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Chapter 30:

I walked through the large glass doors, thanking the kind gentleman who opened it for me, before my eyes scanned hastily around the room in search for him. When I failed to locate him I wandered towards the ticket counter, where I half-heartedly eyed the movie list.

As per usual I chose a movie no one would ever pay money to see, even I was on the fence about this one; simply titled 'J'adore'. The poster depicting a French countryside location, where a working man ploughed his land, his eyes however drawn towards a woman, who sat daintily in a bed of flowers. Predictable much? I think so.

I wasn't too concerned though, my little venture to the local cinema had nothing to do with my movie fanaticism, and no hunky Frenchman could come within an inch of my longing and love for a certain programme technician; goes by the name Edward Cullen.

Handing my ticket over to the attendant they guided me towards screen 11. I walked at snail pace, not caring for the fact that I was sure to miss the trailers, my eyes still trying to trace him. At one point I contemplated turning back, and retracing my steps to where the lady at the ticket-stand hovered, I was certain she'd know of Edwards whereabouts, but in the end I decided against it, it was a little too stalkerish and desperate for my liking. Although I was rather desperate.

So instead I reluctantly headed for my screen, crossing the plush blue carpet which led to the door to my movie.

I grabbed the handle, knowing how heavy these doors could be, but as I attempted to put my biceps to work, the door swung open in front of me. I gasped, startled by the doors unusually free and weightless movement, almost bumping into someone in the process, as they darted out of the darkness like a fired canon ball.

"Whoa…" the voice yelped as they almost crashed into me. "Sorry".

I put my hands out to stop them, sensing a collision, but they had much better self-control than I did.

It took us both several thorough blinks before we realised who each other were. And as his mouth started to curve up at one side, his eyes softening out, I felt comfort and excitement in the clear knowledge that he was happy to see me.

"Wow … talk about a major de ja vu moment" he smirked. I couldn't help the dorky grin in return, finding it impossibly hard not too, particularly as I remembered back to the first day we'd met, when I'd collided into him in the grocery parking lot, and he'd found himself being frisked by my melons.

"I suppose I should've guessed it was you" he teased me fondly.

"Well who else would it be, right?" I shrugged lightly, and he gave me a sweet sympathetic head tilt. He looked beyond adorable tonight, with his little name badge and handy-mans pouch attached to his belt. I took a mental freeze-frame, saving that for later.

"What are you doing here?"

I shrugged, trying to be blase' about it, but he interrupted before I had the chance to respond.

"Just couldn't keep away huh?" he added, his eyebrows rising in delight, and it was obvious I couldn't fool anyone.

"Don't flatter yourself, I'm here for the entertainment value".

He leant casually against the doorframe, cockily folding his arms and looking pleased with himself. "Well I can't say you'll get much entertainment out of this; another period drama I presume?" he indicated to the room he'd just come out of.

"Actually I was more referring to watching you work, or attempt too at least" I smiled smartly. Following in suit by folding my arms across my chest.

"Mmm, very cute" he mused as he looked at me.

"Cullen!" a voice shouted from behind me, making me jump and ruining our little moment. "You're needed in screen 6! Movie went down!"

Edward gave a nod, "be right there!" and gave a wave as he watched him leave. "That's super scary Simon" he lowered his voice. "My supervisor… hence the 'super,' it's not that he's actually super to work for, it's just…a name" he added awkwardly, his face a touch of pink with embarrassment, before he laughed. He looked adorable, and considerably more relaxed, compared to how tense he could be at school. "Anyway, I should probably get that" he told me smiling.

"Oh, right, yeah" I stepped out of the way letting him past. "Well, have a good one, I guess" I spoke, trying to prolong our meeting that little bit longer.

"Yeah, you too. I'll er… see you" he said, lingering a few seconds before walking off in the opposite direction.

Anyone would've thought it was our first date or something… the awkwardness practically seeped from our skin. I thought I was bad enough, but now Edward too? Maybe it was contagious or something.

Still, I quite liked him a little flustered; he really suited those rosy cheeks.

20 minutes into the movie and I already had a headache. Truthfully, I was finding the whole thing a little hard to follow, the storyline seemed straight-forward enough, well, from what I grasped of the poster anyway; an hour and a half of easy and effortless viewing, or so I thought. As it turned out, 'ease' it was not. But how was I supposed to know it had subtitles?

How could one even follow a story when they're too busy reading the translation anyway? I never understood the logic behind it personally. And the fact that I held onto the tiny glimmer of hope that Edward could make a possible reappearance, meant I couldn't just get up and leave.

So, instead, I simply lay my head back and shut my eyes. I'm not sure for how long exactly. I may have even fallen asleep at one point.

"What are you doing?" an incredulous voice appeared beside me. And I opened my eyes to see Edward sat beside me. How embarrassing.

