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Chapter Nineteen


You know that feeling when you have a million thoughts running through your head and then one statement causes them to suddenly evaporate and you're left with just one simple thought? That's how I felt the instant Ed-Da-ugh whatever I'm going to call him asked to marry my mother. My thought? What? It's such a simple and stupid thought isn't it? I know my sisters would be making fun of me for it for years to come but in my defense what am I supposed to think? One minute he's trying to ask for my forgiveness for hurting my mother and now suddenly after several months of being with her again, he decides to marry her? That's definitely not where I was expecting this conversation to go and I'm a mind reader!

I didn't move. I just stood there, shocked to my core. I try to clear my head but nothing seems to work. I try to speak but no words will form nor will sounds escape my lips. The only thing that seemed to be working was my powers. I could hear his thoughts racing, trying to figure out where I was at, what I was feeling…and failing miserably. My shield was also up, strong as ever. I was never more thankful for that gift than I was in that very moment. I didn't want him knowing my confusion, at least not yet. I then took in his appearance.

He was looking at me with a nervous glance. He was worried. He actually seemed to be worried about how I was taking this. After a few minutes of silence, I saw him run his fingers through his hair. For a moment that shocked me. I had seen that same nervous habit before. I had seen that in my sister Nessie when she was worrying herself over something, when she and Jake were fighting and she had no idea what to say to fix it. But the place I saw that habit most frequently was not in either of my sisters but in the mirror. His shoulders tensed like Emma's did when she was anticipating bad news or trouble. In that moment, I saw how the three of us (Ness, Emma, and I), so similar yet so different, were related. We all inherited traits from our mother but there was a lot of our father in us as well. I looked into his eyes and saw a familiar look of concern in his eyes, concern for me. My mother looked at me like that a lot recently, as she could see me struggling with myself about something but I wasn't willing to tell her. Her gaze then had mirrored his now. He was worried for me…like a parent would be. This only added to my confusion.

"Why?" I finally got around to asking. His eyes widened slightly, not expecting that. His eyes narrowed in confusion the way, Ness's and Emma's did.

"Why what? Why do I want to marry here? I want to marry her because I love her. I love her with every fiber in my being. I love here so much that I want to tie myself to here every way humanly possible, as I should have done years ago rather than leaving her alone in a forest. I love here more than anything, E.J."

"I know that. That's not what I was asking," I replied, looking down nervously, a habit I picked up from my mother. I heard the surprise and confusion in his thoughts.

"Well, I am at a loss then. What were you asking exactly?" he asked. I stayed silent. I felt kind of pathetic for asking such a stupid question. But I had already jumped to conclusions before and I wasn't about to do it again. I heard him sight. "You are just like your mother." I looked up at him surprised. I never heard that from anyone before.

Most of my life I had been told by my mother, "You are just like your father". I had heard it so many times when I was younger that I got sick of it. She had said that my personality was so similar to him and so had my looks. Even the Cullens had seemed to agree with her. Every one of them had commented how alike my father and I were. Uncle Emmett had even started to call me 'Eddie-Boy Jr.' which had gotten me angry at him on more than one occasion. Even my family including my two sisters had supplied their own comparisons between my father and myself. But comparing me to my mother, saying I'm just like her, which had never happened before. He seemed to guess my thoughts, chuckling fondly.

"You know I could never guess what she was thinking? She was always a mystery to me. I had tried so hard to figure her out but I failed epically. It had been a new and humbling experience. She couldn't even be predictable like most humans were. She was always surprising me; she always caught me off guard. She never reacted the way most people reacted. Most people would have run from us after finding out we were vampires but she never did." He smiled fondly with adoration his eyes. In that moment I could see just how much he loved her. I had to smile. It was hard not to love Mom.

"Mom's special," I said. He looked at me with the same smile.

"That she is. She is very special. I have never met anyone in like her in over a hundred years…that is until I met you," he replied still smiling. I gave him a look of confusion. He explained. "You are both so confusing sometimes that it is frustrating! It drives me crazy! You never do what I expect either. For example, today I was expecting a fight with you. I was anticipating it so much that I had rehearsed all the possible arguments that you could throw at me and arguments for those arguments and then…you ask for forgiveness yourself when I'm the one who need to beg you to forgive me," he started sounding still incredulously at our conversation from earlier. Honestly, I was surprised it went so well too but he didn't need to be this shocked. I'm not stubborn enough to stay mad at him forever however much I had wanted to at the time. He continued. "You took all the blame for our lack of communication over the last several months when I was at fault for it too and your mother tends to do that very same thing as well. She takes the blame for everything, even when it's not even her fault. You both fight to protect those you care about. You have that same goodness in your heart that Bella has too. You would rather risk your own lives to save your family. You are as stubborn and as passionate as she is. You love so deeply, especially in the case of Taylor. You are incredibly smart like her. There's just so much of her in you and I can see it so clearly. You have all the best things from her and you are so special in every way."

