Summary: When Rose and Jake are stuck together, babysitting Nessie, some secrets are revealed… Rated M for future lemons.

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I'm a bitch, I'm a tease
I'm a godess on my knees
When you hurt, when you suffer
I'm your Angel Undercover
~Meredith Brooks~

Prologue: Babysitting

Rose sat in the comfy chair, with the baby on her lap, slowly rocking her to sleep.

All was quiet in the house, until the front door busted open, and Jake stepped in, whistling, and going straight for the kitchen, opening the fridge and scanning the contents.

Ness woke up again and started whining.

"Great," Rose hissed and turned towards Bella and Edward, who were preparing to leave.

"What's the dog doing here?"

Jake looked up from the fridge, gave her a brilliant smile, knowing how much it annoys her, and said "Good evening to you too, Barbie, I thought I smelled something."

Edward and Bella looked at each other and Edward said in a low tone

"You asked him to babysit tonight? I asked Rose."

"I more like promised him," she said with a worried look on her face. She turned around towards Rose, giving her a pleading look.

"Well, Edward more like promised me," she simply said in a bitchy tone, determined to get her way.

Bella turned to Edward again, he looked apologetic "I thought, since Emmett is bear hunting this weekend, that she would like to. I didn't know you asked him already," he shrugged.

Jake shook his head in disbelief, speaking to Edward in his mind.

"I do trust you with Renesmee, Jacob."

He sighed. "Alright, you can stay."

"What the fuck!" Rose yelled, while standing up. The baby started to cry. At this Esme came down the stairs and said gracefully "I'm fairly sure they can act like grownups for a couple of hours and both take care of Nessie."

They opened their mouths to protest, but Esme had played it cleverly, as neither wanted to sound like the less mature. So they just snorted.

Rose sat down, muttering something about her hair that would smell nasty, and Jake got back in the kitchen to dig up a lost slice of pizza. It still looked okay, so he removed the plastic wrapping and took a large bite.

Bella, Edward, Esme and Carlisle said their goodbyes and left after Bella mouthed sorry towards him and Edward quietly asked Rose to give Jacob a break.

The door fell into lock and immediately Rose sent a death glare in his direction, trying to scare him away from her and the baby. Jake smiled sweetly and hopped over the back of the couch, landing right next to her. Rose wanted to protest, but Nessie immediately held out her little hand towards him and he smiled his sunshine smile at her, giving her his pinky to grab. She made little cackling noises that were so adorable that even Rose lost her murderous face for a moment.

He stuffed the remaining part of the pizza slice in his mouth, so that he could take the remote with that hand and switch on the TV. He immediately turned to the sports channel, that showed cycling at the moment. He wasn't interested in that at all, only wanted to annoy her.

"What the hell, you're not watching that."

"Yes I am," he answered, still chewing on his pizza.

She gave him a disgusted look and said "that's repulsive, Jake."

He swallowed and said "Yeah, I bet you look like a real lady when you're feeding," before turning up the volume of the TV.

"Keep it down, puppy, Nessie wants to sleep." She then turned her attention to the baby and said in a high pitched voice "That's right, baby girl, you want to sleep, don't you."

Nessie giggled and babbled, while stretching out her little hands to grab Rose's hair.

Jake looked sideways, always a bit baffled by the Jekyll and Hyde woman.

There must be something nice about her, Ness seemed to like her just fine.

"How long are you going to keep calling me puppy?" he asked, annoyed.

Without looking up from the baby, who was now pulling at Rose's hair with a force that would make a human girl tear up, she answered "Well technically you stopped aging at, what, like sixteen? So how about… forever?"

He sighed defeated and changed the channel to a car program, knowing that they both rather watched this. She took it as a nice gesture and didn't make any more mocking remarks.

They both sat in uneasy silence, checking the baby from time to time, to find that she was sound asleep.

