Summary: Margi Thompson never knew about her Great Uncle being a Werewolf. She abandoned Mercy in the Montana Forest. Convincing herself it was for the best. Samuel had followed Margi deep into the forest and watched her leave the child. Thinking of his own children, and this was some how a chance for him to be a father, Samuel took the baby back with him. Raising her as his own. She grew up happy with Samuel as her father, and Charles as her uncle. They taught her well. When she was fourteen when Samuel lost control, only for a moment, but it was enough. Injured and scared Mercy ran away. Seven years later, Bran gets a phone call that will change his world. Mercy has been found. But she isn't the Mercy that left.

Pairing: I'm not sure if there will be a pairing.

Rating: T just to be safe.

Margi ran her fingers through her light blonde hair trying to calm herself down enough to look at her own child. Taking a deep breath she turned to look at her three month old daughter but only found a coyote wearing her daughter's clothes. "I'm only seventeen. I can't do this." She whispered fiercely to herself before taking the clothed pup out of the car seat. "I love you. I love you so much, but I can barley handle a regular baby, not one changes into a coyote. I just can't handle it." She wrapped the puppy in the pale blanket, hiding her from view before jumping out of the pickup. With one last fortifying breath Margi began to walk into the forest.

As she walked she thought back to her daughter's father. She couldn't remember anything other than his charming smile, and his dark eyes. Shaking herself from her fantasy she made herself think about the reason she had packed her car three days ago and just began to drive winding up in Aspen Creek, Montana. "I was never ready to be a mother. I just wanted to prove to mom and dad that I can take care of myself, and my messes. But this, this is just too much. You turn into a dog for goodness sake. No it will be better this way." She told the whimpering pup. Not long after Mercy fell asleep did she become a human baby. Margi clutched the girl closer to her but kept walking deeper into the wild country. Not realizing she was being followed.

Two more hours passed before Margi knelt down by a large oak tree setting the sleeping child beside her. "There is no place for you in my world. You would only receive rejection, resentment, fear, and heartbreak. No, this will be better. I love you My Mercy." Margi took tiny charm bracelet from her pocket. The light reflected off of the ten silver charms. "This is yours. Your grandmother and I bought a charm for it for every month I carried you. They represent the dreams we had for you." There was a ballerina, a drama mask, an apple, a healer's cross, a firefighter, a soccer ball, paintbrush, a crown, and her name delicately written. They wanted to let her know that she could be anything she wanted to be. Closing her eyes and heart against those dreams she placed the bracelet on the tiny wrist and walked away.

White-blue eyes watched the woman run crying from the bundled child. He waited several minutes after the woman had left his eyesight before approaching the pink bundle. He couldn't place the scent, it wasn't fully human, yet it wasn't werewolf like himself. As if to answer him the child shifted in its sleep, and without waking, the baby became a coyote. He smirked at the ease of her change.

Anger swept through Samuel as he continued to stare at the helpless child as he thought about his own dead children. He couldn't understand why someone, that had been given such a blessing, would just abandon it without a worry about what happened to it.

He knew that the young pup would have a hard life, anywhere, just for being different, but he also knew in that moment that he was at least going to give her the chance to have a life. Grasping the blanket carefully in his inch long teeth Samuel picked up the child, and headed home.

Charles was in his father's study when Samuel came walking in carrying a pink, whimpering bundle. Samuel didn't wait for either men to speak before launching into the story about the child and its mother leaving her for their wild brothers to devour.

"A coyote you say?" Bran Cornick, the Marrok of North America, couldn't help but see the sadness in his oldest son's eyes disappear a little as he stare at young Mercy. It was because of that look that Bran even considered to bring a Coyote into his terroriy. "Yes sir. It was amazing. It was like breathing for her." He told his father without looking up once, his eyes fixed solely on the young child. "The mother just left?" Charles couldn't wrap his mind around the concept no matter what he had seen in his long years. Anger flooded the old werewolf doctor once more. "The woman cried as she walked away, but she still left. Not looking back once."

"You know that a coyote won't be accepted fully among the Pack. You realize this?" Samuel nodded his wolf eyes fixed once more on the child. It seemed to the crowd that Samuel's wolf was determined to protect the little coyote. "I will be all the Pack she will need." He declared fiercely. "Well I guess we need to assemble to Pack and introduce them to Mercy Cornick, my new granddaughter." Somehow the term warmed the old Marrok a little. "Yes. Lets introduce my daughter." Samuel whispered smiling at the tiny sleeping child.

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