"I…didn't…know you noticed things like that. No one else seems to notice it," I said surprised by his comparisons. It made me feel a little prideful. I truly loved my mother. She was my role model, my rock. To be compared to her, it made me feel proud. If I was even a little bit like my mother I was proud to be like her. It had really surprised me that out of all people though, he was the one who saw all this.

"That's because no one has spent as much time treasuring Bella's traits and human tendencies as I have. No one has observed her more closely than I have or committed every moment with her to my memory as soon as they happened."

"'Observe her'? You make her sound like an experiment,' I replied with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't mean it like that. I just…I guess I don't really have any other words to describe it. Sorry."

"It's ok. I understand," I responded sending him a real smile for the first time. He smiled back and we stood there in comfortable silence before he had to go and break it (still don't know what to call him yet).

"So what was your question before?" he asked. I knew that was where he was headed without even needing to read his mind. He wouldn't drop something like this. Nessie is the same way. I sighed embarrassed. It seemed like such a stupid question.

"It's nothing. It's not even worth talking about," I said dismissively. He looked at me disbelieving.

"Just like her," he muttered under his breath. "If it matters to you then it is worth talking about. Look, E.J, if we are going to try to be closer, to get to know one another I need to know how you feel. Talk to me."

"Why does it matter to you?" I asked a little harshly. He surprised me with his parental concern that I kind of snapped at him.

"Why does what matter to me?" he asked, seemingly ignoring my tone.

"Why does getting permission matter to you? Why do you care about how I feel about you asking Mom to marry you? Why does it matter how I feel about you and Mom getting married?" I asked him softly.

"I asked you for your permission for a couple reasons. You see when I was human, in our culture; it was a customary to ask the father for their daughter's hand in marriage. I still believe in this custom. If this had been ten years ago, I probably would have at some point asked your grandfather Charlie for his permission to marry his daughter. Seeing as how she no longer has her father in her life, not by her choice I know, I decided it would be appropriate to ask the people who mean the most to her, the ones she was related to. First, I asked Jason because he was her brother and the one who would most likely give her away."

"And let me guess you asked Nessie and Emma next." I replied, knowing he'd go to the two easiest people to ask next before asking me. His response to my conclusion however shocked me.

"No. You are the second person I asked. I knew Nessie would say 'yes'. She's been asking me to propose for the last five months. Emma was a little trickier but still capable of persuading. But you…you hated me. I wanted your opinion most. I couldn't predict how you'd feel. I honestly didn't think you'd want me to and I wasn't going to…not until I had the ok from you," he told me. I was shocked. He hasn't even asked my sisters yet? He actually cares about what I thought about the situation?

"But why? Why did my opinion matter?"

"Because you are my son, our son. I would never do anything that you are so against. You are a part of the family that I wanted to have, whether you like it or not, and families…they make these kinds of decisions together. When one makes a choice this big without everyone's consent the family falls apart. I could have lost any chance at reconciling with you and that would be one of the worst things anyone could take from me because it takes you out of my life. I want you in my life, E.J. You are so much more than just some kid I had out of wedlock. You are a boy that I have grown very fond of and love very deeply," he explained. I looked at him in disbelief. After all I had said all I had done and he still loved me? We didn't even spend much time together. How would he even know who I am enough to claim to love me?

"But I punched you loads of times and hated you. Why would you grow fond of me?" I asked incredulously.

"I respected the way you protected your family. I saw the way you stood up for your sisters and mother. I saw the way you acted with all of them. I heard stories about you from your sisters, your mother, your uncle, even your girlfriend and just like with Bella; I found it hard not to love you." I took a moment, trying to look for any sign of deceit in his eyes or thoughts and found none. He was completely honest. Any animosity I felt for him disappeared and soon I found myself fond of him, my father, my Dad.

"Thanks, Dad," I said to him with a smile. His eyes widened in shock at the word 'Dad' before he grinned the widest grin I had ever seen on his face.

