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" The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond "

Two teenagers go to an abandoned warehouse to have a nice secluded area to have some ' fun ' , they end up finding a corpse in twelve pieces missing the head.

Sweets visits Zack in a psychiatric institution and discusses his lack of remorse in stabbing a man and other various topics.

Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth visit the crime scene when Brennan notices something wrong with Booth's back. They found a purple pool that contained the body parts besides the missing head. The size of the limbs suggest the victim was a fully grown male.

Harry is back at the Jeffersonian for another day at work and it seems this case is just as interesting as the ones before. He wonders where people come up with these thing. Harry's examining the body with Angela, cam, and Dr. Brennan.

" The ends of his fingers look burned, " Angela says gesturing towards the fingertips of the victim.

Brennan answers back, " Torture? "

Harry thinks about it, " Sometimes people try to conceal their identity by losing their fingertips. "

Angela examines the shoes that were found, " These are children shoes, but in size 11. " She turns back to her computer and starts typing.

Cam looks to Angela and sarcastically responds, " So our victim was a giant toddler? "

" No, that would show up in the bones. " Brennan answers once again missing the context of the question.

Harry turns to her in disbelief. He can't believe she missed Cam's obvious sarcasm.

Cam answers the question written on his face, " Sarcasm does not play well on the forensic platform. "

Angela finishes up on the computer and cuts in, " I tracked down the manufacturer in Sri Lanka, and guess what? Special Order. "

Harry turns to her and whispers, " Big surprise there. "

Angela nods and chuckles.

Cam looks at the body and says, " Time of death, based on decomp, between two and four days. "

Brennan nods still examining the body and adds, " All of the cuts to the skeleton are clean except for several incomplete slices to the C2 Vertabra. "

" Close to cutting off the head, the killer hesitates. Human reaction. " said Harry.

" Makes sense . . . gets easier after the first chop. " Cam says while looking towards Harry.

Brennan turns to Harry interrupting their musings, " What did you glean from the x-rays? "

Harry answers professionally and promptly, " Slight spinal curvature, hypermobile extension joints, and cartilage deficiency, looks like Ehler-Danlos Syndrome? "

" We'll have the FBI check with local orthopedic physicians. " Cam replies.

Hodgins then comes and joins the group, " The water turned purple because of a bottom growing algae called lemanea. Something agitated the algae so that it turned purple. "

Brennan quickly answers that mystery, " The young man who found the body urinated in the pool. "

Hodgins drifts of thinking, as if he's going over the problem in his head, " Huh, well, average rate of flow for males under forty-five is what, its 21 milliliters per second, so yeah, yeah that would be enough to disrupt the algae. " He finishes off mumbling to himself.

Cam looks towards Hodgins as fi she just remembered something, " Doctor Hodgins, have you moved yet? "

"Nope, " Hodgins candidly and then proceeded to ignore the meaning behind the question and look for more work. " If you'll hand me those shoes, I can check for particulates. "

Hodgins grabs the shoes and quickly leaves.

Harry can't help but wonder what that was all about. You know him and his undying curiousity. Brennan seems to have the same questions.

" Where is Hodgins moving? "

Angela answers still looking towards where Hodgins stormed off, " Oh, Cam (gestures in Cam's direction) thinks that Hodgins should move into Zack's Ookey room. "

Brennan looks surprised at that, but bravely pushes on as if it were nothing, " Oh. Cam's right. I tell all of my grad students not to be distracted by the standard set by Zack. "

Harry is surprised at the mention of Brennan's students, but is more relieved to have a name put on the underlying tension that floats around the team. " I'm guessing this Zack person is the reason for all this tension."

Angela looks to Harry and sighs, " You and me, Harry Potter, we need to talk. "

Her tone frightens him and replies with a meek, " We do? "

Angela nods.

Booth and Brennan discuss searching for the missing head. Booth wonders more and more about this Harry Potter. The also discuss the victim, Jared Addison, 25 years old.

Booth and Brennan interview the victims mother. They search the victim's room and immediately understood the oversized kid shoes. The victim was a cult science fiction novelist that had recently been dropped by his publisher.

Hodgins and Cam discuss the particulates of coffee grounds and sea kelp on the bottom of the vic's shoe. Hodgins presents attitude over hatching a fly egg.

Booth, Brennan, and Sweets look over the victims bedroom. Sweets determines that the victim had OCD and finds a name, picture, phone number, email address, and a list of sexual suggestions in the victim's shoe. The girl seems to be way out of the victim's age bracket.

Booth interrogates the girl, Kelly Sutton, while Brennan and Sweets watch from behind the glass. They determine that the victim wanted to marry Kelly. They met at a florist and nursery, and also find that the victim was attending a conference for behavior modification.

