(RSVP: A french word meaning "please respond", meaning to respond to an invitation with whether you intend to come or not.)

The night would have been perfect if the man across from him had chosen to RSVP, Harry thought. He always RSVP'd! Harry planned which events he would attend around that premise, and it had worked for five solid years. Of course he figured the odds were against it working forever, but Merlin, it sucked to know it was tonight.

The man had been staring at him intently all night; Harry hated it. For the past five years the man had done nothing but shoot death glares at him, and tonight he showed up, not having RSVP'd, and had changed his whole demeanor. Harry didn't need his Slytherin tendencies to know that something had changed.

Or maybe, Harry thought sipping on his glass of wine, as Hermione, Ron, and the rest of his group chattered around him, he had just gotten better at hiding his hate. Or maybe it was only now that he wanted to hide it.

Harry noticed Hermione out of the corner of his eye glancing at the Adonis across the room, and then back at him questioningly, but Harry could only shrug.

Merlin knew he had no idea what was going on in Malfoy's head. It should have been hate. Harry made sure of that.

He remembered Lucius Malfoy's trial well. The man's hateful gaze as Harry refused to testify that the Malfoy's had been spies, and not willing death eaters. Of course key evidence came to light that got the Malfoy's off the hook, but barely. His ex lover had never forgiven him, but then again, Harry reminded himself, he had known it would happen. Every move had been planned so that hate would be the only emotion Malfoy had. Draco unfortunately was quicker than he gave the man credit for though.

Harry led Hermione out of the restaurant and to the apparition point without a hitch or reporter in sight. They both were tired of the media that gave no sign of letting up even though the war had ended a year ago. They apparated to the front of the building, sneaking into the elevator without being caught, and he let out a sigh of relief as the walk down the hall to his flat.

Rounding the corner though Harry let out a silent gasp, and Hermione a little moan as they saw the blonde leaning up against Harry's door.

"Potter," Draco nodded, confusing Harry even more since it wasn't spat out as a curse. It had gotten tiring dealing with the duo blondes.

Harry remained silent, and Hermione thankfully took the cue to do so as well. He pushed Malfoy aside, un warded the door, and walked in leaving it open for the two behind him to follow.

Inside Harry walked to the windows over looking the city, really not wanting to deal with Draco. There never was a good time to deal with him though.

Hermione stood between them, and finally excused herself to the kitchen to make tea knowing it seemed, that the neither would talk with her there.

Harry heard Malfoy move to stand behind him.

"You know," Harry heard that sarcastic voice sneer, "Finnegan has never been able to hold his liquor. It really is pitiful to watch. Makes no use of sobering charms either."

He stopped speaking for a moment and Harry guessed he was waiting for a response, but he would not be getting one. He was sick of it all. The last month he had tried his damnest to avoid them, and now they followed him home! He wondered sometimes if Mother Nature had a beeper to signal when his life needed another ass whooping because things in his life were going all right for just a moment.

"Potter, why the bloody hell didn't you tell us! No forget me, but you bloody well owed it to my father!"

Harry was proud he barely flinched at the yelling so close to his ear. So Draco knew. Yeah, Harry decided, the fates hated him.

What the hell was there to say? It pissed him off though that the pain hadn't fully gone away. A year, and it could still ache. Damned shame really.

He finally did turn around though. Deciding not to play dumb. He could have, but what did it really matter as long as Draco never told his father.

"I did what I had too, and made the choices I made for a reason. Nobody would have believed a word I said at the trial if they knew we had been anything but a hate relationship, and even then it would have been suspicious."

Draco looked far from appreciative, and Harry only hoped he wouldn't draw his wand. Draco seemed to be controlling his temper, but just barely.

"You piss poor bloody wanker!! Merlin Potter you're an idiot! So I assume that the whole scene between you and the Weasel brother was staged as well?"

Harry only murmured and then got yelled at by Draco for murmuring.

"I said his hate had to be real! He was facing losing his SOUL Draco, and so were you for that matter! He had to hate me and evidence that you two weren't the next Dark Lords in training had to come from elsewhere!"