"Does this mean you are ok with me asking her?" I started to answer before I was interrupted.

"Ask who what?" my mother said walking toward us. My father smiled at her lovingly before replying.

"Asking you on a little road trip next week just the two of us. After all, it is supposed to be sunny all week next week. I've already cleared it with everyone else but I just had to ask E.J," Dad lied smoothly.

I hope that's ok. I actually wanted to do this with her anyways. Is that alright?, he asked me in his thoughts. I nodded.

"That sounds like fun. Maybe you should get started now. I actually planned on helping Emma find Seth, so did Ness, Uncle Jase, and Jake so it sounds like good timing," I answered.

"That's a great idea! What do you think, love?" he asked with an excited look in his eyes. Mom looked hesitant but melted as soon as she saw the look on his face.

"Ok," she answered. He then grinned and picked her up bridal style and kissed her. She laughed. "Ok, ok, Edward. Now put me down. I have to go pack some stuff."

"Don't worry about that. Alice and Anne have already done that for both of us. The car's all set to go and everything."

"You really thought this all out didn't you?"

"Love, do I ever not?" he asked his eyes sparkling as he looked at her. She laughed again.

"I guess not," she replied from his arms before looking at me. "Sweetie, if you need anything—"

"I'll call. Promise," I said, knowing full well what she would say. She always worries. She wouldn't be Mom if she didn't.

"Ok good. Love you."

"Love you too, Mom." She smiled before Dad started walking away with her. I watched them happily leave the area before I yelled to them.

"Dad!" I called out to him. He turned with a grin while Mom stared at me in shock. "The answer's yes." He grinned before kissing a very confused Mom and carrying her over to his car.

I smiled. For the first time I finally saw what everyone else saw. Dad loved Mom and soon we would all be one big happy family. The very idea had me grinning as wide as the day Taylor told me she loved me, so think Cheshire cat wide if you're trying to picture it. Things were finally coming together.

Jake POV:

Well this sucks. I have been around the Northwest region and caught no scent of Seth. It's an absolutely terrible feeling when someone care so much about suddenly vanished off the face of the earth. Seth is my brother in every way but blood and that's not just because he's a part of my pack. I have known him for a long time before Ness and Emma and we had been friends then too but Nessie and Emma…they bonded us for life. We were both immediately drawn to them and ended up spending more time with them than anyone else in the pack and therefore spending more time with each other. It wasn't hard for the pack to understand why. I had imprinted and so had Seth.

I knew the instant Seth met Emma that he had imprinted on her. He had been so protective of her when she was nearby. When she got old enough to talk, he called her every day. He always made her little trinkets for her birthdays, which she fell in love with, was an even bigger clue was when Emma dated that jerk vampire what's-his-name. Seth had come home so upset saying things like 'I don't know what she sees in that guy' and 'she deserves so much better than him'. He had been so jealous in those months it was very irritating. It became very clear then to everyone in La Push what happened however Emma's family, with the exception of Nessie, remained ignorant.

When they thought of imprinting, they thought of me I had imprinted on Nessie and remained with them there to protect her. But the difference between Nessie and Emma was that Emma didn't feel like she needed a protector when she had met Seth. She was three months old but looked like she was five when they had met. By then, her brother had taken the role of protector and brother. What she needed then was a friend and Seth could be a friend without living with her. It only got harder when she had started dating. That's when he really struggled to hide his feelings for Emma. She needed a mate and as a wolf who had imprinted, it was Seth's instincts telling him he needed to be more than just friends with her. I knew those feelings well. I felt them too when Nessie got older.

As I thought about all this I heard the other's thoughts behind me. Their tone had taken, the same unfortunate tone that mine had. Our brother was still missing. I howled in sorrow and kept running, keeping my senses open for the familiar scent. As I ran I caught the scent of another person I knew. It was strong. They weren't moving. Something wasn't right with that and I ignored the wolves behind me, telling them to keep searching before following the scent.

I found myself at a lake near my home. There as a huge boulder near it and on the boulder was a girl with familiar brown hair. She looked so sad, so lost. I wanted to help her but I wasn't what she needed. She needed Seth. I turned back into my human form before walking up to her.

"Hey, Emmie. What's shaking?" I said, trying to get her to smile. I failed.

"Get lost, Jake," she said softly.

"Well that's not very nice, Emmie. Didn't Bells teach you to be nice to your elders?" I replied, trying once more. She ignored me. I sighed then sat next to her on the boulder and stared with her at the lake. "So you haven't had much luck either, huh?" I asked. She shook her head.