Harry is frustrated. He is looking over the remains with Dr. Brennan and can find no cause of death. Harry huffs, " I've looked the remains over and over, but I can't find any cause of death. " Harry does not like feeling this helpless at all and it is beginning to show.

Brennan attempts to sooth his worries, " Without the head, we may never discover cause of death, and without cause of death, it's much less like that we'll solve the crime. " Her attempt is so bad it makes him want to laugh, but instead he nods his head.

Harry looks over hands when he notices something familiar about the fractures.

" This fracture, on the right metacarpal in the last two fingers? It's got a nickname. The ' boxers fracture '. It happens if you slug someone without keeping your wrist straight. So . . . ummmm, yeah. " Harry trails off uncertainly.

Brennan turns to him happily surprised, " How do you know that? "

"Started with boxing as a kid, got a couple of those, before I decided that martial arts were more of my thing. " He decided to tell her. He definitely wasn't going to tell her about being beaten up by his cousin and his one time attempt at fighting back ended with his hands looking like the victims. Harry stares off into space remembering events long passed.

Harry is interrupted of his reminiscing by Brennan, " I don't expect anyone to live up to Zack's standards, Mr. Potter, but that is extremely good work. " Harry inclines his head in thanks. " Mr. Potter, have you ever conducted a sexual relationship with a woman over twenty years older than yourself? (beat.) I ask because anthropologically speaking, there is a correlation between physically aggressive young males and sexual preciosity. "

Harry stares at her flabbergasted at her audacity with that question. He imagines he looked quite humorous right then with his ' deer in headlights ' look. Harry quickly manages to pull himself together, remembering Dr. Brennan's usual attitude determines that there is probably more to the question than he knows.

Harry answers, " I find that in most cases of a relationship with such age disparity as that of twenty years the older partner is often times trying to make themselves feel young again by pursuing younger suitors. Most times but not always. "

" Thank you Mr. Potter. (beat.) And good work on the boxer's fracture. " She says distractedly. Obviously her mind is elsewhere.

Hodgins visits Zack in the institution and leaves the case file with Zack more out of guilt than anything else.

Booth and Brennan visit with the professor that runs the conference that the victim was attending. The victim was making great progress with his misophobia, germ phobia. One of the others with OCD named Ralph confesses to killing the victim.

Sweets interrogates Ralph while Booth and Brennan watch behind the glass. Ralph believes he killed him because the victim was sitting next to him when Ralph didn't eat at exactly the right time. Booth, Brennan, and Sweets figure out one of the last places the victim was at before he was killed, the hotel coffee place.

Booth and Brennan question the coffee barrister. The barrister mention that he saw marketed improvement in behavior for the victim between visits.

Harry has some questions about what's going on in the lab so decides to take Angela up on her offer to talk.

" Hey, Harry, come in. What can I do for you? " Angela asked as Harry walked into her office.

" Well you said to come to you with questions. And well I've been wondering . . . I don't want to upset anyone." Harry says hesitantly.

Angela looks confused, " Harry you can ask me anything, I won't get upset. "

Harry nods and continues unsurely, " Um, well. . . I was wondering about this uh Zack person, who is he? "

Angela looks shocked, her eyes widen and she is temporarily speechless. " Well . . . uhh, um . . . (coughs) Zack was Dr. Brennan's assistant before you. He started as her grad student and when he got his doctorates he got a job here. He was a part of our family . . . Anyway you know that cannibal case, the serial killer, he was the one that helped him. He - uh - murdered one of the victims, but got off on an insanity plead. He is in a psychiatric institution right now. We are all going through a tough time right now. "

" And I've just joined the team so there was no time to get used to the idea that Zack was gone. Well, I will try to make the transition as soon as possible, " Harry replies. " Just so you know I really like this job. Even if you don't realize it you have all made me very comfortable here and I hope in time you will begin to accept me. I mean you to start with are very easy going and don't seem to get annoyed at any of my questions. Hodgins is going though is ' grieving ' stage but I can tell he is just a good guy that is going through a hard time. Cam has a very business-like attitude but she has a great since of humor and is extremely compassionate. Sweets, well I haven't seen much of him but he is as good as is namesake. I haven't met Booth yet but from what I've heard he is a good man. Dr. Brennan is so literal it is often disconcerting, but I can tell that behind of all of her logic and intelligence she has a good heart. "

" Wow, you got all of that from a couple days work. Impressive. " Angela says.

" Well , I'm a very paranoid person. I wanted to make sure I was wanted or at least having the possibility of acceptance. I'll say it once again I like it here and I wanted to make sure that that acceptance could go both ways. " Harry explains.

