Note: This is what I do when I have Chapter XI, other one-shots, and reviews that need writing? Yes. For the record, it's probably set in the same AU as "Unfinished Business." Enjoy.

"Don't do that."

From her place on top of him, she drew back, pouting in her bed sheet toga.

"But it looks cute."

A glare. "You're messing up my hair."

She rolled her eyes. "Well considering what we just got done doing, it's gonna be a mess anyway."

"There's no need to make it worse."

"Not making it worse, Jonny…" she muttered, gently brushing his bangs down so that the damp hair was in his eyes. Sitting back, tongue between her teeth, she cocked her head to the side and scrutinized her handiwork before giving a nod of approval. "There."

"Are you finished?" His tone was bland.

"Yep." She grinned and rolled off of him, practically gluing herself to his side. "I like it," she told him, lightly tracing little circles on his stomach. "It looks dreamy, like you're just a little boy." Her nose wrinkled in thought. "Does that mean I'm a closet cradle robber?"

"I doubt it, considering that I'm older than you are," he said curtly.

She frowned, sitting up a bit. "Are you mad?"

He looked at her, looked up, looked away, lips pursed.

Upset, she laid down again, shoulder-to-shoulder, but touching was suddenly uncomfortable.

"Are you worried you won't be taken seriously if you look too young? Or messy?" she asked.

He sighed. "I'm unaccustomed to looking anything less than presentable, that's all. I like things to be perfect."

"Oh," she murmured. "Then…why are you with me, again?"

Shrugging, "There is that adage about how opposites attract…"

She was not amused. "Y'know, I think that was where you were supposed to say 'What are you talking about, Harleen? You are perfect.'"

"But that would be dishonest." Dryly scandalized.

"That's okay if you're being romantic."

"But you don't like romantics. In fact, you explicitly told me that you don't."

"I know, I know," she huffed, "but, geeze, you don't have to be honest all the time."

He raised an eyebrow. "Isn't that what you like about me?"

She rolled her eyes for a second time, shifted so that her head was resting on his chest, and reached over to twine their fingers together.

"Yeah…" A defeated sigh. "It is."

He smirked, and with his free hand, brushed the hair out of her eyes.

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