Lucky*Star: Dare!, Chapter 25: Epilogue

I don't own Lucky Star and the characters. This story might contain some spoilers for Lucky Star.

"Izumi!" Kuroi-sensei yelled.

The lilac twin-tails of said student swayed as she looked up at Kuroi-sensei, although the student's eyes were hidden behind VR goggles. "Yes, sensei?" she said, smiling that familiar little smile which made the mole on her cheek move ever so slightly.

"VR goggles are forbidden in class. Take them off," Kuroi-sensei stated.

"But Ma'am, I'm using these to follow the class!"

"What? How?"

"These project me the classroom, with cute holograms mapped over people. That way I have something interesting to watch and don't get bored. Or sleepy."

"Holograms…exactly what kind of holograms are those?" Kuroi-sensei's voice had raised a step.

"Eh? Oh! They are, uhh … nothing special!" the student said, and quickly turned the goggles off before sensei would get an idea to look through them herself.

"Izumi Konami! Day by day you are becoming more like your mother. Give me those goggles. We are related, but that doesn't give you any special privileges," Kuroi-sensei lectured her.

"Indeed. How is auntie Matsuri doing, by the way?"

"She's fine – as you can see, on holovision every night, live – hey, don't even try to change the subject! Goggles. Here. Now!"

Kuroi-sensei extended her hand, palm up.

"But Ma'am –"

"Don't call me Ma'am! It makes me feel old! Even 'Kuro-chan-sensei' was better!"

All the other students in Ryōō High, class 1-C of 2024, were now looking at them and listening – although they were getting used to the daily disputes of their homeroom teacher and the little otaku of the class.

Quickly, Kuroi-sensei snatched the goggles off of Konami's face. Thankfully Konami had not inherited her blue-haired mother's reflexes, and, even approaching her 50's, Kuroi-sensei was still fast like an attacking cobra.

As Kuroi-sensei looked into those mischievous blue eyes which had been exposed, she knew she couldn't be angry at Konami Izumi. Indeed, she reminded her of her two mothers: Konata, one of her dearest friends, and Kagami, sensei's sister-in-law.

So, instead of smacking Konami onto her head, she just ruffled her hair. "You can get these back after classes today."

"Okay …" Konami muttered, pouting her mouth.

Note: Kuroi-sensei calls her Izumi; I'm not sure what her real surname is.

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