Dinner that evening was a spectacle. Professors Potter and Malfoy were sat at the teachers table laughing their heads off, and the students were all very confused.

The cause of the spectacle was the points hourglasses, the Gryffindor and Slytherin hourglasses were having points taken from them with rapid succession. The students looked on in a mixed reaction of delight and horror, and the all the teachers minus the two hysterical ones were slightly confused.

When Harry and Draco finished they managed to explain to some of the other professors what was going on.

'From a process of deduction,' Draco began.

'We have come to the conclusion that the two missing professors,' Harry continued.

'Have finally given in to what Hermione has been threatening to do for ages,' Draco guffawed.

'Who would've known,' Harry sighed, 'that deducting points would be enough of a turn on to get Snape into bed….'