time to Mourn

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Jake made his way to the base of Vitraya Ramunon, the Tree of Souls, Neytiri not far behind him. He had come to pray to Eywa for guidance. The last of the Sky People had just been sent away. The only humans remaining on Pandora was the Avatar Research Team. Norm had expressed a lot of interest in continuing Grace's research and in keeping the school for the Na'vi children open.

However, this was not what Jake had come for. Ever since leaving his human body for his Avatar and his acceptance by Neytiri and Mo'at, he had become the Olo'eyktan, or chief, of the Omaticaya clan. Not exactly a job he wanted, but one he was willing to take on. As he saw it, it was the least he could do to repay the people for having a hand in the destruction of Kelutral, or the Hometree.

"Jake, are you okay?" Neytiri asked with concern as she watched Jake walk towards Vitraya Ramunon's trunk.

"I'll be alright, Neytiri." Jake answered, "It's just that I have a lot on my plate now."

"A lot on your plate?" Neytiri asked, not understanding the euphemism.

"I have a lot to think about." Jake clarified, "I've never been a leader before. I don't know what I'm doing. I was always just following orders before."

"You led us well during the battle with the Sky People. You are a good Olo'eyktan." Neytiri reassured him.

"But, I was just doing what came naturally then. It felt like that was what I was supposed to do." Jake replied.

Neytiri embraced him from behind, clasping her hands over his heart, "You did what you heart told you was right. That is what makes a Olo'eyktan. I told you when we first met, you have a strong heart. Just do what comes naturally."

Jake turned in her embrace to face her, [Thank you, Neytiri]

[You are welcome, my love] Neytiri replied.

Jake broke of contact with Neytiri as he knelt before the Tree of Souls. He gently took one of the pinkish strands of the tree and held it to his queue. His queue stretched out and touched the strand, commencing the start of Tsahaylu, the bond. Jake's eyes widened then closed as he felt the rush of memories of all those who had come in contact with one of the Utral AymokriyƤ, a Tree of Voices, or another Tree of Souls. He asked for any help in finding a new home for his people. My people, never thought I'd ever use a term like that...

He was overran by the memories Eywa showed him. Memories of various hunters and gatherers of different clans. They all pointed to a young Kelutral far to the south of the Omaticaya's original home. The tree wasn't yet large enough to hold all of the clan, but it grow large enough in the next few decades.

Jake returned to reality as he broke the Tsahaylu with the Tree. He sighed in relief as he now had a course of action.

"What did you find, Jake?" Neytiri asked.

"A new home." Jake replied, "Far to the south there is a young Kelutral, it won't be able to hold all of the clan, but it'll grow large enough to hold our people."

"That is good." Neytiri said, "Eywa has provided for us."

"Yes she has." Jake answered, "However, before we depart, I believe we have a remembrance ceremony to hold. Everything happened so fast that no one has truly had the chance mourn the loss of our home and people."

"Yes, we must commit the bodies of the fallen back to Eywa, so that the cycle will be preserved." Neytiri responded. Together they headed back to Hell's Gate. The Omaticaya had been staying near there after the battle.

[My people, we have lost much in the last few days.] Jake addressed the gathering of Omaticaya, almost half the clan had been lost between the destruction of Hometree and the final battle with the Sky People, [However, we stand here victorious. Our way of life is now safe. Vitraya Ramunon is safe. So much has happened so fast, that we have barely had time to come to terms with it all. So, we shall now take the time to honor those that have fallen. Take the time to mourn those we have lost. We shall gather at the fallen Kelutral and commit the fallen to Eywa. Afterwards, we will journey to our new home. Eywa has provided us with a new Kelutral in which to live. Hopefully, one day, a new Kelutral will grow on the site of the fallen one and our descendants will return to that place. For now, though, the fallen Kelutral will remain as a monument to those that died defending our world. Go now, my brethren, and gather the fallen so that they may be laid to rest with Eywa.]