"Oh…" I shuffled up in my seat feeling startled. "Hi" I smiled, momentarily forgetting the question. "Erm, I was just, closing my eyes, you know, to really absorb the French language" I told him. And by the quirk of his mouth, I sensed he was trying his hardest not to snigger, "Don't you know, I'm fluent" I said stupidly, afterwards wondering why I'd even said it.

He cocked an eyebrow, sinking back further into his chair. "Oh really?"

I smiled back in response, feeling slightly uncomfortable thanks to my motor-mouth.

"Prove it then, say something" his eyes lit up with mischief and intrigue.

I shifted in my chair, clearing my throat. "So where'd you even come from anyway?" I changed the subject. "I didn't hear you walk in."

That crooked grin I loved so much made a welcome return. "Magic; I materialized right before your eyes… or, closed eyes, that is".

I gave him an amused long laboured look in response. He simply rolled his eyes. "There's a door back there; in the far left-hand corner" he told me. I craned my head, my eyes squinting to make out the door frame; slowly it came into focus. "It's where all the cool people hang out".

I gave an exaggerated nod, "Sure it is" I replied with a closed-lipped smile.

"So, did you fix screen 6?" I asked him.

"Of course" he smiled. "Pull a few wires, press a few buttons, it's all very technical. I'm telling you, this place would shut down if it wasn't for me" he said smugly.

I grinned back, "Sounds to me like you've got yourself a calling".

He snickered soundlessly. "I don't know about that. It's alright I guess. It's practical, which I prefer; I do like using my hands quite a bit…"

'I remember' I almost said, but stopped myself as a flush threatened to swallow me whole. "…But, career wise, I don't think it's for me" he hesitated momentarily; like he was about to tell me a secret. "Truthfully, I'd love to use my music, for what, I'm not sure yet".

"Teaching maybe?" I suggested, and he turned coy and embarrassed. "Come on, you're a natural and don't deny it. I've seen what you can do, you have a flare for it. Heck you could probably teach me and I'm as uncoordinated as they come".

"Is that an invitation?" he perked up.

"Oh.. er, I… I don't think so" I stammered as I fiddled with my bag; sensing I'd well and truly set myself up for that one. Musical instruments really weren't my thing. I'd ventured down that route as a child and it proved awfully unsuccessful. 'Uncoordinated' was actually an understatement. Seriously, anyone that could pick up an instrument without breaking it was admired in my eyes. Nowadays I simply preferred to admire them from afar.

"Not a music fan?"

"Absolutely, I couldnt live without it... It's just, playing isnt my forte'" I told him.

"Well dont knock it until you try it".

"Hey I picked up a recorder once.." I answered in my defence.

"You picked one up?" he nodded; purposefully trying not to snicker. "Well, that's a good start".

"Don't make fun" I warned him teasingly, "I had potential. I even managed a tune.. of sorts, but, then everyone stared at me. I got a bit of stage fright, my hands started to shake, I lost my vision and I started to hyperventilate. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the nurse's office. That's pretty much the extent of my history with music. I'm not so good at being the centre of attention" I laughed with awkwardness.

"Wow" his face registered bafflement; clearly he'd underestimated how unfortunate and solitary I could be. Why else would I choose to sit at the far back of a room?

"Well, that, and the teacher was evil" I added.

"Right" he nodded once again. "No love lost there then I take it".

"Not really, but I do pride myself in my listening skills. Now that's my forte'. So how about you do the playing, and I'll do the listening?"

"Alright, you've got yourself a deal" He smiled, placing his closest arm to me over the head of my seat.

A comfortable silence passed between us, as Edwards happy eyes lay on mine. It was moments like this I treasured most of all. His posture open and easy-going, his face a tint of fresh pink; not a trace of tension in that silky smooth forehead. The complete opposite to how he'd been today at school; so cautious and concentrated. Always thinking, always worrying.

"What is it?" he asked as silence fell between us; his eyes searching my face for answers. I straightened out, suddenly made aware of my thoughtful frown. "Nothing" I shook it off with a smile; hoping I hadn't ruined the moment.

"So… I guess they'll be needing you back soon enough? Another screen goes down and it's you to the rescue, right?" I questioned reluctantly, not wanting him to leave.

Taking a cautionary glance back towards the door he'd entered from, Edward pondered his next move. "I'm sure they can spare me for a few more minutes" he said, and I felt my body spasm with excitement "Listen I'm sorry I had to leave earlier. I er, I didn't get the chance to tell you that I'm glad you came" he spoke to me, and it was surprisingly easy to phase out the French language when you had Edward Cullen sat beside you. "It was a nice surprise" his focus grew slightly more intense. "It sounds weird, but I feel like I haven't seen you for days".

"That does sound weird" I teased him. "Considering you saw me less than 4 hours ago. We sat next to each other in Psych class" I reminded him, feeling warmed by his explanation.

"I know" he smiled, "I just meant, it's nice to see you alone, you know, when we don't have Jessica Stanley breathing down our necks" he mused lightly, before he looked down at his hand. "I like having you to myself, without that sounding too selfish, or creepy" he smirked softly, turning back to face me sheepishly.

