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Note: Thanks again Reg for helping me sort things out. A Side note, just remember The First isn't the big bad that's haunting Sunnydale in season 7. This is set mid-season 6

Chapter Six: Hard to Kill

Dawn's eyes went wide with fear and confusion.

"Adam? But I saw you die."

He narrowed his eyes and gave a sinister smile.

"You'll find my kind are hard to kill."

He began to step towards the girls, but Willow put herself in front of Dawn.

"How sweet... trying to protect the little girl. But she isn't the one I want."

Adam stopped when he was toe to toe with the young witch and gently began to stroke her face. She knocked his hand away.

He responded by backhanding her with his free hand which sent her flying to the ground.

"That did not please me."

Putting her fingers to her mouth, she wiped away blood. She narrowed her eyes at him as they slowly began to cloud over with black. A spell came to mind and she was going to hit him with a ball of white electricity. The words never left her mouth.

Adam pulled her to her feet before she could begin to chant and punched her in the face. The last thing she saw before blacking out was Adam's vampiric visage.


Buffy returned to the magic shop to see her little sister slowly pulling herself to her feet.

"Dawn, what happened?"

Dawn looked to the door.

"He took Willow. You have to hurry he just left."

"Who took Willow?"

"Adam, we don't have time to discuss this, he left through the back."

Clearly Dawn was all right, so Buffy bound through the store and exited to the back alley behind the shop. Moving quickly westward, Adam was carrying Willow in a fireman's hold. She ran fast, wasting no time to catch up the vampire. He was moving fast, but, with the added weight of the witch, he just couldn't push his momentum to out run the slayer.

He stopped dead in his tracks, knowing he couldn't out run the girl, and turned to face her.

"Put Willow Down."

He obeyed her, simply because the girl was hindering his movement, and threw her into a near by pile of discarded boxes.

"Where were you taking her?" Buffy withdrew a stake from her jacket and got into a fighting stance.

"To The First."

"Who is The First?"

Adam gave a secretive smile.

"That would be telling." He then began to back away from the girl, trying to put distance between them.

"I'll ask again, who is The First?"

"Really Buffy, you should know these things already. Makes you wonder what kind of shoddy training your last watcher was giving you."

Buffy saw red, and through the stake in her hand at the vampires heart. As always it hit its mark.

She didn't wait for him to turn to dust before she made her way over to check on Willow. The young witch was out cold, blood was running from her nose and an ugly black bruise began to form on her face.

Adam had dropped to his knees, and with both hands removed the offending piece of wood from his heart, while Buffy's attention was still on her friend.

He walked silently up The Slayer and grabbed her by the hair and threw her into a wall. It barley fazed her and she quickly got to her feet.

"You should have been dusted." She said with a quiet stunned voice.

"Its hard to kill Death."


Buffy looked back to see if her friend was alright, and when she turned her attention back to Adam he was gone.

"Will, are you alright?"

"Adam.... he's a vampire." Willow said looking around. "Where am I?"

"Adam was taking you some were. Did he say anything?"

Willow thought about what he had said and then shook her head.

"Sorry, no."

Buffy nodded and began to help Willow back into the magic shop.

"We're going to need to call the rest of the gang."