"Don't go." The words are said only with the most sincere of intentions but he can tell that she doesn't trust him. She is hesitating and while it makes sense – they haven't known each other for very long – he is gutted by it. It hurts to know she isn't prepared to put her faith in him. He's surprised at how much it hurts.

He frowns as she stares at him and he is quite certain that he looks like a wounded puppy dog. He has been told before that when he wants something and is denied it, he looks like that. Until he caught his own reflection once, he didn't quite believe it, but now. Now he is sure he looks like a sad animal with misshapen features.

He tries his best to use it against her but she continues to watch him with that same uncertain look on her face and he doesn't feel any less gutted. So much for that.

"I have to," she says. "Jack is out there still."

"Your boyfriend." He doesn't even try to suppress his jealousy.

She doesn't seem to notice or if she does she hides it well. "Yes. He needs me."

With that, she is off, sending a glance at him over her shoulder. For a moment he thinks she might be reconsidering, but then she smiles softly and waves. "Bye, Hatter. And thank you." Before he can ask what she's thanking him for, she has moved out of earshot.

He is left wondering if he'll ever see her again and why the thought that he might not saddens him as much as it does.