"You PRICK! You couldn't tell him later that walking in on his lover sharing a snog with another man was for his benefit. I could barely believe it when Seamus started spewing this nonsense that he had performed all these top secret missions for Potter and in the end it had just been to let Death Eaters walk away. Of course your red haired friend couldn't stop from blanching….the idiot. Really did you think you would get away with it forever?"

Harry saw Draco was finally winding down. Merlin he would have to talk to Seamus though, or just obliviate the fool. He would probably go with wiping the memory. Merlin knew talking would do no good.

"Yes, and I have. More so, you are going to forget what you learned tonight and for once keep your mouth shut!" Harry stared into Draco's eyes, letting the blonde know he was serious. Draco's face changed from sarcasm to anger, and finally to puzzlement.


"Because your father is getting over it. Let him get over it and move on. A long-term relationship between us would never have worked. Just drop it." Draco then looked baffled, and stayed that way till he left.

For days Harry had expected an enraged Lucius Malfoy to show up at his door, but it never happened. Draco, it seemed, could be trusted after all. After that it had taken another two years for he and Draco to become friends. And Draco had kept his word, never telling his father. Together they watched Lucius Malfoy date dozens of people. Male or female, it didn't matter. Each stayed a short time and then were thrown to the side, seemingly with out regard or much protest. Of course none were discrete liaisons, and all made society headlines.

That was inevitable really. By wizard age standards Lucius Malfoy was in his prime, he was beyond wealthy, and a good guy with a bad boy side would always keep people interested.

Draco first loved telling Harry stories of hearing his father shagging or walking in on him, but gave that up when he realized Harry was not going to give him a reaction.

Even Hermione, who knew about the relationship, tried to get a response, but Harry didn't see why they just couldn't leave well enough alone. Lucius was happy with his playboy status and that was what mattered. The man deserved some peace. They all did.

After another hour passed, Harry watched Lucius leave with his latest beau and breathed a sigh of relief, choosing not to look over at Draco who had issued a very un-elegant snort.

It was finally possible to get up and walk around.

"Going for a walk Harry?" Draco questioned when he arose from the table.

"Merlin Malfoy, want to know if I intend to use the loo too? Want to go in with me?" Harry said it sharply and walked away from the grinning man.

He waded through the people giving half smile to those who called out his name but remained on his path to the buffet. He had no desire to get caught up in political talk tonight, or make mindless conversation with people who didn't know him.

He grabbed a plate, loaded it up with food and then headed to towards the balcony. A few couples were strolling on the massive balconies or walking down the stairs that led to massive gardens. It was quite a view, Harry noted, with little thought, biting into the food.

"Well isn't this picturesque." Came an abrupt voice from behind him, and Harry just closed his eyes, knowing who he would find when he turned around, and hoping it had been his imagination.

His Gryffindor nature demanded that he face the man though.

Harry turned and for the first time in five years was standing less then five feet from Lucius Malfoy. The man looked quite devastating. Black dress robes over a black silk shirt, tie, and trousers; it was Lucius signature outfit and color. His hair was tied back in it customary fashion, with a silk tie. Though Harry did note that Lucius had cut it at some point.

Harry hated that his heart rate sped up and his palms started sweating.

There really was nothing to say, and one thing Harry had learned was how to stay silent and not babble. Control. He had learned it well during the war.

It seemed though that Lucius took his silence as an advantage and moved into Harry's personal space. Lucius knew he hated when people did that without permission, and Harry hated the smirk telling him the blonde did it on purpose.

He was backed between the stone balcony wall and Lucius' hard body, but refused to look around for an exit. Lucius deserved a little revenge if that's what this was.

"I think this is the first time we've attended the same night function Mr. Potter. You've done a fantastic job of staying out of my way the last few years."

Harry hated when people played word games.

"Yes, well if you'll step away I'll concede tonight's event. Furthermore, if you would be so kind as to RSVP to events in the future than this won't happen again I assure you!"

Lucius' face clammed up and Harry could tell by scrunch of his brow that he was getting pissed. For the life of him though, Harry couldn't figure out why. He was actually conceding, and for a Gryffindor it was bloody hard to walk away from a fight.

