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The look she was giving him was one of betrayal. Her eyes were tearful as she spoke "H-How could you do this to me?" she choked out, her voice full of hurt "W-We loved each other."

He sighed and turned to give her a withering glare "Did you really think that I loved you?" he asked coldly "Then you're even more naïve than I thought."

A tear slid down her cheek "What? B-But... then why? Why did you pretend?"

"It's because-" he began, turning his back on her "-I needed to kill time, that's all."

Her eyes widened in hurt. The tears flowing freely. She hid her face in her hands "How... How could you treat me like that? Didn't I mean anything at all to you?" she choked, hearing him move and walk away from her. She broke down then and there, her heartbreaking sobs the only thing that could be heard.


A loud smack was heard and the light was turned off the young woman. People around immediately started rummaging around.

An older man walked towards her with a big grin "Well done, you did brilliant this time Rosette. I swear you're getting better every time."

The young woman brushed the remains of her crocodile tears away and smiled "Thank you Jim, but really... couldn't you have found a man a little more handsome than him?" she pointed at the man who had 'broken her heart' just a few minutes ago "I would never act like this for real in front of a man like him."

Jim rolled his eyes "Now Rosette be nice, he's the best I could find."

Rosette huffed and crossed her arms "Then I believe that you haven't been looking thoroughly enough." She told him and started walking towards the make-up area. A young girl stood there waiting for her "You were great once again Miss Rosette." She said as she started removing the trails of fake tears on her face.

Rosette closed her eyes "Oh come on, I would have been much better had it been a handsome man they had got me." She replied.

The young girl smiled "Oh, of course Miss." she agreed, dabbing her cheeks with some powder.

When she was done, Rosette stood and observed the chaos around her. How she wished she could go home now. She was tired and her head hurt from all the light and noise. She smirked "Oh well, why not just do it then?" she asked herself smugly and marched towards her brand new capriole.

She turned on the engine and started driving out of the lot, ignoring the calls coming from Jim and the others. She didn't care, now she just wanted to enjoy some time in her pool.

Somewhere else in a Newspaper publishing house, a young man was trying his best to make a perfect front page for the weekly paper. He would too, if his boss hadn't been hanging on his back the the whole time telling him what to do and not to do. To say it in the nicest way, the man annoyed the sh** out of him.

"Why did you change the letters? Can't you see how horrible it looks like this? This picture belongs in that corner and not in the middle. Can't you do anything right boy? Now look what you did." etc, etc...

In the end he had enough and printed the damn page out before the boss could say anything more about it, not caring if the stupid guy liked it or not. Not long after was he called into the boss' office for a "Talk". It didn't really surprise him. He had been acting a little rebellious lately.

The young man sighed and brushed a hand through his long purple bangs "God I hate my job. Why can't he just leave me alone?" He grumbled and stomped towards the boss' office.

He looked rather sour as he entered and found the boss looking at him with an annoyed glare. He sat down without saying anything and waited for the rant to start.

"Chrno, you have become very lazy lately." The boss said clearly and without any dancing around it "What do you have for an excuse?"

Chrno looked up at him. Geez, where should he start? Should he maybe say he was bored to tears with just sitting at a computer the whole day? Or should it be because he wasn't paid properly for this job? Maybe it should be because his boss was an ass? Or maybe because his oh-so-wonderful colleagues where picking on him every single day for being so short?

He sighed, instead of using any of these he said "Mr. Gilliam... it's just because I want to do so much more than just sitting here in the office. I want to go out and meet the world face to face, not sit here where I simply hear about it and write it down."

Mr Gilliam, who was a big man with broad shoulders and a hard and stern looking face, looked at him with narrowed eyes. Chrno was like always staring openly at the giant wart the man had in the middle of his face. It actually looked like it was getting bigger each day. He was sure that one day it would cover the entire face.

Gilliam looked thoughtful "Meeting the world face to face ey?"

Chrno nodded.

"Well then Mr. Nesrin... I think I have the perfect job for you."

Chrno's eyes widened "Really?" he was already seeing himself as a professional photographer, taking pictures of all the most famous actors, singers and musicians. But unfortunately, nothing came at all like he had dreamed of.

Rosette was drifting slowly through the clear warm water. She was now content and relaxed "Mmm I really needed this." She smiled and dived down to touch the bottom of the pool before surfacing once again.

