Why Fight It?

Why fight what is inevitable? As the word implies, it will happen no matter what. Is there a point in fighting against it when there's no hope, no chance, of a different outcome?

There really isn't.

That's my answer.

There is no point in even trying because in the end, you are who you are. You are what you are. There is no going back from that.

There is no cure for vampirism.

So why torture yourself over it? It's better just to enjoy it. Enjoy your unlife while you can, before that too is taken from you. Who knows if there is another realm of existence beyond the undead?

It is the little things that matter and enjoying what time you have is on the top of that list. It is idiotic to spend that time chasing girls who no longer exist and trying to be someone else, someone better, someone that she deserves.

So again, I ask you. Why fight the inevitable?