" Thats very mature and careful of you. " replies Angela.

Harry responds, " Thank you. I have another question."

" Go on. "

" Dr. Brennan is very literal is she not? " Angela nods, " Then if she asked me a question about ever having experience with older women she is probably not hitting on me. "

Angela looks at Harry like he's crazy, " Brennan definitely wouldn't hit on you, she doesn't do that kind of thing at work. (beat.) Well it was nice talking to you. " And she walks away.

Cam and Angela determine that the victim only called one phone number and he called it everyday for thirty days at the exact same time. He was calling Forward Retro Publishing, the publisher that dropped the victim after his second book.

Booth and Brennan question the victim's publisher, the find out that the victim had punched him. After that the publisher had decided to take the victim back on believing him cured of his OCD.

Cam and Hodgins watch his egg hatch and determine that it was a white fly which only lives in very warm, humid climates. The victim's girlfriend used to work in a nursery. They also discuss Hodgins moving into Zack's space and he can't.

Angela and Sweets discuss whether Harry might be crazy because he thought Brennan asked if he had experience with older women. Angela doesn't believe it, but Sweets sets her straight with certain facts involved in the case. Angela decides she owes Harry an apology.

Booth, Brennan, and Hodgins go check out the nursery that the victim's girlfriend used to work at. They determine that the victim was here shortly before he died, he was asking his girlfriend's son for permission to marry her. They swab a shovel to test for blood, it comes back positive.

Angela goes to confront Harry about their misunderstanding. Harry is standing outside leaning against the wall thinking about how crazy things are here when Angela show up.

" What are you doing out here? " She asks.

Harry turns to her slowly are stares at her unflinchingly. " Thinking. " He answers simply.

" So . . . You weren't totally wrong about Dr. Brennan. " Angela starts slowly.

" So she was hitting on me? " Harry asks bewildered.

" No, no. Not totally wrong, I said. When she asked you about your experiences with older women, her interest was anthropological. " Angela corrects.

Harry is still confused, " She does this while directly looking you in the eyes? "

Angela sighs and explains, " She's direct. And awkward. Now, you've got two choices here. You either answer the question, like me or Zack, or you tell her she's being inappropriate, like Booth or Cam. Either way, she's not going to hold it against you. "

" Good thing I answered, huh. " Harry murmers with a little more understanding.

Booth arrives at the Jeffersonian because they have hit a dead end in the case. Booth is very agitated and not just because the case is at a standstill, but also because this will be the first time he will meet the elusive Harry Potter. Booth walks into the lab and looks up towards the platform and is immediately startles at what he sees. Up on the platform going over the evidence with Cam and Hodgins is a tall man that definitely doesn't look like he belongs in a lab. Booth automatically knows that this is not a man to mess with and is extremely dangerous. He wonders how anyone like this ends or is allowed into the Jeffersonian.

Booth rushes up to the platform and stops next to Cam and whispers, " Who is that? "

Cam looks up startled, " That is Dr. Harry Potter, the new guy. "

Booth is surprised and accidentally raises his voice, " W-what? "

Harry turns from the computer screen he was looking at towards the startled voice. He sees an average height man with short brown hair a very solid almost intimidating presence and immediately realizes that this is Agent Booth.

" Agent Booth? " Harry questions.

Booth was still staring at Cam when his reverie was interrupted by a soft wary voice cutting through the silence.

He pauses, turns to the man in question and nods. After seeing Booth's nods Harry walks towards him hand stretched out saying, " I'm Harry Potter, it's nice to meet you. "

Booth shakes Harry's hand and replies, " It's nice to meet you too. "

Booth takes this moment to study Harry. He looks him over and takes in the long black hair, the loop earring, and his piercing green eyes, eyes that pierce the soul. After the first glance facts, Booth takes in the details. Harry's automatic defense stance, the hands by his sides, once again ready to defend, and the bump under his lab coat that slightly reveals the gun set on his hip. Booth decides to question him.

" Do you always carry a gun? "

Cam and Hodgins turn towards Booth then to Harry very confused.

Harry doesn't even miss a breath and answers, " Yeah, I've always relied on myself for protection, this (he says patting his gun) is the way I protect myself now. " He smiles slightly thinking of the past.

Booth nods at the answer but isn't quite sure that its the truth, " You have a license for that? "

" Yeah, do you want to see it? Agent to the end, I see. "

" Naw, I don't need to see it and you are so right about the agent thing. "

Hodgins and Cam are really confused by this point but forget it after Angela and Brennan arrive.

Angela says, " So I see Harry and Booth have finally met, did it go well.

" Uh-huh. " Hodgins replies.

" I think so. " Cam answers. They are both still very confused about what just happened.

