Two Months Later - August

I let the water race down my back as I stared at the tile walls. The water was hot now. Hotter then I've ever had it before, but it didn't matter, nothing mattered anymore. The past two months I had been living in my own personal hell and it seemed heat was all around me.


I shivered despite the hot water. How I used to love and miss the heat. Now, all it did was brought me pain.

I looked down at my naked body and almost gagged. He was right. Who would want me when I looked like this?

No one.

No one but him.

Bones were clearly visible through my skin with bruises and cuts running up and down my arms and legs. I had been clumsier in the past two months than I had been my entire life. But pain was nothing new to me. I was living in my own personal hell, going through the motions every day just to please him.

I shivered again. How could something like this happen? How could I let something like this happen? Silent tears fell down my face and my mind went through flashes of memories to try and understand it all. I squeezed my eyes shut when I saw a flash of pale white skin.

No. I couldn't think of him now. It would only make it worse. But the images continued to come: our meadow, school, his piano, my room.

I brought my hands up to cover my mouth to try and conceal the sob that I couldn't contain. I remembered the last time I saw him, the kiss we shared, though at the time seemed like any normal kiss, now held so much more for me. It was our last kiss. More sobs came that I tried to contain. If he heard me crying it would make things that much worse, because he would know I was crying over of him. So, I choked back the tears and the sobs as I let my mind take me into another direction but bringing up those memories only brought up the others; his family, Alice. I missed her so much. She was my best friend. Chills ran down my spine when I thought of that word. Obviously I had taken that word lightly with people. Alice must have been going out of her mind. They all must be, especially him. I couldn't even bring myself to think his name let alone say it. I missed him more than anything on earth. I missed him more now than I did when he left me. And that probably was because now we were separated by force. I prayed he didn't believe the lies that were left when I was taken. That his mind wasn't as gullible as mine once was, and deep down, I knew I was right. He knows my love for him and that was the only thing that was keeping me going.

But what about everyone else? What would everyone say? I covered another sob as I thought about Charlie. He was probably going crazy too, or maybe he believed the lies. I wanted to call him so badly, but I couldn't.

"They are watching him. I'll know if you try to contact him"

I wiped the tears and water from my eyes then braced my hands on the tile walls. It was times like these when I was truly confused. Part of my mind was screaming at me for being here, for putting myself in this situation at all, for me to do something about it. But the other part, which sounded an awful lot like his voice, was telling me that this was where I belonged: with him. I would learn to love it. It had only been two months. I should give it more time, because no one was coming for me. No one loved me like he did. As my mind argued back and forth with itself, the scolding hot water turned cold. As soon as it touched my skin it was like a lightening bolt went through me. I couldn't do this anymore. For two months I had been locked here: kept prisoner by someone I cared about. Not allowed to move, and not allowed to think without him right there. He used to keep me alive, but now, he was killing me.

I quickly shut off the water and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around myself as I stepped out of the shower. I crept toward the bathroom door and put my ear to it. I didn't hear a thing. My heart rate started to race. He was still out. I was permitted to be left alone now on account that he knew I understood his threats, and would never put anyone I loved in danger. My feeble attempts to contact my loved ones in the past had gone down in flames. I was no longer allowed near a phone, a piece of paper, a pen, or anything I could write or make contact with. After what happened on my last attempt to contact them, he knows now I'll never do it again. So he can leave. But only for a short while. He couldn't stand to be away from me for that long. He loved me too much.

Another shiver went down my spine as I thought of what his idea of love was. Fear started to sore through my body.

Stop Bella, I told myself.

Bringing those thoughts to the surface would never help me. I had to get this done before I lost the strength to do it, but how?

I was alone, so this was one of the only times Alice could see me. How could I get a message to her? Just talk? What if I didn't have time and she couldn't understand it for some reason? I needed to write it down so that she could see it. I looked around the bathroom frantically, trying to find something to write with. That's when the mirror caught my eye. It was covered in fog. My eyes went wide with the realization that with the fog I could write on the mirror with my finger.

I raced over to the sink and braced my hands on each side of it. I breathed in and out slowly, praying that this would work. Why hadn't I thought of this before? It was so simple. But I had to hurry. I concentrated on her: her short black hair, her tiny frame and her beautiful white skin. I remembered everything about her, hoping it would help with what I was about to do, but mostly I remembered how much I missed her. I hesitated for a second as a fearful thought came to my mind. Would he know I did this? Could there be some way that he could tell? And what would be the punishment for trying this? I bit my bottom lip trying to make the decision. A slight pain went through my lip and I stopped. I had forgotten. And that forgotten memory made up my mind. With one final breath I looked up into the mirror. I lifted my right hand, which was shaking with either fear or excitement: I don't know which.

Slowly, I began to write out largely the letters of her name.


I waited a second after I wrote it then wiped it clean to reveal my own face in the mirror. I took one last deep breath, looked at my own reflection and started to speak.

"Alice, I need your help."