Later at the ninja academy: " ok now I want every one to do a transformation." first up random genine. " good you transformed into me" Iruka sensei said with a smile. " next up Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto walk to the front of the class.

"transform" a beautiful blonde haired girl with clouds around her appeared. Iruka gets a noise bleed.

" ah… Naruto! Don't do that again. Your really pushing your luck here!" Iruka exclaimed

" he he… that was my sexy jutsu." Naruto said.

" ok…Gaara Hatake. Your up next." Iruka said. Gaara walks up to the front of the classes. Looks over his shoulder at Naruto who gives him the thumbs up.

" ok" Gaara says with a sigh. He takes a deep breath " transform" a small nine tailed fox appears. Iruka stares at him with shock. Gaara turns back in to himself. Naruto looks around the room and then says

" hey did you see the look on Iruka sensei's face."

" Naruto!" Iruka exclaims angrily.

" what?!?" Naruto replies.

" that wasn't funny!" Iruka shouts. Gaara walks back to his seat and whispers.

" I told you that was a bad idea" to Naruto. Iruka shoots Gaara a look.

" what's wrong with you two." Iruka ask them." sighing Iruka says. " just don't do that again."

"next up the shadow clone jutsu" Iruka says. Naruto's turn comes up. He walks to the front of the class and says with a smile

"I got this one. Shadow clone jutsu." multiple Narutos appear before the class.

"good" Iruka says with a smile. Gaara goes up next. He walks to the front of the class. And he too makes a perfect clone.

" good job" Iruka says with a smile.

Next day in class: the students all start to fall in to their seats. Gaara Naruto and Sasuke are sitting next to each other when Ino and Sakura enter the room. " I won" they both say entering the room at the same time.

" I was so looking back at you" Sakura exclaimed.

" no I was definitely in front of you." Ino replied. The girls continued to argue for a minute then look over and see Sasuke.

Sasuke! Sakura exclaimed. Followed by a group of girls. " im gunna sit net to him"

" no way forehead" Ino exclaimed

" I was here first. Everyone saw Sakura said then all the girls began to fight over who was going to sit next Sasuke.

At the same time Naruto got up and crouched on the counter getting closer and closer to Sasuke. Thinking to him self what's the deal with this guy any ways. Why do they all like him so much.

Sakura don't let him get that close to you.

Random girl yeah you'll catch a disease or something.

Random boy bumps into Naruto. Causing him to kiss Sasuke. Sakura " NA…RU…TO…!!!" Naruto and Sasuke quickly turn heads and begin to spit in disguise. The girls start to change Naruto. But are blocked by a wall of sand. The girls are stunted for a second.

" what's this" Ino exclaims.

Sakura "Gaara… what's your probable?"

" I believe I should be asking you that."

"huh" girls all get a confused look on their faces.

" he's not worth it. He doesn't like you. Matter of fact he hates you and finds you annoying. Not to mention you have so many better options." he glances and Naruto. " just me your better off with out him… all of you."

The girls are all stunned at Gaara's words. The sand wall falls. And the room goes silent. For a moment the Iruka comes in the room and goes to the front of the class. " ok everyone take you seats." the students sit down. " ok.. Now im going to put you into teams. Ino, Choji and Shikumaru you will be team ten under Asuma." he continues to name off teams for a while. " Sakura, Sasuke, and Sai team 13. And last Gaara, Naruto, and Henata team seven under Kakashi. Ok now go meet you new teachers"