My Life Isn't Beautiful Either, Naruto

Chapter One

~Author's Note~

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"Get up you worthless child!" I feebly lifted my eyes to look at my mother who had her hands on her hips and pushed myself up on my knees. "If you're to ever get my revenge, how do you expect to do it like this?"

"I'm sorry mommy." I got on my feet and she smiled her crazed smile.

"We'll be leaving tonight. Get ready." She left me and I complied.

For the first time... I actually had a purpose.

"Mommy, I did it!" My five year old self ran over to my mother to give her a hug, but she backed up horrified. "Mommy?" I was grabbed and thrown to the ground.

"You stupid child! I never wanted you and neither did your father. Look what you did to him!"

Then it was ripped away from me. Everything I had lived for.

I sat against a tree crying as blood fell down my face from the wounds to my head. I heard movement and another sob, louder than I had before, escaped, showing I was clearly afraid. "What's wrong?" It didn't sound like my mother and so I looked up to find a ninja in front of me about the age of 19. "What happened to you?" I didn't answer her and she kneeled down. "Come here." I crawled over to her warm embrace and felt myself being picked up. "I'll take you to my Hokage."

I soon met a kind, old man.

"Child, what is your name?" I flinched and cleared my throat.

"I don't have one. My mommy didn't give me one nor did my father. I wasn't wanted and so I wasn't given a name." He came over to me and hugged me as well.

"Since that is the case, I want you to choose your name when you feel up to it. Take all the time in the world." He looked over at my rescuer. "Anko, I want you to take her in for a little while."

"Alright Hokage. Come on, we'll get your wounds treated and go home." I took her hand and she walked me to the hospital.

My life began anew there. It was about the only time I felt like I was alive.

"Anko, I didn't know you had a child." I looked up at the Chunin and I found myself becoming shy. I clutched Anko's hand a little harder and she smiled at me.

"She's not. The hokage wanted me to take of her and I sorta ended up adopting her."

"What's her name?""I don't have one," I mumbled, looking at the ground.

"What do you want to be called?""I don't want to be called anything until I find the name I want." I continued to look at the ground, my silver curls falling around my shoulders.

"Alright. Class will begin for you next week since it's Friday and everyone's left. I'm Iruka."

"Thank you, Iruka sensei."

I began the academy and I was happy until that Monday.

"Class please welcome our new student. Please go sit over by Kiba." I gave Iruka sensei a nod and went over to him.

"So exactly what is your name?" Kiba asked me, leaning into his hand.

"I don't have one," I murmured as I opened up the book I had just bought. It was called Inkheart.

"Why's that?"

"I'll tell you later." I put my attention on my book. The day consisted mostly of being made fun of and as soon as I saw Anko, I ran to her and cried.

My seventh birthday came two days later.

"Why don't you go see if you can find some friends to bring over?" I looked up from my book where I was nuzzled into the couch.

"No one likes me since I don't have a name. I'd rather not."

"Then go to the market. There's a market sale today filled with books."

"But I wouldn't want to get a book that you bought."

"What if I didn't get you a book? Go on, it'll be fine." I sighed with a smile on my face and put my bookmark in the page I was reading.

"Fine." I went up to my room, grabbed some of my money, and got on my shoes. "When do you want me home?"


"Alright." I left and went to the market. I bought a bag of books and was heading home when I saw Naruto and stopped. He was crying, but started running away before I could comfort him and so I left. I ate dinner with Anko, real happy with my day and soon had a present in my lap. I ripped open it and found three books. "I've never seen these books before."

"Tell me how they are, but first open up the others." I did with enthusiasm and then settled down with the book 'The Great Tree of Avalon Child of the Dark Prophecy' in my room. Later that night, I went down the stairs.

"I know my name.""Really?" The startle in her voice was clear as Anko looked at me.

"I'm going to be Rhiaonnia Mitarashi, but everyone can call me Rhia."

That was when my whole new life began. I grew up and became friends with Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji. "Rhia!" I looked up from the sheet I had been writing and looked at Iruka sensei.


"Are you reading again?"

"No. I was just writing a note down to remind myself something later." I pushed the paper under my notebook. "I sorta spaced out. What was it?"

"We left for lunch. Do you know which team you're on?"

"No," I answered, blushing angrily.

"Go ask Naruto." I gave him a nod and got up. I walked over to the door and saw Naruto talking to Sakura.

"There's no way I'd eat my lunch with you Naruto."

"It's just-" She walked away and I saw Naruto hang his head sadly.

"Hey Naruto!" I walked over to him and his face brightened up slightly at the sight of his friend.

"Hey, Rhia."

"Do you know who's team I'm on? I wasn't really paying attention."

"Oh, yeah, I do. You're on-"