This was how she preferred life to be. No schedule, no meetings, no press or any other media. Simply being for herself.

She heard the telephone ringing but she ignored it "Give up Jim." She murmured an swam towards the edge to get a drink that stood there. She took a sip and decided she could swim for another half an hour or so before she should get up.

Chrno was trudging through the streets with a giant camera hanging around his neck. In his hands he had a note pad and a pencil.

"You said you wanted to face the world, then go do it, and don't you dare come back with any news, gossip or pictures of the famous." Gilliam had said.

Chrno narrowed his eyes "I know exactly what pictures you want of the famous, and I can tell you, I am not that kind of guy." He huffed "That man is such a perv."

Rosette sighed and decided to get up before her entire body was filled with wrinkles. She hated having wrinkles after being in the water.

She grabbed a pink/purple towel and swung it around her shoulders. She dried herself off before putting sun lotion onto her sensitive skin. The sun was quite harsh and she didn't want to loo like a tomato in the end. Meanwhile she smiled contentedly as she hummed a soft tune .

Chrno was tired and hot. The sun was burning down on him and there wasn't much shade where he was. To his left there was the beach and to his right there were a lot of big homes.

He noticed a little shortcut in between two of the houses and decided to take that, since it was lying in the shadows of the hedges and trees. Maybe he would catch a glimpse of some famous ones if he walked that way.

The hedges were too close though, preventing him in seeing anything inside the gardens. He sighed annoyed "What bull..." he grumbled with a sigh.

Suddenly he heard a soft tune coming from close by. He stopped midstep and was quiet. It sounded good.

He turned his face slightly to each side and tried to find out where the nice sound came from.

He closed his eyes and trusted his slightly pointed ears (his colleagues had a tendency to call him Elf) to lead him into the right direction.

He almost fell as his long mane was caught in the many branches as he turned to walk through the hedge. He cursed silently and pulled his hair free. It was quite painful since they were tangled quite well. A few hairs even remained fastened to the branches after he had pulled the rest of them free.

"Oh bother." He grumbled and crept further through the hedge. A bright light told him he was soon through.

"How broad is this hedge? 3 metres?" he mumbled as he scrambled even further. Soon he was so far that he could finally look through. What met him on the other side was a big white house. The flowery garden was big with palm trees and a big pool in it. A glass door was leading into the house from a terrace.

His eyes scanned the whole area and widened as they landed on a beautiful blonde girl in the middle of it all. He gasped in recognition "I-I know her..." he whispered amazed "Wow... she looks even better in real."

He was too absorbed by her that he forgot all about the camera around his neck.

Suddenly she turned her face into his direction, and he covered immediately.

Rosette jumped as she noticed movement in the bushes. She pulled the towel further around her "Is it a paparazzi?" she wondered "Or a fanatic?"

She narrowed her eyes and tried to look closer at the bushes. After a short time she noticed a pair of eyes watching her from in between the leaves.

"Who is there?" she called annoyed, starting towards the hedge, the bottle of sun lotion in her hands as a weapon.

"Oh my God!" he gasped and hurried back as fast as he could, ignoring the pain as his hair once again got caught in the branches. The only thing on his mind now was to get away from there before she saw him.

The rattling from the bushes told Rosette that whoever had been there had retreated.

"And don't you dare come back you perv." She snapped, pulling the towel closer around her shoulders and marching back to the house.

Before she could turn around though, she spotted a couple of long purple hairs hanging from some of the branches. She plucked them and took a closer look at them.

"Whoever it was, I don't think he will come back." She mumbled, creeped slightly out by the thought that someone had spied on her.

When Chrno got home, he hadn't been able to get any good pictures. He let out a sigh and threw the camera on his couch before flopping onto it, making the camera jump and fall onto the floor.

"Here I had the perfect girl for a perfect picture... and then that happens." He grumbled "I bet she's pretty angry now.

He was sure he would get a verbal beating from his boss the next day too for not taking any good pictures.

"Why is life against me?" he asked, plopping his head down onto a pillow "I'm a looser..." he mumbled, his voice muffled.

He had two things on his mind now.

One: he wanted to show those guys at the office what he was capable of. He didn't want to be the midget Elf with the purple mane anymore.

Two: He definitely wanted to see that girl again.

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