A loud, blaring series of Midi notes jarred Raven out of the novel she'd been reading. She reluctantly rose up from her reading chair and exited her room. She didn't want to leave her sanctuary, but she knew the problem wouldn't solve itself. As she neared the living room the music grew louder, now accompanied by chiming sounds and small explosions. She entered the room and found the source of the disturbance.

Beast Boy.

Of course.

He was playing some video game. One that apparently involved moving a blue guy with red shoes and a spiky haircut, followed by an orange fox with two tails, around various loops and spins while destroying robots.


"Beast Boy," she half-growled through gritted teeth. "Do you mind keeping it down a bit?"

"Huh?" the changeling said, looking up and blinking. "Oh, sorry Raven, guess I wasn't paying attention." He picked up a nearby remote and turned down the volume to a reasonable level and zoned back into the game.

Raven was about to head back to her room but part of her was curious. Why was Beast Boy playing such an old game? It was even 2-D; Raven didn't know much about video games but even she could tell this one was… primitive.

She sighed. As much as she had a reputation of disinterest to maintain she hated unsatisfied curiosity.

"That doesn't look like the games you usually play," she noted to the green guy on the couch.

"Yeah, this is an older one," BB replied distractedly, never taking his eyes off the screen. "Sonic the Hedgehog 2. A classic. Great sound, awesome gameplay, and fun levels. Just look at all the imagination that went into this."

As Beast Boy completed the current level he was on, he turned around and offered Raven a second controller.

"Wanna play, Rae? You can be Tails. He's Sonic's friend there and helps out."

"You should know better than that," Raven said in her monotone. "I don't play video games. They're pointless."

"Your loss," Beast Boy shrugged, turning back as the next level started up. Something called "Chemical Plant Zone 1.

Raven rolled her eyes as she left the room. He should count himself lucky she hadn't just unplugged the system and made him start over.