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The Weasley and The Muggle.
Chapter One - Spilt Coffee

Percy Weasley hated walking through crowded streets. Yet, his flat was - where else? - on a street, which was generally crowded. Oh, what fun he had every morning trying to get to work, then trying to get home later that day.

It was Tuesday afternoon. He was charging down said street, pushing past various muggles to get home, as per usual. He never uttered a word of apology - they were in his way, there was nothing to apologise for. Infact, in Percy's opinion, they were the ones who should have been apologising to him. He was usually very polite - but he was entitled to his own opinion, and he hated walking through crowded streets. Why he couldn't just apparate was beyond him - but apparently he wasn't allowed. And, as Percy always said, rules were rules.

His mind wandered to what had happened that day, laughing softly to himself as only one thought occured to him.

Not a lot, really.

Not a lot ever happened in his office. It was well paid and it made him feel important - but mostly it was just paperwork, sending letters and carrying memos and problems from office to office. Generally, the further up you got, the less you did. Not that he was complaining. Some of the ways in which people used magic improperly were simply hilarious and he liked ordering people about - which seemed to be all he did, these days.

He was still pondering this as he continued to push past the people in the street, before his attention was stolen by something hot and a cry from a woman he didn't know.

"Oh! I'm so sorry - really, I'm sorry, leave me - go on, sorry -"

Percy looked down at the scrambling woman at his feet, desperately attempting to pick up various papers. Sighing, he knelt down, pushed his glasses up his nose and began to pick up the scattered papers on the pavement.

"Oh, no - really, it's fine - you carry on -"

Smiling slightly, he looked up. So did she. Her grey-blue eyes were framed by square black glasses, her blushing face surrounded by a long, chesnut-brown bob. As she caught his gaze, her already pink cheeks darkened a little before she averted her eyes back to the papers on the floor, hap-hazardly pushing them together in a messy pile, missing some and pushing others into the path of the passing muggles.

Percy giggled in his head. This muggle was just too clumsy.

When she lifted her hand, he quickly pulled the messy papers away from her, efficiently patting them all together into a neat-ish pile, before picking them up and pushing himself up until he was upright. Her eyes followed him, looking up through her eyelashes as he brushed the dust from his muggle-clothes with one hand. He smiled down at her, offering the same hand out to help her up. She took it, still blushing.

"Thankyou," she said quietly, quickly looking to her feet, beginning to brush herself down. It was then Percy noticed the bent, polystyrene coffee cup on the floor at her feet, partnered with the rather warm, wet, muddy stain on his shirt, mirrored by the one on hers. He half-heartedly tried to push the stain away with his empty hand. The woman finished straightening her clothes, and - noticing the stain on her blouse - let out a defeated groan. She looked up to Percy, who was still pushing the stain in an attempt to clear it. Her furrowed eyebrows shot up her forehead as her eyes widened and her arms shot out, despite the fact that she had no clue what she was going to do, only emphasized by her stuttered apology.

"Ohmygosh!" she said quickly, waving her arms around and advancing towards Percy, "I am so sorry, I mean - oh, I'm sorry - oh, look at your shirt! I'm sorry -"

This time, Percy couldn't help but giggle, cutting the woman's desperate apologies short as she sighed and looked at him.

"Don't worry," he said, "I was only going home. It's only up there. It was my fault anyway - I wasn't paying attention."

"No, it's me. I'm too clumsy for my own good." she said, quietly. He smiled and she blinked what seemed to be very slowly, pushing her toe around the floor and biting her lip.

"Where do you live?" he asked, as his mind began to wander, "Is it far?"

She looked up at him again through her eyelashes. It made her look so young - he couldn't help but smile softly.

"Not too far - " she began, just as quietly, "do you know Pembroke Road?"

Percy chewed his lip. Pembroke Road was miles away.

"Listen - my car is just down the road -"

Her eyes widened as she lifted her head. "No - really, it's okay, i'll walk -"

He giggled slightly. "Like that?" she looked away again, "It's okay if you don't want a lift - but I don't mind. Just thought I'd save you the embarrasment of walking through the streets with a coffee stain down your front."

She looked down at the stain on her shirt and for the first time, smiled. She looked up, biting her lip a little.

"That'd be nice. Thankyou."

He nodded in the opposite direction to the way he was originally heading, motioning for the woman to follow. She did so gingerly, following behind.

They were headed to a carpark at the other end of the road where Percy parked the car that Ginny and Hermione had insisted on him getting since he was living in London. Why, he had never understood, but in the end he had bought the damn thing just to shut them up. It wasn't a big or flashy, it was just a little black car. It did the trick, anyhow.

He unlocked it and told the woman to get inside. She did so, and he started the engine, backing out of the car park and onto the road in the summer evening. As they were smoothly trundling along, Percy realized that in his head he was still referring to the other person in the car as 'the woman'. He didn't even know her name.

"I'm Percy, by the way," he said, flickering a glance at her, "Percy Weasley."

Out of the corner of her eye, he could see her looking at him. "I'm Audrey. Audrey Green."

"Nice to meet you," he finished, flashing a smile. Audrey. That was a pretty name. Underused - in his opinion, anyway, "So, where were you headed?"

Audrey smiled. "Home, actually."

Percy nodded. "Me too. Been at work all day."

"What do you do?"

Percy had regretted saying it the moment he had said it. He made some unconvincing 'uhh' noises to buy himself some time, but - thinking quick - he settled on "I work in an office." Inconspicuous enough. "You?"

Audrey turned to look out the window, "I'm a trainee psychiatrist." She said, then turned to him, as if waiting for him to say something. He glanced at her again.


Audrey scoffed. "You can say what you like. I'm used to it."

Percy frowned, confused. "What?"

"I'm a shrink. I get it. Laugh it up."

Percy laughed softly as they turned into Pembroke Road. "No, I genuinely think it's interesting. What number?"

Audrey turned to him properly this time, one eyebrow lowering steadily. "158. Seriously?"

Percy looked out the window to see the numbers on the houses, before slowing down as he saw number 150. "Yeah," he said slowly, "the human mind is interesting, in my opinion - is this it?"

Audrey looked where he was looking, then said "Yeah." He pulled up on the kerb, before turning to face Audrey, whose frown was slowly fading.

"Cool." she said, apparently unable to think of anything else, "I think so too - well, that's why I'm studying it." She smiled softly, and Percy couldn't help but smile back. She sighed heavily.

"Bye then, Audrey. Don't forget your papers." He handed her the papers from the backseat and she bit her lip.

"You could come in, if you like." she said quietly, "Coffee - as thankyou for the lift. And I might have a shirt - " her eyes widened slightly "I mean, my flatmate might have a shirt, not me." She blushed again. He giggled. Again. Percy couldn't remember the last time he had giggled so much. Laughed, of course, but never giggled.

"That'd be lovely." He said, "If that's okay with your flatmate, of course."

She waved her arm at the house. "He won't care. He's probably still at work."

Percy smiled. "Okay then. Thanks."

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