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"Philippa," a voice broke the silence, a hand shook her shoulder.

Where was she? A room, on a cold hard floor. She could feel it pressing against her face, flattening it like a disk. She was lying on her face and it hurt. She tried to roll over, but to no avail. Her limbs didn't seem to want to move or obey her in any sense of the word.

"Philippa," came the voice, it was familiar.

But who was it? If only she could remember. She should open her eyes, see who it was, see where she was, but her eyes would not obey her either. She wanted to groan, but she couldn't.

"Hey," something nudged her arm.

It was a little too sharp for her liking, probably some kind of pole or a foot. Could it be a foot? Yeah, that was definitely what it seemed like.

A hand turned her head and brushed the hair from her face. Her eyes were still shut like a steel vault. Delicate fingers attempted to prise them open. Ever so gently her lids were separated and she began to see the world again.

A face came into view.

It was Buck! Or was it Dybbuk? Or maybe both... She was so confused. What had happened? She could remember everything, but the last few moments had been a combination of shining light and darkness.

She finally managed to open her mouth, she wanted to say something. Anything.

"Hi," she croaked dreamily.

Buck, or Dybbuk relaxed.

"Who are you?" she had to know.

"Buck," he said looking worried. He obviously thought she might be suffering from amnesia.

"Where's Dybbuk?" she saked.

"Contained," replied Buck, he looked up into the distance. "He won't be bothering us for a while."

"Phil?" came John's voice.

She sat up groggily and peered over Buck's shoulder. John was standing there covered in grey dust from the falling stones and blood from his cuts. Never had she felt so relieved to see him. She jumped up. Bad idea. Her head still ached and her limbs were sore.

John came over to her instead and wrapped his arms round her so tightly she could barely breathe, but she didn't care. She wrapped her arms round him too with all the strength she could muster.

"Come on guys," said Nimrod appearing in Philippa's line of vision. "Let's go home."

Mr Rakshasas was gone now, he had completed what he come to do and now he was gone. He had left them with one final proverb:

"A wish is a dish that's a lot like a fish, once it's eaten its harder to throw back" and with that both he and the tiger disappeared into thin air.

There were tears and sobs, but at least this time they'd had the chance to say goodbye.

Now Buck was preparing to leave with his mother as well.

"See you around Phil," he said and kissed her on the cheek, he hugged John and thanked them all for what they'd done for him.

The cat wondered into the hall and accidentally scratched Buck's leg, he froze for a moment and Philippa could've sworn she'd seen something in his eyes. For just a second he had looked murderous.