You feel like you're drowning in a stagnant pool of salt,

arms pulling at you,

dragging you down into sorrow's depths,

heart so heavy that you sink like a stone.

It's easier not to fight,

to just let yourself fall and slowly drown in your tears.

You descend into silence,

into darkness,

your grief weighing you down like an anchor.

You can feel it,

gnawing at your bones,

eating away at whoever you used to be,

leaving a soul ill fitted in skin

like a too big glove.

God, it hurts so much,

every fucking day it hurts,

but you get it now,

get why he did what he did,

because right now you'd give anything to bring him back.


You want to tell him that you miss him,

that you hate him,

that you love him,

that you need him,

that you just can't breathe without him,

but you can't,

he's gone.

He sold his soul to save you

but he damned you both.