The clan nodded their heads solemnly and headed out to take care of the task set before them. Everyone was finally letting the horrible truths of the past few days settle over them. Some of the Omaticaya immediately broke down, only to be consoled by others.

[You did well, Jake] Mo'at said from her position beside him. [It will take some time, but eventually the pain from this time will pass, and our people will move on.]

[I hope so.] Jake replied sadly, [I just wish they all could be here with us. Eytukan, Tsu'Tey, Grace, and so many others.]

[It will be okay, my son.] Mo'at comforted him, [They are with Eywa now.]

[I know...] Jake replied, [But...]

[Jake, come. Norm wishes to speak to you.] Neytiri said as she walked up to mate and her mother.

Jake nodded and followed Neytiri to where Norm was. Not the real Norm, however, Norm was in his Avatar.

"I See you." Norm greeted as Jake and Neytiri drew close.

"I See you, as well." Jake returned, "What did you want to talk about?"

"Jake, what happens when they come back?" Norm asked, "You know they will."

"Yeah, I know." Jake answered, "However, it'll be years before they come back. We will deal with it when it happens. Eywa will provide for us. Right now, we have people to lay to rest and a new home to find."

"Another thing, have you found a new home for the Omaticaya yet?" Norm asked.

"Yes, I went last night to the Tree of Souls. It showed me a young Hometree that we should be able to settle into." Jake replied, "We will be leaving after we've buried our dead."

"I see." Norm said, "Then before you go, you should take this." Norm handed him a small communication relay. "The Avatar team is staying here. We will alert you if anything looks to be coming from Earth. Also, it'll be nice to be able to stay in contact with you."

"Yeah, thanks." Jake replied, "Listen, when we get there I'll activate the relay so you can see where exactly our new Hometree is. You and the team will always be welcome as long as I'm the Olo'eyktan."

"Thanks, Jake." Norm replied.

"No problem." Jake replied, "So what are you all going to be doing now?"

"Well we're going to continue Dr. Augustine's research." Norm replied, "There's still much we don't know about some of the indigenous life. Also the network created by the trees still needs studying. Also, I was wanting to take a deeper look at the process of Tsahaylu. We have much to study."

"I'm sure you'll find the answers you're looking for, Norm." Jake replied, "How are the wounds?"

Norm looked at the patches visible under some of his clothing. "They're healing well. I'm just glad nothing bad happened to my body after I came out of the link." One of the researchers called out for Norm, he looked back to see a woman wearing an exopack.

"Looks like I'm needed." Norm said.

"I'll see you around, Norm." Jake replied.

"Yeah, later." Norm said as he went off to see what the researcher wanted.

"Mo'at was right about them." Jake said chuckling, "You can't fill a cup that is already full. They are still so worried about the whys and hows. On Earth, we'd say they couldn't see the forest for the trees, I don't think that saying ever applied as well as it does now."

Neytiri shared in Jake's mirth. The two of them went to help with the gathering efforts.

Gathering all of the Na'vi took a good amount of time. After a couple of weeks, even though they weren't sure if all had been found, they continued on with the ceremony anyway. They started at the fallen Hometree, laying the fallen into graves so that their life energy could return to Pandora. Each grave was given a single Atokirina', or seed of the Tree of Souls, so that the dead could rest with Eywa forever. After burying all of the dead, the procession moved to the Tree of Souls, where Mo'at led the clan in a series of prayers and chants to commit the souls of the fallen to Eywa.

After the rituals were over, Jake addressed the people, [Brothers and sisters, we now put a time of great sorrow behind us. Our loved ones who did not survive are now at rest with Eywa. We must press on. As saddening as it is, our Kelutral can no longer hold us. However, Eywa has provided us a new home, a new Kelutral. We must make our way there. The journey shall take a couple of days, but it is one that we can make. Remember always our old home, it will remain as a testament to all that we lost and all that we fought for. We leave early tomorrow, sleep well.]

With his part said he retired for the night alongside his mate. The rest of the Omaticaya went to sleep early as well, for they began a new life the next day.


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