"Hurry!" the two children ran as fast as they could two there secret hiding place

"23, 24, 25…" a group of children counted,

The boy and girl quickly made it to the tree, its branches were thick, but somewhat difficult to climb. Though once half way op or so it was hard for anyone on the ground to spot them, "They'll never find us," the boy said moving higher up, "It the best hiding place there is. Come on lets climb higher up"

"Ive never been higher than this branch." The girl commented climbing up on a thick limb

"Shhh…. I think I here them coming…"

"They sound like a tribe of Indians, whopping and hollering"

"Come on lets climb higher up, I want to see whats going on."

"Timmy, my foots stuck." Her face was pale

Timmy climbed back down, before he could help, shouts from the ground made them look down, two men, climbed the lower branches, they hadn't noticed the children, they both were dressed funny, one like and Indian the other a settler man, like around the 1770's. The children looked at each other Kelly put a finger over her lips. Timmy nodded, they both looked back down , the two men had climbed a little higher up. Shouts and whopping got closer, a tribe of Indians ran under the tree…

The children legs were cramped, they were afraid that if the moved a muscle the men would hear them, it had been a little over an hour since the Indians had passed them but the two men stayed put, whispering in low tones.

"Achhooo!" Timmy sneezed

The two children were paralyzed, both men looked up tense, they spotted the children and relief flooded over there faces "Come on down" The taller one called "We won't hurt you" The children glanced at each other...