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Chapter 1

Search Party

Sam's POV

Billy Black called me early this morning to tell me that Charlie's leach loving daughter left him a note that she was going for a walk with Edward Cullen, but that she never came back. He asked me to gather Paul and Jared and search the woods to see if we could find her. He said the leeches left Forks and that he was afraid she either went with them or that they killed her. It is a good thing that I like Charlie, cause the last thing I want to do is waste my Friday night looking for Bella Swan.

Billy had a sweater that she had worn over their house so that we could get her scent. It is not bad enough that I turn into a giant black wolf, not I have to really act like a dog and sniff out this girl's scent. Why don't I just replace my toilet with a fire hydrant. Jeez! Yes I am bitter about this whole wolf thing. Those damn leeches made me what I am. Don't get me wrong I love the power and the speed, and it is definitely better now that Jared and Paul are wolves so I am not alone anymore. Billy said Embry Call was starting to show signs and I am sure Jacob will change too since he too is a direct descendent of the last pack.

We set out to start searching around Charlie's house and found nothing, so we split up in wolf form so we could still hear each other to look further into the forest. It was getting late and I was really starting to get aggravated. The girl probably just took off with them and we will hear in a few weeks that she was killed in a car accident. I was really getting tired and Paul and Jared found nothing. We were just about to call it a night when I picked up on her scent.

Lying in the middle of the forest, cold, alone and scared was Bella Swan. She looked so weak. I felt a strange pull to her and went to lift her off of the ground. As soon as she opened her eyes to look at me my whole world changed. Everything I cared about was now second best to this beauty before me. She was holding me to the earth with wire cables. She was everything. I wanted nothing at that moment to protect, love and be with her for the rest of my life. FUCK! I just imprinted on Bella Swan! How the hell could this broken leech lover be made for me? I mean I could hear her when I walked up saying "He's gone! He's gone!" Great I cant wait to see how the guys are going to react to this shit.

"Bella, I'm Sam. Sam Uley. I am a friend of Jacob Black's father. Are you hurt?" I asked her as I knelt nearer to her to lift her in my arms.

"No Sam. I am not hurt. Just tired and cold." She responded. I swear when she looked at me I got lost in her beautiful brown eyes and her eyes mirrored what I was feeling. At that moment I felt nothing but love for this gorgeous creature in front of me and as fucked up as it was that I imprinted on her, I swore I would never leave her and always be there. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I carried her back to Charlie's and already I was in heaven. I kissed her forehead and she looked at me with confusion. There I was again lost in all that was Bella. I started to feel kinda bad cause I knew Jacob had a thing for this girl, but he was going to have to settle on being her friend. He would understand better once he phased, and I would talk to Billy about it tomorrow.

We got her back to Charlie's and he went to grab her from my arms. I thought about refusing to let her go. I didn't want her away from me. I had to know she was ok, but I figured it would seem a little weird to Charlie. I reluctantly handed her over to Charlie and instantly my heart felt shattered. I must have shown it in my face cause Jared looked at me kinda funny. He has imprinted on Kim so he knows the feeling of not being with her. I saw Jacob and Billy follow Charlie and I did the same. I could leave my angel. He set Bella on the couch and covered her with a blanket.

"Daddy, Daddy. I am so sorry. Edward left me and I tried to follow him but I just got lost. Sam…….found me." She said as she paused when she said my name. I could swear she looked at me with the same loving stare I was giving her and I am sure she didn't understand it. I would tell her when she healed. She would have to know it was true. I mean she believes in vampires.

Jacob scooted behind her to hold her close to him and I immediately wanted to rip his arms off. I let out a soft growl and Jared and Paul just stared at me. I wanted it to be that was comforting her. My arms that were protecting her, but how weirded out would she be if I did that. Jacob had no idea what was going on. He just knew that his best friends was hurting. That will be me in no time at all comforting her. Loving her. Mmmm….loving her. I bet she looks great naked. Jeez Sam the girl just had her boyfriend break up with her. I know it has been a while since you've gotten any, but calm boy calm. Great now I am talking to myself.

Charlie said he thought it was best that everyone leave so Bella could get some rest. I didn't want to leave my Bella, but I couldn't very well explain to Charlie why I had this desire to stay here. My heart sank as I walked out the door into the forest to phase.

Dude what the hell is going on in that head of yours. Jared thought after he phased.

I imprinted on Bella. What the fuck is wrong with this picture. I thought back to him.

WOW dude! Imprinting on the leech lover. Paul thought.

Shut up Paul. Don't call her that if you want to keep your tail attached. We will deal with this. I told them. Go patrol the borders to make sure the Cullens are really gone and then go home and get some sleep.

Where you are going Sam? Jared thought as I started to walk away.

I am going to sleep outside of Bella's house. I will talk to you tomorrow. Check on Embry tomorrow afternoon. OK?

I ran back towards Bella's and laid down outside the house. I could hear her crying and it was killing me that I couldn't be there with her holding her. I would fix her and get her to understand our connection if it was the last thing I did.

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