"I don't know what to do, Jake. I miss him so much. It's like…it's hard to live without him. I don't understand it. I feel like I can't breathe, Jacob. I don't get it. We've been apart before. Why is this time so different? Why is this so difficult?"

"I don't know what to tell you, Emma. All I've got to tell you is not to lose faith. We'll find him. We always do." I wasn't about to share my doubts with her. They would scare her and make her more depressed.

"He imprinted on me, didn't he?" she asked. I looked at her shocked. She figured it out. I was beginning to have my doubts that she would. She's smart and all but she was quite oblivious of Seth's obvious feelings.

"How'd you figure it out?" I asked. She still hadn't looked at me and just sighed.

"I guess I've always kind of known. I always felt a strong connection to him and it only seemed to grow stronger within the last year or two. Plus, this…being away from him…it hurts more than it ever had and ever should for a simple crush. It hurts more than it had with Daniel. I just never thought it was possible. He wasn't as attached to me as you are to Nessie so every time I dismissed it but now…I don't think I can anymore," she answered softly, a tear falling from her eye. I sighed and put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"All wolves are different, Emma, and so are the imprints. Believe me over the last two years, he's been rather attached to you. His thoughts as a wolf seemed to always go to you. In fact a lot of us stopped hanging out with wolf Seth because he was so centered around you, especially when you met vampire boy. Seth was extremely jealous. We were all shocked he managed to maintain friends status with you and that he wasn't found out then. He was very attached to you then because you needed him to be.

"Emma, when a wolf imprints he become whatever she needs him: a friend, a brother, a protector, a mate. When you met, you already had a brother and a protector in E.J. What you needed was a friend. A friend doesn't need to be attached to you so he naturally wasn't as 'attached' as I was to Nessie. Nessie needed a protector when I met her. Her situation was a little different. But Seth did call you every day and when he was there he protected you to the best of his abilities. Now you need him in a new way."

"As a mate," she said softly. I nodded.


"I guess that explains it," she said sighing. "Things were so much simpler before now."

"I agree. Your sister was less work," I joked. She laughed slightly. "Atta girl. We'll find him, Emma. I promise. Look we have lots of vampires and werewolves on the lookout for him someone is bound to find him. Don't worry so much. Everything will turn out," I said. She finally looked at me and shot me a smile before giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you, Jake."

"No problem, Emmie," she glared half-heartedly.

"You're not as annoying as I thought."

"Right back at you, sis," I said back. She rolled her eyes.

"Now you've ruined it."

"Aw come on! I can't call you 'sis'!"


"Fine. I see how it is. I'll just stick to calling you 'Emmie' then," I said with a smirk knowing she hated it when I called her 'Emmie'.

"My name is Emma, not 'sis', not 'Emmie', Emma! You call me anything else and I may decide to tell my mother AND my father of your nightly visits into Ness's room," she threatened. My eyes widened. SHE KNEW!

"You wouldn't!" I replied scared. I wasn't so scared of Edward finding out but Bella…Bella would KILL me!

"I would."

"You are evil, Emmalie Jary!" I yelled. She glared as she heard her middle name. Oops.

"And you're a pain, Cujo."

"Cujo's a dog. I'm a werewolf. Keep it straight."

"Dog, werewolf, it's all the same. You both slobber, smell, and need to be house broken," she said with a smirk on her own face. I glared at her.

"I hate you!" I yelled.

"Then all is right with the world because if you liked me, we might have a problem," she said getting up from her spot. I looked at her confused.

"Where are you going?" I asked. She smiled a real smile at me, looking more alive than she had a few minutes ago.

"I'm going to find Seth. I will do whatever I have to. I will find him," she said determined. I saw the hope come back into her eyes and had to smile at the change. She then left me sitting at the boulder with my pack waiting behind me. She'd be ok now. I had helped restore her hope…and she had restored mine. I turned back into a wolf and communicated with my pack.

Alright, guys, let's head back to La Push and meet up with Nessie in Forks. She may have other ideas on where to look. We are going to find our brother and we are not stopping until we find out what happened to him, I thought to them as we ran back towards Washington. I heard the agreement with the rest of the pack. Looks like our talk didn't just work for Emma and I but on the rest of the pack as well. That's when I realized that just like Nessie; Emma was made to be, in a way, a part of the pack.