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Chapter 1

For the average teenager, exiting the house, under any circumstance would probably require much thought; firstly with clothing options, choosing the correct outfit to match the mood of the day, followed closely by hair and makeup. I happen to know someone who holds that frame of mind entirely. Except to class her as the 'average' teenager was a little unfair, because she was without a doubt at the extreme end of this definition. Unfortunately, her passion (or, obsession to be precise) for clothes and fashion was at the cost of someone else's sanity. That being mine, the majority of the time. I tend to view us both as an exception to the rule, because as far as average teenagers are concerned, Alice and myself couldn't be more different.

And as I scramble out of bed on this early Sunday morning, stand at my wardrobe dreary eyed and practically pull any old jumper out of my closet to throw on- my eyes may as well have been closed. My best friend Alice would be horrified at my lack of thought in the matter, but very little changes after 17 years of following the same routine. Quite frankly I had more important things to think about than what state my hair was in.

I say this because I am currently the only female of the household, consequently making me the mother figure, if you like. Granted I'm a mere 17 years old with very little life experience, but given my brother has the mental and emotional capacity of a fourteen year old, and my father being a work-driven dinner-making-disaster, (in all other aspects of food my father is a pro, but when it comes to cooking, he is virtually incapacitated), I am therefore forced to be adult enough for the both of them.

For most people it may be seen as a chore or a nuisance, but it's simply a part of my life. I've grown up this way, it comes second nature to me to take care of the two most important men in my life; Charlie, my father, and Emmett, my loveable bear of a big brother. It's always been this way, ever since my mother walked out on us. I was only 3 at the time.

Don't hold me too it, but I believe she ran off with a young hotshot latino businessman. She was far too starry eyed to ever allow herself to sink into a family-consumed environment. I don't know much about her truthfully, I've tried to ask my dad about her, but Charlie rarely talks about his past, and Emmett only curses her whenever she's mentioned. So as far as I'm concerned, were better off without her. I guess in my own selfish way I'm thankful she left so early on, if anything it saved me from having to face the sheer pain of a broken heart…

Car keys in hand, I made my way towards the front door. I couldn't fail to notice Emmett passed out on the couch; he reminded me of a whale that had washed up from sea, his mouth half hanging open and a tiny wheezing sound slipping out. I almost felt sorry for him. That was until I remembered he'd probably gotten himself into this mess. No doubt he'd been out clubbing the night before, and subsequently been far too drunk to even attempt the challenge of the staircase. He always succumbed to the couch following a few too many beers. I guess in a way I should be thankful for that as well, at least it allowed me to get a good night sleep, rather than being woken up at 3am by a loud bang, as he'd inevitably missed his footing up the stairs.

Exiting the house I made my way towards my truck; proudly named Betsy, by me of course. I couldn't prevent the smile on my face as I hopped inside, slammed the door to a clambering close and turned the fan heater onto max. It sounded shockingly similar to that of the propellers from an old fighter plane, but I revelled in the warmth none the less. I'd never believed in love at first sight, just the concept of it had me rolling my eyes no end, but as soon as I'd laid my eyes on her, I knew she was the one. Ok, so to most people they'd probably think, 'what an unreliable piece of junk'. My fellow classmates all had quite a few things to say about her when I'd rocked up to school in it for the first time. But I didn't care; I took it all in my stride. I felt safe in this tank of metal, and by all means, if the world were to end tomorrow, if a bomb were to strike down the city of Forks Washington, Betsy would still remain standing. As for me, I'd be sat inside, a smug grin on my face with my head held up high. There was no defeating me and my truck!

Double pumping the clutch it fired into gear, and I jugged my way out of the driveway…


I hated grocery shopping. With a passion. But being the responsible one of the household, it was elected to me to sort out. I didn't mind though, as the alternative was a far more scary thought, because if I'd left it up to the boys to take care of, we'd all be living off takeaways for the rest of our lives. Well, takeaways and the odd fresh water fish from the fishing trips Charlie would take with his long time friend Harry Clearwater. But sadly they were petering out, as being chief of Forks Washington Police Station meant less time off and a heftier workload.

