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Little Golden Maiden Mine

Golden dragon maiden,

Young and fierce,

You have a light that no one sees.

But I see it,

And I hear its taunts,

For it knows I will never be able to draw you to me.

Afraid of me and what I have done.

You never try to see what is so plainly in view.

Naïve as a child,

But as stubborn as can be.

Let me nearer,

Abandon your fear.

An ever burning constant flame,

And like a moth it draws me.

You never accept what I know you know.

Somehow I will have you.

So hide little maiden,

If you so please,

But somehow I'll have you,

Only for me.

I know you want me,

As much as I want you,

Evil and Purity,

Light and Dark.

And you and I,

We always knew.

That you love me,

As much as I love you.