Chapter 14

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Second to None

Questionable Behavior

Beyond Birthday POV

The day after Naomi had joined our group I had told her about my eyes and the discoveries I had made about them. She was naturally incredulous until I asked her if she had a picture of her parents or someone in her wallet. She did and I told her their names. After that she didn't question me too weirded out to know what to ask. Matt, Mello, and I had come to an agreement to try and keep the fact that we knew Raye was going to die away from her. I had a feeling it would fail but I was crossing my fingers it wouldn't.

About an hour after Naomi and I had left the room a disheveled Mello opened the door "we're watching him now" he said simply then walked back in. Naomi and I followed him while wrinkling our noses at the smell of sex in the room. Matt was typing furiously on the computers as he prepared the view of where Light might be headed.

"I didn't see it on him" Matt said and we turned to him. "There was a nice shot of his body and he turned to almost all angles and I didn't see the notebook on him."

"Maybe he's hiding it in his shirt" I said. "We can't rule that out." Just then the jacket Light was wearing moved a bit and the side of it seemed a bit pointy. "It's in this jacket then" I pointed out and the others nodded. He went to a store and Matt typed quickly and we got a feed to the inside.

There was a collective silence as we watched Light pick a purchase the Matt asked "Dude... is he buying porn?"

"Seems like it" I said as I saw him pay for the magazine. "It has girls in it. Huh. Maybe he's Bi then… Or reeeaaallly Metrosexual."

"Metrosexual and anal retentive" Mello mumbled through a mouth full of chocolate.

"So does that mean L would see him... y'know?" Matt asked still hung up on the idea of Light buying porn.

"Oh my gosh you're probably right" Naomi said with a grimace. "Poor L."

"Maybe not. Maybe L's into voyeurism" I spoke up as I watched Light's lips move. "He's talking to him but I can't see him."

"Who?" Mello asked leaning in to watch closer as Light waited in front of some train tracks on his way home.

"The Shinigami Ryuk. I can't see him so I'm assuming he can't be recorded then."

"Speaking of which… could you draw him?" Mello asked looking at me out of the corner of his eye then turning back to the monitors. Light was just entering his neighborhood.

"I'll try but I don't know how accurate it will be." Light had officially disappeared from our surveillance area.

"So we know Light isn't hiding the notebook which probably means where he usually hides it would be too suspicious if he were to remove it when L was watching" Mello mused. "I'm guessing L will probably write off the writing in the notebook as schoolwork since it is a notebook. Really there is no point in monitoring the killings since we know what's going on anyway. The pattern doesn't matter since we know who it is. Really he's just making smoke and mirrors for L alone."

"L alone… no L isn't alone I'm positive. Naomi you said that there was a mention of a task force right?" I asked turning to face her.

"Yes. He said he knew L and was on it… but I don't honestly think he is. If he was he wouldn't be monitored in his house he would be monitored where L can see him personally."

"I agree" I said and furrowed my eyebrows. "That doesn't necessarily mean that L hasn't met him it just means he isn't on the team." I froze then realized something. "I had thought he thought I looked like L but… maybe that's not why he was surprised. No… maybe he thought I was L instead. He might not have met L yet but the way I swooped in to gain information from Naomi and knew so much about the case… maybe he thought I was L. Meaning when he does meet the real L he will ask him about that day… and L will know I'm in Japan."

There was a dead silence and Mello breathed "fuck I think you're right." He grew angry "SHIT! This means that probably very soon L will be on to us! FUCK!"

"What can we do then?" Naomi asked looking worried.

"Nothing. We can't do anything at all" I said scowling at the floor. Dammit I really fucked this up. I remembered something then and I turned to Matt. "I need you to check something for me."

"What?" he asked glancing at me and adjusting his goggles.

"I need you to hack into my prison and look up the file of inmate number 199207." He shrugged and did so. The record said I was deceased. "See if you can look up the results of the last blood test. I kind of… bit someone's hand."

They turned to look at me weirdly then Matt turned back to the monitors and typed then pulled up the file. "Clean" he said simply. I sighed in relief.

"You bit someone's hand?" Naomi repeated flatly. "There is something seriously wrong with you."

"You're just now joining the program?" I asked sardonically. "He was poking me he deserved it." Mello facepalmed and Matt collapsed into giggles.

"I give up" Naomi muttered then flopped down on the couch not caring about its previous use.

In case you didn't notice I used this chapter to correct a lot of plotholes and timeline errors. It actually gave me ideas once I was done which is pretty cool. And I'm so happy since the plot is almost fully figured out!