Chapter 21

Happily Ever After


The last few years have been great. Levi was now 5 and running around like the little monster he was. He was the perfect little boy. I am pregnant with child number 2, a girl and I am on permanent bed rest. Carlisle comes over every day to check on me. I am due in two weeks and although I am really scared I know it will all be ok. Sam is a great father and a more wonderful husband than I could ever imagine.

Sam stopped phasing after two months after I got out of the hospital. He wanted to start growing old with me. It has been heaven having him here. I know he misses the hunt but you would never know it.

I could never thank Jake enough for what he did for me. Every time I bring it up he just rolls his eyes and says that I would do the same for him. He right. Leah and Seth Clearwater phased when the Cullens came back to Forks. I was sad that there were two more werewolves, but loved having the Cullens here. The other good thing about it is that Jake finally imprinted. He never paid attention to Leah enough to look at her, but when she phased the first time it was magic and the first double imprint of the tribe. Jake was now alpha and was loving every minute. He and Leah are getting married next month.

I don't know what would have happened to me if Sam didn't imprint on me. Funny how I thought it was the worst thing having these indescribable feelings for him at first. He saved me twice. Once when he found me in the woods and then again when he called Carlisle to do the surgery. The transplant never would have been able to happen if it wasn't for Sam calling Carlisle. It still hurts sometimes to look at them knowing that Edward is never coming back. Part of me will always love him and I do miss him sometimes.

Embry and Angela got married two years ago and have baby number one on the way. Kim and Jared have three boys and a little girl on the way. Emily and Paul have five girls. Five. I have my hands full with one and I am sure it will get worse with this little girl on the way. We are naming her Sarah Jacqueline. Sarah was Jake's mom and since I couldn't name a girl Jake I decided on Jacqueline for her brave uncle who kinda helped bring her into the world since I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

My life could never better. I have a loving, incredible husband, two great families, fantastic friends, a beautiful son and a daughter on the way. The best things happen when you least expect them.

Thank you to all my supporters. I am in absolute awe at the amount of great reviews and support you have given me writing this story. I do start school next week and as soon as I get settled I will write my next fic which will be about Bella and Jared with a little twist. Thank you again. ~Lauren