It was only a two hour drive to the inn Jackson and Ducky had picked for the two men's first real night together. McGee slowly steered the car down the curved driveway and parked in front of the main house. The small parking lot was lined with rose bushes, pruned back for the Winter, and ornamental evergreens. It was beautiful now, he knew it would be breathtaking in the Spring.

Gibbs gave an appraising look at the Victorian mansion. "I hope they know they've rented to a couple of men."

"Oh, I don't think that's a problem." Tim picked up the copy of the web page Jack had printed out for them and pointed to the listing of awards at the bottom of the page. "It was given five stars by Out Magazine." Gibbs just shook his head. A week ago, he would have thought his father didn't even know what Out Magazine was about. Of course a day earlier he'd have never pictured Ducky purchasing lube and condoms for him either. He just hoped there were no stories involved.

Check in was quick and efficient. While Gibbs showed his ID and a print out of the reservation to one of the owners of the inn, Tim was having a quiet conversation with the other partner. Whatever the two men were talking about, Tim looked pleased when he returned to Gibbs' side.

It only took a few minutes to move the car and carry their luggage into the cottage. If the weather had been warmer, the enclosed patio would have been a wonderful feature, but they bypassed it for now. Both men dropped their bags just inside the door as they looked around. A small dining table was just inside the door, a welcoming basket of treats placed on it. The large, tall bed was the centerpiece of the room. The intricately carved posts held up the canopy and side curtains that would give them total privacy, even in the already private room. Since the L-shaped building wrapped partially around the patio, it was wider in the back, giving room for a cozy living room complete with fireplace and an overstuffed sofa. In one corner a compact laundry room was tucked away, while the other side of the cottage was home to a large and luxurious bathroom complete with a jacuzzi tub in addition to the large shower.

"Wow, was it your dad or Ducky that found this place, do you think?" As they had explored, Tim settled against Gibbs' side. A strong arm was wrapped around his shoulder, while his own arm was around Gibbs' waist.

It had been many years since Gibbs had had a male lover, and never for more than casual sex. He had quickly discovered how much he enjoyed the slow build of a relationship over the last week. Smiling, he nuzzled against Tim's neck, thrilled at the shudder it produced. "I think those two are a force to be reckoned with. Let's check and see if they left us any more surprises."

Sure enough, when they opened their overnight bags, each had a wrapped gift sitting on top. The two packages were the same size and shape and both were wrapped in silver and gold paper.

"Should I be worried?"

"Terrified." Despite his words, Gibbs was grinning as he tore the paper off his present. Tim followed suit and together the two of them opened the boxes. Rich colored fabric was exposed, a deep green for McGee and a beautiful sapphire blue for Gibbs. Smiling at each other as they lifted the satin, they discovered matching pajama pants were the gifts Ducky and Jackson had sent along for their private celebration.

Satin usually disappointed McGee because the side against the skin was rough, but he discovered that these were also fully lined in the same satin. They stared at each other, both blushing, Tim because he was imagining the feel of satin against his body and Gibbs because he was imagining the shopping trip his father and Ducky obviously had undertaken.

"I'm going to take a shower." Tim looked a little bashful and Gibbs caught his hand before he could say anything else.

"Tonight, you're going to set the pace. We won't do anything that you're not ready for."

Tim returned the grip and pulled Gibbs closer. He may not have a great deal of experience, but he wasn't a blushing virgin either and he wanted Gibbs to know that. "As I was saying, I'm going to take a shower, why don't you join me? And, by the way," he tugged Gibbs closer still, so he could whisper in the older man's ear. "The pace tonight is going to have you buried in my ass at the stroke of midnight." He nipped at Gibbs' ear as he pulled away. "You coming?"

By the time Gibbs was moving, Tim had the shower running but a Marine is nothing if not efficient and so he stepped into the cascading water only a few seconds behind the other man. As the water beat down on both of them, Gibbs stepped close, kissing Tim's neck as he pulled him closer. With Tim's back against his chest, he ran his hands across the smooth chest, letting his thumbs play with Tim's nipples before pinching and rolling them. The resulting moan went straight to his cock and he rubbed it against Tim's butt cheeks a few times before turning him around to kiss him on the mouth.

The best part of having a male lover had always been the shared strength. Gibbs was reminded of that once again as he explored Tim's mouth. Eventually they both had to pull back, resting their foreheads together as they caught their breath. Gibbs let his hands roam over Tim's backside, thrilling at the trembling left in his finger's wake. Tim upped the ante by grasping Gibbs' cock, giving it a quick tug before moving on to explore the heavy balls.

Groaning, Gibbs shifted to rest his head on Tim's shoulder. "You keep that up and we're not going to make it to midnight." Tim smiled and pulled back, stepping to the side to open the shower door. While Gibbs sputtered that he didn't mean they had to stop totally, Tim reached out and grabbed the contents of a gift basket on the nearby counter.

Tim handed one of the shower puffs to Gibbs before he poured the shower gel on both of them. Still silent, he started to wash Gibbs, starting at his neck and working his way down. Surprised at how erotic it was, Gibbs followed suit and soon the two were laughing and covered in bubbles.

Trailing his fingers across Tim's entrance, Gibbs started to work one finger inside, surprised at how tight it was. "You've never bottomed?"

"No, not yet." The slightest flush crossed Tim's cheeks.

Gibbs could be flexible. "Topped?"

The flush increased, but his cock thickened at the question. Gibbs made a note to pursue that later on. "No, not yet."

"Tim, there's a lot of different things we can..." Fingers pressed against his lips stopped his words.

"Do you know what I've learned this week?"

Gibbs assumed that the fingers still against his lips made that a rhetorical question, but he still shook his head. Tim smiled that sweet smile that always did things to Gibbs' gut that had nothing to do with his instincts as he moved closer and rubbed his groin against Gibbs'.

"Well, besides the facts that Tabasco sauce and drain cleaner will really etch concrete when mixed together and that ninety year old teetotalers should not have access to champagne," they both smiled at the memories before Tim continued, turning serious. "I've learned that when life gives you a second chance, you don't squander it. You make the most out of it, and you don't waste a moment of it." His hand moved from Gibbs mouth around to the back of his neck as they moved closer still.

The water rinsed away the last of the bubbles, and left Gibbs feeling exposed. But it was his heart and not his body that was being laid bare. "I came so close to losing you. I don't know what I..."

"What we do is to live and love each day to its fullest. That's all we can do and as long as we know it, then it will be enough." He pressed a gentle kiss to Gibbs' mouth. "Take me to bed and make me yours, Jethro."