Lucius took another step forward, leaving Harry acutely aware that the blonde was several inches taller than him, and much broader.

Harry finally glanced away from the piercing gray gaze and over his shoulder. Strong fingers clamped on his jaw though and brought his gaze back to the gray, and he stood still. Harry reminded himself again that Lucius deserved a little revenge. No matter how much Harry knew his pride would suffer. He would lick the wounds later, at home, and in private.

Harry stared, with Lucius fingers clamped on his chin, and watched in surprise as Lucius' gaze went from hard to softer.

He licked his lips and Harry couldn't help from tearing his gaze and glancing at the blonde's mouth, and then looked back up.

Lucius' gaze became heated and intense.

"You bloody Gryffindor!" With that Lucius slammed his mouth on Harry's. Harry tried not to react and to pull away but Lucius' hold on his face tightened, and he pulled down. Harry felt his mouth open slightly. Immediately tongues dueled, stroked, fought for dominance and Lucius ground his body up against his. Harry felt hands moving through his hair, securing him in the position the blonde wanted. It was heaven and hell all mixed into one big pile.

Minutes later Harry was breathless and without a thought in his head, but the sensations. Finally Lucius pulled away harshly.

"I choose damn you, who I see and what sacrifices I make for them. My choice Harry, MINE!" Lucius was looking deeply into his eyes and punctuating each sentences with a breathless kiss and ended up attacking Harry's neck. Harry knew Lucius was purposely leaving a mark there, and he relished it.

During the war Lucius had liked leaving little mark's on his body. The blonde seemed to like the idea that he had marked Harry as his in a place were no one would see it.

Consequently none had ever been on his neck, and Harry knew he was going to have a hell of time explaining the mark to those that would notice.

Right now though, all he could concentrate on was the wet mouth roaming over his skin. Harry groaned and canted his hips as Lucius bit non too softly where Harry's neck and shoulder met. Obviously by the smirk he received, the man remembered his pleasure point accurately.

"That's it Harry." Lucius whispered softly in his ear. Harry felt one hand sliding down his back to his arse, and pulling him more snugly to Lucius' body.

Merlin, he had forgotten how well this man knew him, and five years certainly hadn't dulled his response.

And that sinful mouth was still at his ear, licking and nipping just below it, and every once in while making a swift bite back at his shoulder neck joinder, eliciting more sounds each time.

"You remember this don't you Harry? Hmm. You writhing against me. Begging for it. The whole world sees you as put together, but just minutes with me, and I can make you fall apart."

Lucius prove his statement when he made a direct approach to Harry's cock. He'd had lovers that would hesitate, wait until Harry gave the okay. None seemed to want to touch the boy-who-lived without permission.

But not Lucius. Harry could feel the man's hands go straight for his zipper, slowly undoing it for effect rather than permission.

Harry held his breath in anticiapation, but nothing came.

"Open your eyes Harry." Harry complied. And found Lucius' harsh gaze on his.

"Tell me what you want." Harry took in a breath, Lucius had never asked what he wanted. His ex lover had always just known what he wanted, and did it.

"That's right harry. Where do you want my hands? Or maybe I should just walk away, like you did. Obviously you weren't as addicted to my touch as I thought."

Harry took a deep breathe. Revenge. That's all this was. A way for Lucius to punish him and remind him that once upon a time they had been great together. Merlin, when would he learn to not get himself into these situations. No, he reminded himself, he had accepted that Lucius would want revenge, and was determined to let him have it. That he obviously knew about the ruse now didn't matter. It was still revenge. No one duped Lucius Malfoy and got away with it.

Harry sidestepped Lucius' leg and gaining a surprised look, that told Harry this was not the reaction that Lucius expected.

"Consider this round to you. You deserve your revenge Lucius, I wont deny it, but I wont play this game willingly." Harry turned to leave but couldn't resist the parting shot, "Enjoy the night air, it's fresh. Very different then that of Azkaban don't you think?" Harry walked away before Lucius could utter another word, and walked directly outside the wards and apparated home. It looked like he wouldn't be attending parties or the functions for the foreseeable future.

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