Booth turns away from and Harry and returns to his reason for being at the Jeffersonian. " The case, what's up with the case? "

Cam answers, " It wasn't blood. On the shovel, it wasn't blood. " getting back on topic.

" Bones' magic juice didn't work. " Booth states.

Brennan looks towards Booth incredulously, " No, phenolphthalein is not magic. "

Hodgins starts, " It's an indicator that reacts with- "

" -Potato protein. " Harry finishes snickering at Booth.

" Potatoes? " Angela questions.

" Yeah, phenolphthalein turns pink in the presence of potatoes. " says Hodgins.

" I locked the guy up because of potatoes. " Booth says incredulously.

Harry snickers again at Booth's tone.

Brennan tries to reassure Booth, " He might have done it, Booth. But we all know that without the victim's head we aren't likely to solve this murder. "

Hodgins turns to Harry and a little derisively says, " Well maybe Harry here missed something in the bones. "

Harry looks at him and humbly replies, " Maybe I did. "

Angela looks at Harry disbelievingly, " Don't be ridiculous. Harry has been doing very well, he isn't to blame. "

" I just wish Zack were here, that's all. " Hodgins replies sheepishly.

Booth looks at him and says solidly, " You gotta get over it. Zack's not coming back. "

Then out of no where Zack pops up, Harry sees him before he even speaks. " I know where to find the victim's head. "

Everyone except for Harry turn towards Zack and are speechless in surprise.

Cam breaks the silence, " This is not good. "

Brennan begins next, " How did you get out? "

Zack looks a little upset, " You don't appear happy to see me. "

Booth responds like the FBI should, " Oh, we're not. "

Brennan looks at Booth like he's crazy, " Well I am! I really am! Zack! "

Hodgins heads to Zack, " Hey buddy! "

Cam mutters sarcastically to the previous question, " Well I doubt he got a weekend pass. "

With that Booth sets the line of questioning right on track, " Zack, how did you get out? "

Zack blinks. " Doctor Sweets helped me. " He says simply.

Angela looks like she just had a new revelation, " Oh well then I totally change my mind about Sweets. I now love him. "

Cam looks at Zack long and hard, " Does Doctor Sweets know that he helped you? "

Zack looks at her and answers, " No. "

Booth breaks the awkward silence, " Alright Zack, Potter, you're with me and Bones. The rest of you, go play with your microscopes or whatever it is you do. Let's go, Bone Room, now. March. "

Brennan turns and says, " Come on. "

Zack explains his finding's to Brennan, Booth, and Harry. " Everything is organized in sets of twelve. A dozen shoes in the closet, a dozen action figures on the shelf, a dozen pencils in the pencil holder. Even books are grouped by the dozen. "

Brennan and Booth respond simultaneously, " I should have noticed that. "

Harry continues to closely examine the pictures looking for any sort of sign.

Brennan continues her response, " Sets of twelve must be a manifestation of Jared Addison's OCD. "

Zack shakes his head, " I did an analysis of his novels. There's no recurring sets of numbers. Only recurring images of germs and fear of microbes. "

Booth looks confused, " Okay then what is it with the number twelve. "

Zack answers straightforward, " They live at twelve kindergarten street. Kindergarten has twelve letters. Alphanumeric is also a twelve letter word by the way, but I suspect that's just ironic. "

Booth looks at Zack incredulously, " Okay, this side of him? I don't miss at all. "

Zack ignores Booth and keeps going, " Books, CDs, everything. It's always twelve. In the yard everything comes in twelve. Paving, stones, plants. Decorative rocks, gnomes. Always twelve. "

Harry looks up understanding written on his face, " Ah. "

At the same time Booth says, " Oh. "

Brennan turns to Booth, " What? "

Booth answers, " Well Jared Addison wouldn't have been gardening - he's germaphobic. "

Harry continues after him, " And even his name, Jared Addison, is twelve letters. "

Zack looks to him appreciatively. Brennan now answers with understanding while Booth is confused.

" Oh. "

" What? "

Brennan explains to Booth, " Well he didn't name himself, his mother did. "

Booth says, " His mother has OCD too? "

Zack and Harry respond at the same time, " That's the most reasonable conclusion. "

They look at each other disbelievingly.

Booth responds, " Well that was weird. Anyway. The body was found in twelve pieces not counting the head. Why? "

Zack and Sweets discuss Zack's escape from the loony bin and determine the most likely place for the head to be is the under the single birdbath in the middle of the lawn.

The head is found and it is now time for Zack to head back to the institution.

Booth drops Zack off at the institution with Sweets. Sweets then learns that Zack never actually, physically killed someone.

Booth and Brennan discuss Brennan continuing to be a writer, and how they help each other as partners.