For once I was actually thankful it was my birthday coming up, as it would allow me to spend some quality alone time with my dad. He'd booked the day off weeks in advance just to guarantee we'd be able to spend it together. It was kind of a tradition of ours, and this year especially was no exception!

Throwing everything into the trolley I eventually made my way towards the checkout. I found myself standing before a rather unfortunate looking lady; grey on top, straight-faced and seemingly large around the stomach area. Clearly she'd failed to remove even just an inch of last years Christmas dinner fat. She'd also failed to welcome me as I'd approached her, but I suppose that was too much to ask given how monotonous this job must be.

"That'll be 28 dollars then please" she eventually asked with limited enthusiasm, but I didn't let it faze me.

"Sure" I smiled back, finishing up with my packing before delving into my purse. Thankfully I wasn't one to carry too many material possessions. I would leave lip gloss, eyeliner and concealer for Alice to carry around. I was happy with my cell phone and wallet; the key survival items.

Handing over the money I awaited the return of my change.

"That's 2 dollars change. Have a nice day". I doubted very much that she meant that. But I appreciated her attempt in the matter. "Thanks. You too".

Cradling the over-sized bags in my arms, I headed for the exit.

The lack of hands meant I used my back to push the door open. I was quite proud of myself knowing I had successfully left the store without dropping anything.

Unfortunately for me, I felt as my shoe started to loosen, the darn lace must have come undone. And as I struggled with my bags and tried my best not to lose my shoe, I failed to notice what lay up ahead. I later discovered this however, as I crashed straight into what felt like a rock solid surface.

"Whoa! Watch it!" someone chuckled, half alarmed and bewildered at the same time. I felt two strong hands grab my arms to steady me, as I all-but went over on my now-tangled-legs.

"Oh, sorry!" I yelped as I gathered my composure as well as my footing, before taking a couple of deep and meaningful breaths to calm myself down. "Wow. Close one" I muttered to myself, swallowing hard. Talk about having my life flash before my eyes! I could really do without this kind of excitement on an early Sunday morning.

Eventually I peered over the top of my brown papered grocery bag, only to see a guy about my age stood grinning before me. I'd never seen him before. Brown hair; spiky but in a dishevelled kind of way. Smart but casual clothes and seemingly flawless skin. There wasn't a blemish insight, and his eyes sparkled like diamonds.

I was torn out of my current state of scrutiny as he chuckled back at me in amusement. I sure hoped my mouth hadn't been hanging open.

"You should come with a safety warning sign" he laughed as he picked up one of the oranges I'd dropped, before dropping it back into my bag.

"Yeah, thanks" I smiled awkwardly, not entirely thrilled at his comment.

"And, I suggest next time you leave the house, you might want to do your laces up" he looked down at my untied rocket dogs; I imagined I looked more like a hobo than a presentable young woman. And for the first ever time, I cursed the lack of interest I had in my own appearance. "You'd probably spare a few lives just by doing that" he smirked. "Not to mention your own". His eyebrows wiggled at me comically.

I huffed in annoyance, my face and neck drastically warming up; admiration for his beauty now going straight out the window. I really wasn't in the mood for some pretty-faced, smart-ass'd dude, to come along and tease me with his smart ass comments. "Yeah, thanks for the advice". I replied through gritted teeth, before brushing passed him. The sooner I escaped the better.

"No probs! … I'll catch you later clumsy! … Oh, and be sure to watch your step!" I heard him call back from where he stood. I also didn't fail to notice the faint sound of his laughter ringing through my ears, mocking me. My forehead scrunched in my frustration, and my hands that gripped the paper bags clenched with growing tension. For once, grocery shopping seemed like a big mistake! In fact, living off Charlie and Emmett's takeaways suddenly seemed like a much more tempting offer!

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