Digimon Frontier: The Dawn of a New Beginning

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Chapter 1
"The New Age"

After the ten legendary warriors defeated Lucemon, the Digital World was recreated and was restored to its usual peace and harmony. Until now,during the six month time period, another evil has arisen to seek terror in the Digital World. Currently somewhere in the Digital World, Ophanimon, Seraphimon, and Cherubimon were uncovering a serious issue.

"What will we do about the outcome of the Digital World?" Seraphimon questioned the two celestial digimon in front of him.

"The fall of the ten legendary warriors has brought nothing but utter chaos to the digimon," announced Cherubimon. "It won't be easy finding a way to restore what has already been done." Ophanimon turned to look at the far side of the sector the they were meeting in. At a corner, there was digiegg. The design of the digiegg included red as its main color with streaks of fire covering the outside of the digiegg.

"Maybe there is an easier way," Ophanimon declared as she picked up the digiegg. In the real world the frontier gang were suppose to be meeting at Koji's house to hang out. Out of the six digidestined, only Koji, Koichi, Tommy, and J.P were present. They were waiting impatiently for the remaining. Takuya Kanbara, the wielder of the spirit of flame, was still sleeping in his room completely forgetting that he had to meet his friends at Koji's place. Takuya was sleeping soundly until his mom woke him up.

"Takuya, wake up, you're meeting you're friends at Koji's today," she said.

"Just give me five more minutes...wait I'm late, he said as he rushed downstairs to get himself ready. While Takuya was on his way to Koji's, Zoe was still getting ready for her day with the others. "I can't wait to see Takuya again," Zoe said. Zoe had acquired some feelings for Takuya over the time they were in the Digital World, but she always denied it since she was too stubborn to admit it.


Takuya and Zoe were in the library looking for the fractal code before the Royal Knights did. "You know Zoe, this could be our last battle, we fought well,"Takuya began as he looked up at the ceiling.

"It hasn't all been fighting , it's the other things I'll remember. Sure it's been cool to be a digimon and kick butt and all, but it wouldn't have been half as much without you guys. "You're the first friends I ever had, I never even knew how to be a friend and now I understand myself a little better and others too." Zoe turned her direction towards Takuya. "I don't think I'll ever have trouble making friends again." "It's all because I like myself now," she finished.

"I really like you too, Zoey," Takuya said without knowing what he actually said. There was a brief silence until Zoe spoke up again.

"Yeah," she said.

"Like, you know, not like-like, uh, come on you know what I mean, right" Takuya blushed beet red and decided to look for more books to avoid confrontation with Zoe.

"Right," Zoe blushed a deep red and then went the opposite side to look for more books like Takuya did. There was another brief silence as the two of them looked for the fractal code within the books. While Takuya was searching you can hear him regretting what he had just said to Zoe. On the other hand, Zoe was blushing madly while flipping through books. Zoe constantly looked back at Takuya back and forth until she blurted out his name. "Takuya!" she turned to see Takuya fast asleep. "Well that figures," " Sleep tight."

Flashback End

Zoe looked at the time on her alarm clock. "I better get going now," She quickly went outside until she bumped into a young boy as they both fell on the ground. "Oh, sorry about...," She looked up to see a very familiar person. He was a brunette, who wore a yellow shirt under a red short-sleeved jacket, while wearing baggy khaki pants. It turned out the boy was Takuya. "T-Takuya, it's you," she stuttered as she picked herself up from the ground.

"Nice to see you too," Takuya said sarcastically. "Anyways we better head over to Koji's." Takuya and Zoe were about one blocks away from where they were supposed to meet. They hadn't said a word to each other since they seen each other. Zoe decided to break the silence by asking him a question she's been waiting to know.

"So how's everything been, " she said.

"Same as always," Takuya said.

"Maybe this is a good of time as ever to tell him my feelings,"she thought."Takuya, I've been wanting to tell you something," Zoe could feel a tint of blush come across her cheeks but hid as much as she could so Takuya couldn't see it.

"Yeah, what is it?" Takuya asked.

" I was just wondering if...," Zoe was cut off by Takuya.

"We're here," They were in front of Koji's home. The door opened to reveal a slightly disturbed Koji glaring deeply at the two of them.

"What took you so long, you're half an hour late?"Koji questioned Takuya. He had a curios look on his face on what the two had been doing.

"Just taking a stroll while enjoying nature," Takuya said sarcastically. he remembered what Zoe wanted to ask him." What were you going to say, Zoe?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing," Zoe stepped inside the Minamoto household while hiding her blush. They went in to see all the other digidestined they met during that faithful summer in the Digital World. As they went the electronic appliances went haywire.

"What's going on," Zoe was the first one to announce the situation. Everyone was relatively calm until one of the symbols on the computers shocked them. A closer inspection of it revealed the mark of Ophanimon, one of the celestial digimon of the Digital World.

"Isn't that Ophanimon's mark," Tommy pointed at the glimmering computer.

"This can't be good," Takuya said as everyone approached where they could see Ophanimon's mark. Ophanimon's voice was a little unheard because the transmission between the real and Digital World wasn't that strong.

"Everyone you must assist us of restoring the Digital World from calamity," Ophanimon began.

"Calamity? What about the legendary warriors?" Takuya asked.

"They've been defeated." Everyone was in complete shock.

"But how, who did this?" Koji asked.

"I'm not really sure who did it are what their true intentions are, but you six must be there to stop them."

"How do you expect us to do that, if you haven't notice we don't exactly have our spirits,"Takuya said.

"You'll have digimon partners." A digiegg came through the computer and landed gently in Takuya's arms. It was the exact same digiegg that was with Ophanimon, Seraphimon, and Cherubimon.

"A digiegg."

"You must be careful with that egg, it holds great powers, so you must treat it well,"

"What will happen?" Koichi asked.

"I don't have time to explain, but do what ever you can to save both worlds," The transmission started to fade away slowly after each minute. "You can now enter the Digital World through the computers only with a digivice. "Everyone else y-you must s-s-search for your partners," The transmission ended.

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