He could feel her hands on the back of his head. Trying to impose some kind of order on the chaos that was his hair.

"Wow BB, this is worse than I thought it would be," Raven noted as she narrowed her eyes in concentration and made a couple of careful snips.

"Heh, sorry Rae, I guess I kinda let it slip," Beast Boy replied a tad sheepishly. Though not paying attention to his hair was normal behavior for the changeling, it now caused him some slight embarrassment in front of his girlfriend.

"Don't worry," Raven said with a small smile. "I'm sure we can get it under control."

For the next few minutes the two sat in silence, the only noise being the snip snip of Raven's scissors. She would occasionally wet a comb and pass it through his hair to make it more manageable. The light clink of the comb against the small water jar and the feeling of her hands moving through his hair was relaxing to him; he almost felt like nodding off.

More time passes. He feels the slight tugs she makes when she clips another lock of hair. It feels good, and getting all this extra hair off is nice, too. Finally she sets her implements down, brushes off his neck, and hands him a mirror.

"There, what do you think?" she asks.

"This is good," Beast Boy says, looking at his new now-reasonable though still cool-looking hair. "It's short enough to be comfy but not so short that it's dorky! Thanks, Rae."

"No problem," she replies, taking the mirror and laying it back on the table with everything else. Then, out of pure mischief, she takes both her hands and scruffs up his hair as much as she can.

"Hey!" he yells, trying to catch her hands and turn around at the same time. "That's it," he grins sinisterly. "I'm gonna mess you hair up so much you won't even recognize yourself!"

Raven realizes he has an advantage here. His hair is usually semi-messy anyways, it looks better that way, so there's really only so much damage she can do. Her hair, on the other hand, looks best when it's neat and orderly. He can scruff her up more than she can him.

Finally, after several minutes of play-fighting, the two agree to a truce. "After all," Beast Boy laughs, "The turtle always beats the hair!" He quickly transforms into a small green turtle and ducks into his shell before Raven can reach him again.

The sorceress rolls her eyes at the bad joke.

The End