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The week that followed was headache worthy. I was currently juggling wedding planning, a young child, a fiancé/husband and school. We had decided, or rather I had decided and Severus nodded in approval, that I should take my N.E.W.T's and graduate. I had no wizarding qualifications and I felt that I might regret not getting them while I had the chance.

Although none of my other memories had come back, I seemed to have regained all my former magical knowledge making lessons a lot easier. Particularly magical creatures as I found I had a natural affinity for animals. Which explained why Jareth my great horned owl and Hansel were so attached to me.

I'd moved almost immediately out of the slytherin dorm rooms to Severus's rooms, where the spare room had become a nursery. Brightly painted in spring colours of pale blues, greens and yellows.

Renae's name was officaily changed to Renae Myrad Snape, and was put on the wisarding children of Britain register so the same mistake would not repeated.

On the second week things began to fall into place. Molly agreed to have Renae while Sev worked and I went to lessons, which meant I didn't have to ask a house elf. I much preferred putting my childs life in the hands of Molly with her years of experience compared to an elf who could barely hold her.

We had been dreading a great deal of media attention due to Severus's war hero status, however Harry had a great deal of sway in the media so our lives were kept out of the press.

Finally I braved going back into the sheirking shack, Severus holding my hand to retrieve our wands and wedding rings. It felt strange to hold them again, like no time at all had passed like the world itself hadn't changed whilst they had been hidden away there . Renae was showing amazing signs of development , both physiologically and psychologically.

Something however was still bothering me. My parents, my mother I felt was alive somewhere, finding her would be almost impossible and I doubted she knew I was alive.

My father, I knew even less about.

Everything changed again. It seemed that I couldn't go long without something crazy happening.

My usual Sunday morning consisted of waking up next to Severus who notoriously slept in like a teenager. I couldn't blame him with a young child who didn't quite sleep through the night. I would watch him for a while, watching his young peaceful face, and almost feel guilty when he reached for me when I left.

I would stroll through the living room wrapped in Severus's dressing gown as it was warmer against the chilling season. I'd greet Hansel and then follow the sounds of an awake and unhappy baby to the nursery.

As I made Renae's breakfast I'd hold her on my hip, also making too strong cups of coffee. Then before retiring back to the bedroom baby in tow, I'd give Hansel his breakfast and promise him his morning walk soon.

Then wiggling back into the covers I'd wake Severus with the smell of good coffee, and the giggles of his daughter between us drinking her bottle.

That was my usual Sunday morning.

Today was different. I woke up to the sound of Severus mumbling something about melting cauldrons beside me, and struggled not to laugh and wake him. With a yawn of epic proportions I shuffled into the living room rubbing my tired eyes. Renae had been particularly restless last night leaving me feeling worse for wear the next day.

Half way across the living room I tripped over something solid and black. Effortlessly I recovered with my usual elfin grace, glad to have avoided sudden intimacy with the stone floor.

"Hansel! You big oaf" I grumbled before turning round.

Upon turning round I found that my loyal canine companion was no where to be seen. At my feet however was a rather dirty looking hairy creature in an outdated set of ragged robes.

Backing off and feeling the urge to hold my breathe in case he smelt as bad as he looked. Taking a step back round the thing I tip toed back into the bedroom.

Pulling back the sheets I grabbed my husband and gave him a good shake. He rolled over mumbling about the time and cauldrons.

"Severus honey, I'd really like it if you'd come with me into the living room" I said in a way that suggested it wasn't optional.

"What's wrong?" he said concerned suddenly sitting up.

"oh nothing really, just the minor issue of a strange dirty hobo having become an area rug in our living room" I told him looking somewhat nervously towards the door that lead the to the living room.

Before I could say anymore he had swept out the room wand in hand. I followed feeling the drama was somewhat unnecessary considering the person was unconscious. Whilst Severus took in the man's somewhat disgusting apparel, I checked on Renae. She was still fast asleep oblivious to the chaos in the living room.

Upon returning Sev was poking the figure with the tip of his wand. There was my husband, ex-spy, former professor of defense against the dark arts, former headmaster of Hogwarts, and current potions master, using of all his skills the tip of his wand to poke at the person.

Sometimes I feared Severus acted closer to his shoe size than his actual age. The person groaned and lazily tried to swat Severus's wand tip away like an annoying fly.

"Sev, stop poking him, did you even check if he was alive and breathing before you did that" I asked putting my hands on my hips.

He looked at me in an offended fashion before standing up, dusting off his pyjama's in a dignified way.

"He's alive" he said simply.

The man suddenly rolled over and sat up. He groaned putting his head in his hands.

"this is some hangover" grumbled the shaggy looking figure.

I looked over at Severus and found his raised eyebrow mirrored mine.

"Excuse me but how did you end up in our quarters? And who exactly are you?" Severus asked his wand pointed dead on him

"Look, I don't even know where here is, let alone how I got here. All I remember is I was lying near a fire somewhere then I was here. Everything seems very foggy I must have been really drunk this time" moaned the man.

