My weird life

Ok so I was sitting at the restaurant that my friends parents own and we were bored and he was bugging me to death so I decided to change this situation around a little to fit into TWILIGHT!!

WARNING- spanking in this story

Disclaimer- I don't own Twilight sadly….. but really if I did would I be on here? NO I would be out in the REAL world making a LOT of money lol enjoy!


I was sitting at the kitchen counter minding my own business and then guess what?! My stupid big brother Emmett flicked a spaghetti noodle at me! UGH! I hate him! I stuck my tongue out at him and momma walked in " Alice Cullen do that again you will be in big trouble I've told you a million times don't be mean to your brother!" all I could do was nod and say "yes momma." When she walked off Emmett flicked another one at me I jumped up and started smacking him with all my might. Yes I might be tiny but I have got some power! But of course momma had to walk in! "ALICE CULLEN GO TO YOUR ROOM I WILL BE IN THERE IN A MINITUE!" I sighed and stomped to my room. I slammed the door and sat down on my bed…….waiting …..normally when she takes this long she is going to spank me….she tries to calm herself down before she does though. Just then she walked in looking very disappointed. I hung my head and stared at my feet. She sat beside me and put her arm around me. I looked up at her. she had sad and mad and many other emotions in her eyes. " momma im sorry I didn't mean to but he….." she cut me off." Alice I don't want to hear it. You fight with him and oyur other siblings all the time. This has gotten out of hand." I sighed I hate lectures. She continued but all I heard was " blah blah blah blah BLAH!" she then snapped me out of it and said " Alice please bend over my lap." I was shocked she doesn't spank us a lot and when she does she makes sure you don't forget it and that you don't sit down for a while. I shook my head and she said " Alice I will tell you one more time then I will go get your father." I was frozen. When she goes and gets Daddy it isn't pretty. Then they BOTH spank you TWICE!!!! I obeyed I don't like it when Daddy gets involved…… after I bent over I felt a love pat and then came the pain! Momma makes us count our spanks too which is even worse!

SMACK!!!! ….1! I yell

SMACK!!!! …. 2

SMACK ….. 3

SMACK !!!!!.... 4





SMACK! ….9

SMACK!!!!!!! I whimpered before I whispered 10.

She sat me up then hugged me. I love her hugs. After a spanking a hug is the best thing! "Alice now if I catch you being mean to your siblings you will be right back in this position. Understand?" "yes momma."

She hugged me again. Then took me off her lap and stood up. "Alice I need to go to the store. Emmett and Edward will be here to watch you ok?" "Sigh yes momma." I reply again. I stand up and walk in front of her and she swats my behind and I whimper and reach back. "Momma? Why did you do that?" I ask she smiles." You looked like you needed it." I frowned. Then walked downstairs and sat back down at the kitchen counter …carefully I might add. Whew its gonna be a long day without momma here.