Digimon Frontier: The Dawn of a New Beginning
Chapter 8
"Mysterious Entity"

Takuya saw the newly formed digimon and smiled. "He digivolved." Tension rose between the two opposing figures, waiting for who will make the first strike.

"Fira Claw!" Firamon's front legs were covered with fire, as he launched himself at Lekismon.

Lekismon did nothing else but smirk as she counterattacked with another strong kick. The force of the colliding attacks of the two champions were enough to shake up the city. The clash of attacks continued causing flashes of bright lights throughout the surrounding area.

Lekismon jumped up in the air to launch another attack. Right before she took aim at her target, Firamon was charging,yet, another attack at the defenseless digimon.

"Flame Dive!"

Lekismon was hit with the increased force of the attack and was sent plummeting to the ground. However, it did nothing but cause a little scratch on her cheek. "That was pretty pathetic. I thought after digivolving you'd be a bit stronger, but I guess I was wrong." she said as she patted the leftover debris off her fur. "Huh." Lekismon stood in her place as she stared at the motionless digimon.

Firamon's body was stiff and his eyes were empty.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue." In a second, Firamon was by Lekismon's side, with her full of shock.

"Fira Bomb!" A set of fire bombs shot out of the crystal on his forehead.

The intense heat of the bombs burned every part of her body that it made contact with. It sent Lekismon flying.

It wasn't long until Firamon closed in for another attack. It fiercely gnawed her left arm, which caused her great agony.

Lekismon was soon on the ground with Firamon right on top of her. It left Lekismon completely immobilized. She couldn't do anything but wait for Firamon's next move.

"Fira Claw!"

Lekismon flinches but noticed that the intimidating digimon was decreasing in size. Soon he changed back into Coronamon.

Coronamon looked around dumbfounded and realized he was standing on top of Lekismon. "What happened?"

"Get off!" Lekismon stretched her legs and delivered a powerful blow to the small lion and disappeared.

"Coronamon!" Takuya ran up to the exhausted digimon. "Are you alright?"

The now worn out Coronamon nodded his head.

"Well let's go then." Takuya said with uncertainty. He knew he couldn't go back home. He had more important things to do. He had to stop the digimon attacks on the Real World. Takuya had decided on going to Zoe's place in hopes of seeing a friendly face.

Takuya sighed. He was at the front porch of Zoe's house. He was frantically pulling his hand near and away from the doorbell. "Why do I get so nervous when I see Zoe?" he muttered. "But she's just a friend." As he was about to ring the bell, the door sprung open and Zoe appeared in front of him.

"Takuya? I thought I heard something." Zoe glanced down at Coronamon. " And you too, Coronamon." The sight of seeing Coronamon since the incident still scared her. However, she shook the thought away as she still considered her friend.

"Zoe we need to."

"Let me guess, you want everyone to go back to the Digital World to find our partners." she guessed.

"How'd you know?"

"Takuya, I've known you for a long time now. Even though you're as hotheaded as ever, you're still pretty predictable."

"Yeah, what, wait what's that supposed to mean?" Takuya asking only to get nothing but a giggle from the young blond.

"Just forget it. Let's go inform the others."

"That's catchy." Terriermon was in Koji's room trying to understand the wonders of the Real World by watching a classic Disney movie.

"What is?" asked the warrior of light.

"Hakuna Matata!"

"You're not seriously watching that."

"That should be my catchphrase."

"Well I'm leaving. Stay here okay." Koji ordered.

"Yeah whatever." Terriermon said continuing to watch his movie.

Once the movie was over. Terriermon gazed outside the window, to see a fiery digimon wandering around. "Why does Coronamon get to go outside? Maybe I'll take a little break, but Koji did say to saty inside. Whatever, he'll forget about it, eventually." Terriermon left.

"I can't believe you lost him!" the blond yelled.

"Me? What about you?" he yelled back.

"He's your digimon!"


Koji was in a small grove near his school looking over his thoughts.

"Hey there's Koji!" Terriermon was now alongside Coronamon attempting to spy on his partner.

"Let's go!" Coronamon agreed.

"Terriermon, Coronamon?"

"What's up?" said the cheerful digimon.

"What arre you doing here?"

"Coronamon!" Takuya and Zoe arrived at the scene. While they had been conversing they had yet to notice someone eavesdropping on them.