"You still haven't told you who exactly who you are. Maybe that might help us fill in the gaps" Severus said in a bored tone.

Suddenly the man looked up and looked at Severus like he'd seen a ghost. One look at Severus showed that he was pulling the exact same expression.

"Snivellus" snarled the man leaping up to lunge towards Severus.

Before I could think I was between them snarling back at the intruder my hands on his chest to keep him at bay.

"Back off" I growled.

He took a moment to look from Severus to me and this time he paled even further than before.

"You! You can't be" he said stepping away from me " and you how are you so young?"

Severus wrapped a possessive arm round my waist making blue flames play on our faces.

"Sirius Black" Severus said calmly "You were dead for a long time, the world has changed, the dark lord is dead, there is a lot to explain and you must try to be calm"

This Sirius however could not be calmed, he looked with disgust at Severus's arm round me and grew angrier. Kept away only by Severus's wand pointed at his chest.

"Get your greasy hands of my daughter" he growled a wild look in his eyes.

Shocked I spluttered " Your what?"

I could not see Severus's face but I could imagine the shock.

"You are Anastasia Ophelia Black, you are my child" he declared in what I felt was an overly dramatic fashion.

I just stared for a few moments, silently letting my unimpressed expression do the talking for me. Obviously not getting the reaction he was hoping for he tried another angle.

"Your mother where is she? Is she out of hiding? I must see her at once, and you must explain why your defending that creature" he said nodding in the direction of my mate.

I growled, a low sound that vibrated from my chest, it was a sound I did not realise I could make until that point. I put it down as another elfin thing and moved backwards so I could reach for Severus's hand possessively.

It must have been a sight to see a little old me playing protector to Sev's towering frame. The man however was not amused but a little green in the face as he eyed the blue flame that burned where our hands met.

From the spared room a cry erupted as Renae finally decided it was time for breakfast. The mans head shot in the direction of the cry and I was suddenly torn between my mate and my maternal instincts. Deciding with my more rational self that Severus could handle himself I shot away at surprising speed to the spare bedroom.

I re-emerged baby upon hip to the sight of Severus casting cleaning charms on the floor where the man had been found. The man was currently magically bound to a chair looking rather disgruntled. Severus looked up and smiled warmly at us. Renae reached out with small hands to her Papa. Severus soon gathered her in his arms as I magically made her bottle up in the kitchen, which was open plan with the living room.

"I told you Black I'll let you talk if you promise not to swear in front of innocent ears" said Severus taking the bottle from me to feed Renae.

His wand was no longer aimed at Black but the threat was still there. Black nodded and Severus, in a rare display of wandless magic, removed the spell which had allowed a few moments of blissful peace.

" Cast the paternity spell and you will know that it's true" said Black seriously attempting and failing to glare Severus down.

With a sigh Severus looked to me his eyes asking what I wanted to do. I nodded, what harm could it do. Severus gently ruffled Renae's feather soft hair before placing her in her play pen across the room.

When he cast the spell on me and I felt only the familiar tingle of his magic then watched as the man in the chair turned the bright blue Severus had only a few weeks ago. Stunned I could only stare at the man and begin to put together the similarities. The dark slightly wavy hair, the blue eyes the same colour as one of mine and the mischievous twinkle.

Oh dear…

Could have been worse I supposed it could have been James Potter. I had heard only a few stories of this man from Severus and none of them had been all too flattering.

I was engaged to my fathers school rival. So much for happy families.

"The dog, Hansel, that was you?" Severus asked so calm it was positively unsettling.

"Yes, but it's unclear, I was a dog not an animagi. I had the brain of a dog and I remember it as a dog. When I came out the Veil I did so on four paws." he shrugged as well as he could magically bound.

"Oh wonderful my Dad had been following me round in dog form all my life… can this possibly be any better. Let me guess my owl is secretly my mother" I said a little hysterical with shock.

Severus gave me a concerned look before taking my hand into his.

"Ana, princess now we've established the truth could you please step away from IT so I can see if he's put the imperious on you?" said my father in a patronising manner all the while trying (and failing) to glare down Severus.

"Look Father" I ground out " I don't care whatever playground slap matches you and Severus used to have. Severus is my mate and he has put the past behind him maybe for the sake of my family you could do the same"

He seemed confused "Severus is your mate, that child, she's yours an-and his?"

He stared accusingly at Severus and I rolled my eyes at my fathers use of logic.

"Yes Renae is my daughter" said Severus smoothly if not a little smugly.

Then ladies and gentleman Sirius Black, my one and only biological father exploded. Not literally of course but what followed was half an hour of yelling and swearing. of course we muted him again but he didn't seem to notice and carried on going.

We took to ignoring him whilst contact all the necessary people who needed to know he was still alive. Within the hour our small abode was filled to the brim with people celebrating the return of Sirius Black. At which point he was distracted enough to be released from the chair.