After a long time, Rose gathered all her kindness, gave Nessie a kiss on her head, and carefully handed her over to Jacob. His eyes widened and he could have teased her, something about a bitch with a soft side, but he didn't want to push his luck. Nessie never as much as blinked as she was switched from the cold stone vampire to the warm wolves arm. In his strong arms, she even looked smaller than before. He looked at this baby in utter admiration and softly caressed her tiny hands and fingers.

All the while Rose her eyes were locked on the affectionate scene next to her.

"She should have picked you," she suddenly said.

"Hmmm?" He hardly registered her saying something.

"Bella. She should have chosen you." At this his head snapped up, looking at her in disbelief.


"Don't get me wrong, I love Edward, and I'm sure they're really happy together. But if it was me, I would have chosen the human life with you, and go for the puppies."

Jake coughed uncomfortably. He didn't want to think about his feelings for Bella. He knew however, that this wasn't about Bella. This was about Rose not having a baby.

"Do you resent her for having it all? The vampire life, the soul mate and the baby?"

"Not her," she simply answered, and her look became harder again. She averted her eyes.

"Carlisle then? For turning you?"

"What are you freaking Oprah or something!" she seethed, but her eyes looked eternally sad. And he wanted to comfort her. He wasn't scared by her hissing, he expected it.

"You were dying Rose. He never took any babies away from you. At least now you've got the chance to be a godmother."

Her eyes glared at him warningly. Her lower lip was trembling, but she looked extremely dangerous right now. She muttered between clenched jaws "you've got no idea what you're talking about."

He gave up and focused on the baby again.

To his utter surprise she sighed deeply and then explained.

"Not Carlisle either. Royce King."

He stayed silent. He knew about her past, but she never talked about it. Especially not with him, of all people. Her changed behavior made him nervous, the bitchy stuff he could handle. He expected it. Sad Rose however…

He got up from the couch, lay Ness against his shoulder and started strolling around the living room with her. Sure he can make some joke and break the tension, but this was Rose for Christ sake's and joking seemed very inappropriate at the moment. He felt extremely uncomfortable. And he knew that any moment now she would regret opening up to him and explode into some fury.

He avoided looking at her.

"He was my first love," she mesmerized. "First and worst love. Nobody knows this, but that night wasn't the first time he raped me. It happened before too. A lot. I just don't want their pity. God, how I hate their pity! His violence made me infertile. Carlisle told me, Royce was the one who killed my chance of a baby. And after all that, I still loved him."

She shook her head, disgusted with herself. Gritting her teeth.

Jake stood still, frozen, no longer rubbing Nessie's back. This new Rose was scary. He blinked and slowly stepped towards the crib, putting the baby down. He didn't know what to do. So he said without looking at her "You don't have to tell me this, Rose. It's none of my business."

He straightened again and rested against the back of the couch, facing away from her.

"In a way it is, Jake. You… you remind me of him."

His jaw fell open. Did she just tell him he reminded her of the man who raped her and almost beat her to death?

After a long silence, she stood up and got in front of him.

Her gaze roamed over his face, his dark eyes, his black spiky hair.

"Go home Jake, please," she whispered. She had told him to go home many many times before, but it was no hateful order this time, more like a pleading. A tone he never heard from her.

He was stupefied even more.

She didn't look as if she wanted to be alone, but knowing Rose, it would probably be for the best. Her strange behavior however, made him not want to leave Nessie with her. If she was having a melt down, reliving old trauma's about babies she never had, he wouldn't leave her with Ness.

So he simply shook his head.

"Jake…" she begged again and then she baffled him even more by stepping forward and dropping her forehead against his shoulder. She couldn't cry, but she trembled violently. With rage and grief.

He carefully patted her back a little, not knowing if she expected that from him.

She fisted his shirt and slowly pushed herself away from him again. In her eyes was an expression he couldn't read, her face looked determined, strong again. Pulled together, or so he hoped.

