A/N: This is AU. Rosette's parents are still alive and she has other siblings apart from Joshua (her twin bro here).
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Every morning at 6 she would throw open the window to see him.

He was a good looking boy in about her age—at least, he looked like about her age.
He had dark hair. Indeed, it was so dark, it resembled a raven's wing when light fell upon it. The same slightly violet shimmer...
It was quite long too, as it nearly reached his bladebone — he did not seem to bother cutting it to an appropriate length.

It always shone in the sun, just like his face, which was beaming with happiness every time she saw him.
She never knew why he was so happy.
He was just a servant, wasn't he? He possessed nothing, not even the clothes he wore, right?
All his strength, his whole being evolved from the contract between her family and ... them.
At least, that was what her parents and siblings always said about servants. Especially these servants.
So what was he happy about?
She constantly asked herself that question, yearning to get to know the answer. Because she, Rosette Christopher, had nothing to feel good about—although she had everything.
Her parents, rich traders and summoners, gave her anything she could desire for and more. But she was not allowed to interact with any other children than her siblings. They always said that the other kids were not as well raised and sophisticated as they were.
But her brothers and sisters were so arrogant!
Maybe except her twin brother Joshua. Maybe.
She just did not know what to play with them.
They seemed so...flawless compared to her. She still threw tantrums once in a while. Admittedly, just because out of the fear that she herself could get so perfect and blank...

So she kept looking out of the window.
Daydreaming about the boy and how it would feel like to play, to talk, to laugh with him!

Rosette scolded herself for her silly thoughts.
She had never even exchanged a word with the boy, how could she even dare to think about having a conversation with him—but after all, he was just a servant…a demon...
A subordinate of her family.
Someone, that had to obey, no matter what happened.
All because of the contract.
She always wondered why exactly such a powerful being would give itself into the hands of humans...
For the perverted joy of watching them struggle for more potency with every ace that came in their reach?
Rosette would have loved to ask the boy about it.

One day, she would give it a try, awaiting him at the servant's entrance with a warm smile.

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