The New Watcher

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Notes: Thank you to Reg Stacey who helped me develop the idea for this story.

Chapter One:Welcome to Sunnydale.

Methos the world's oldest man sat outside the office of Quentin Travers one of the heads of the watchers council. What Methos or as the watchers knew him as: Adam Pierson, wanted to know was why he was summoned to London. London was the home to the Slayer branch of the watchers, where as Methos was affiliated with the immortal branch based in Lyon France. What made the visit particularly strange was the fact that the watchers (with the exception of the higher ups) weren't supposed to know of each other's existence. So why was he here?

"Mr. Travers will see you now." The small brunette working behind the desk said indicating he should go into the office.

Travers office was quite large and the walls were covered in books. The watcher stood and extended his hand to Methos, who of course shook it.

"Mr. Pierson, it was good of you to come on such short notice. Your superiors in France speak quiet highly of you and your work on the Methos Chronicles."

"Thank you sir. I don't want to be bold sir, but why exactly am I here?"

Travers adjusted his suit coat and took his seat behind the desk.

"Pierson, sit down. We know what you are."

Methos just played dumb and looked blankly at Travers.

"The council has known for a little while now, and frankly we were a little disappointed that you didn't come forward when you learned of your immortality."

Methos laughed silently to himself, they didn't know everything; they clearly thought he was new to the game. At least he had that advantage.

"You see sir, with the appearance of the hunters I was afraid."

Travers nodded in understanding.

"I understand, and so does the council. However in light of this information we can't exactly have you working on the Methos Chronicles can we?"

"Am I being let go of then?" Methos had almost expected the watcher to try and kill him…like the last time his identity was discovered. Thankfully the news hadn't gotten out then.

"No, no you're a brilliant man and we would hate to loose you. It just wouldn't be very ethical to have you researching other immortals. People might thing you we're trying to get an advantage on the game. So we're giving you a transfer."

Now this did surprise Methos. "Transfer?"

"Yes to the Slayer division. Do you know what a Slayer is Pierson?"


"No sir."

"The short of it is the Slayer is a girl chosen every generation to hunt and kill demons and other nasty things which stalk the night."

Though Methos sat perfectly still he remembered the first time he encountered a Slayer. It had been almost four thousand years ago.


The Bronze Age

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse had just road into the small nameless fishing village. This was going to be and easy sacking, or so they thought.

Standing in the middle of the small village was a girl no more then 16 with hair the colour of wheat in the sun. Her eyes shinning like sapphires gave them a defiant look.

"Do you thing you can stop us little girl?" Kronos, leader of the Four Horsemen laughed. The girl then pulled out a sword she had been concealing behind her back. There was a moment of silence then the four men laughed in unison.

"We are the four horsemen child, who are you to think you can stop us?" Methos inquired.

"I am Eve, The Slayer." She spoke no more; instead she raised her sword high.

Caspian, known as famine engaged the child on horseback. She swung the sword wide and cut deeply into his chest. Caspian fell.

Silas dismounted and walked towards the girl. Not even sparing a moment to look down at the body of his fallen brother, Silas stepped over Caspian and swung his war axe at The Slayer.

In the end the girl had risked her life for nothing, Silas axe like always hit its mark and the child fell beneath his blade. The village was sacked, and its people were killed, though Methos and the rest of his bothers couldn't help but be impressed with the child. Had she known to cut off the head she very likely would have killed Caspian…permanently.

* * *

"Attention Passengers, please put you're seat to its up right position. We will be approaching Sunndydale Internation Airport in 20 minutes time."

Methos did what the stewardess said, and then took out the manila folder that Travers had given him before he left for the United States. Inside were several other folders, one for each of the people the Slayer associated with. Apparently Methos found out that a Slayer is supposed to work alone, but Buffy Summers wasn't one to play by the rules. He took a quick look through them all, to prepare him self for his first meeting with the Slayer and her Slayerettes as they were known.

Buffy: The recently resurrected Slayer, with a problem with authority.

Xander: The loyal geek turned construction worker, currently dating a demon.

Willow: The lesbian witch and her Wicca lover Tara.

Anya: Former demon (what type of demon currently unknown to the council).

Spike: A.K.A William the Bloody, essentially a neutered vampire.

This was certainly going to be an interesting job.

* * *

It was close to closing time at the Magic Box, and Anya was busy facing the products on the shelf so she didn't have to do so in the morning. She was in fairly good mode that day, the story was busy which meant one thing; Money. Money other than Xander was her favorite thing; Xander figured that when Anya became human, she replaced the need for vengeance with the need for money and part of him didn't know which was more evil.

Anya looked around the store when she was finished facing the spell components, fixing a shelf was the love of her life Xander, and sitting at the round table reading a book on withdrawal was Willow. Dawn was doing her homework, and Buffy was in the back working out. She was had just put up the 'closed' sign on the door when the little bell rang. Everyone in the store looked up to see a tall lanky man step into the store.

"Sorry we're close. Please bring your money back tomorrow."

The man smiled and walked further into the store.

"I'm not a customer." The man spoke with what sounded like a British accent. "I'm looking for Buffy Summers."

"Buffy, some guy's here to see you!" Dawn yelled out at the top of her lungs.

Out from the back of the store stormed The Slayer.

"Dawn, you could have came and told me instead of shouting so the neibourhood could here you."

Buffy then looked towards the front of the store where the man stood. He wasn't an unattractive man, though he certainly had a pronounced nose.

"I'm Buffy Summers, can I help you?"

The man started to walk towards her with a smile on his face.

"Actually Miss Summers, I'm here to help you. My name is Adam Pierson, I'm your new watcher."