"Don't get me wrong Jake. I'm over him, I got over him the moment I started torturing him to death."

He gulped and his heartbeat sped up. She opened her balled hands to release his shirt and took another step backwards, looking up at his face. So continued in a softer tone.

"And I know you're different. I saw you with Bella, and now with Ness." She looked straight into his eyes and then suddenly blinked "Are you scared?"

"No," he replied, a little too fast. The corners of her mouth twitched ever so slightly.

He sat down on the back of the couch, stretching his legs before him, nonchalantly, but she wasn't fooled. She moved closer again, stepping between his legs and placed her cold hand on his face.

"Don't be afraid puppy," she whispered, with a slightly mocking look.

Jake couldn't believe the stunt she pulled here. First she almost breaks down against his chest, and now she wanted to make fun of him? He didn't speak however. There was a vibe in the room. The air between them had always been tense, but now there was… arousal? Definitely arousal.

She must have felt it, because she gave him a defying look and slowly slid her hand down over his cheek towards his neck. He shivered, arising all the hairs on his arms, and this she noticed too, with a small smirk.

It was wrong, naughty, devilish even, but Rose wanted to continue this game with the kid. The power she had over him, this instant. Now finally his god damned annoying ways were left behind.

She looked him in the eye and without breaking the contact, she moved her hand further down, over his shirt, down his abs and over his shorts. She found what she was looking for and heard him holding his breath. His eyes wide. Her fingers traced his pants and she grinned widely.

"Nice," she said, which made him feel a little cocky.

"Still think I'm a pup now?"

"Definitely. Just a pup with a nice package."

"You're sick Rose," he shook his head, but didn't push her hand away.

At this she threw her head back and laughed, wholeheartedly.

Something clicked inside Jake's head. He had enough of her sneers.

He would show her now and for all that he was no pup. He lifted his hand to the back of her neck, fisting her long blond hair and pulled her forcefully against him. She so had this coming.

He kissed her hard, before she pulled away, forcefully as well.

"What the fuck!" she exclaimed, but then they looked into each other's eyes for one brief second and their mouths were locked again. He pulled her tight against him, so that she could feel him. Tongues were licking and nails were scratching in this wild and feral kiss. When he tasted his own blood, he stopped abruptly, worried.

She gave him a seductive smile, while slowly licking her lips.

"You don't taste half as bad as you smell," and then raised her eyebrows to add her last word "Puppy".

That did it, he grabbed her and threw her onto the couch, jumping on top of her, attacking her mouth again.

"Shit" she suddenly said, pushing him away, so hard he flew halfway across the room "they're back."

Jake stood frozen by the television.

She started straightening her hair and her clothes with nervous hands, while hissing "One word and I'll kill you, I swear."

"Sure sure," he said, filled with panic.

When she looked up at him, her eyes widened in shock "Jake!"


He was covered in scratches and bruises, but there was no way to explain, because at that moment, Carlisle and Esme walked in.

They looked back and forth, between both frozen and guilty looking statues in the room. Jake's furious heartbeat filled the silence.

"Oh Rosalie," Esme exclaimed, obviously disappointed "What have I told you about fighting in this house? Especially with mortals, the smell." she shook her head disapprovingly "No offence Jacob," she added to him. He relaxed instantly. "And this in front of the baby." Esme went straight for the crib and picked up Nessie, rocking her, while waving her hand to dismiss both sulking teenagers. Carlisle stood next to her, equally entranced by the image of the sleeping baby.

"The dog started it!" Rose blurted.

Jake looked at her with angry eyes, mouthing "what the fuck?"

She just shrugged and he made his way for the door, wanting to be gone before the empath and the mind reader returned. Let alone the bear who would rip him apart in places he didn't want to be ripped apart.

"That's right, run away, puppy," she sneered.

His head snapped up, turning back at her as she still stood by the couch, arms crossed over her chest. Right before he left and ran home as fast as he could, she stealthily gave him a wink.

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