"It's neither … I like that too".

He closed in for a hesitant kiss; shy at first before he melted into my lips. As we kissed his hand found its way on my inner thigh, and I shuddered under his touch, wanting him to creep that much further, despite my jeans acting like a barrier between our skin. My mouth parted as my nether regions started to tingle and throb in anticipation, and as it did, his tongue tasted my own...

It was rather cheesy, but I was suddenly aware of the music playing as we kissed, and as our embrace deepened that much more, the music reached a crescendo. Passion faded away at the distraction, and we broke a part in a giggle.

"Look" he sighed after a moment, "I hate to do this, but…"

"I know, you should get back" I finished for him.

He took my hand and kissed the top, but as he turned to leave I pulled him back. "Hey" he halted, "I could drive you home?" I suggested, "At the end of your shift I mean".

He smiled sweetly, retaking the seat beside me. "I'd love that, but I don't want you hanging around here waiting for me; you should get home, its pretty late as it is".

"I don't mind" I looked into his eyes. "I'd sooner drive you home than have you walking back in the dark" I told him.

He looked hesitant at first, but I could tell he was going to give in. "Are you sure?"

I nodded back delighted.

"I finish at 11. Meet you at the entrance?"


He hovered once more before he left, cupping my cheek with his hand before he rushed forward to plant me with a quick but passionate kiss. I was still revelling in the kiss even after he'd gone. And as far as I was concerned, 11pm couldn't come soon enough.

"I hope you weren't waiting long".

"Nah, only like 5 minutes". 15 minutes actually, but what did it matter? When every minute that passed made me more excited to see him.

"So I was wondering, if you weren't feeling too tired, fancy taking a little detour?" his hand slid into mine as we walked.

"Yeah totally. What did you have in mind?"

Prior to the detour, we stopped off at my favourite 24 hour coffee shop for a little refuelling, before the road trip commenced. Edward drove all the way there. And a good 20 minute trip (the lack of cars on the road meant we drove straight through), led us to our final destination.

We parked up on some deserted dusty lot where we cut the engine. I'd previously text my father, not wanting to run the risk of another telling off, before we jumped outside, the cold blustery wind making me cling desperately to my mini jacket.

Taking Edwards hand he led me along the grassy stretch, the surroundings still a little unfamiliar, until I noticed the sign beneath the lamp post, it read 'Lake Crescent' in black italics, and had an arrow pointing ahead.

Truthfully, I would've been terrified, I should have been. Call me crazy, but walking off into the depths of nowhere in the middle of the night was like throwing up a red flag in my eyes. Warning sirens should've gone off in my head saying DANGER DANGER! The vast space ahead of us, dark from the lack of light; the black dome above our heads like a blanket threatening to suffocate us hole; skeletal branches sprouting from the earth looking cold and deadly at first glance. And if it wasn't for the full moon offering us some mild form of illumination, we'd have felt blindfolded. Prisoners of the night.

Surprisingly though, I felt remarkably reassured. Several minutes into the walk and Edwards arm tucked in around my waist, holding me close to him like my very own security blanket. The night's sky always left me at my most vulnerable, particularly when in unfamiliar surroundings, but tonight I felt protected. Like no harm could come to me. Twice I'd found myself alone in the dark, and twice Edward had saved me. Tonight felt no different.

Coming to an eventual stop on a clean patch of grass, a tree at our backs offering us shelter from the winds, we sprawled out the rug I'd found from the truck, onto the ground; settling ourselves down.

The lake up ahead was still a fair distance away, but now visible beneath the moons light; it had been a good few months since I'd last ventured up to Lake Crescent. And seeing it now, even at night time, I wondered why I didn't take more advantage of it.

"It's beautiful here" I told him. "Eerily beautiful… I feel like were the only two people left in the world".

"You sound afraid" he noted, analyzing the expression on my face. I shook my head, "No, I'm not" I answered pathetically, unable to believe even myself.

"You're right to be afraid" he hugged me tighter, his voice soft next to my ear, "the night time leads to so many unknowns. You should always be aware of that. But it's also the most peaceful time. Everything's silent and still; untouched. In the day, it's hoarded with people, most too busy to even take a minute to really absorb its beauty. Whereas at night, that's all you can do".

I felt like I was falling, his voice was like a humming bird, his translucent eyes so deep I wanted to swim in them.

"If you only take a moment, just to get accustomed to its beauty, you see so much more than vast emptiness…

…the moon is a character in itself, each night, if you look hard enough, you can see its watchful eye smiling down on us. And the stars, the stars are like magic; like fairy dust".

I stared at him with eyes of amazement. "You never fail to surprise me" I replied without thinking, amidst my wonderment. And as he slowly leant towards me, the gap between our faces diminishing, I felt my eyes grow heavy with desire. He kissed my lips then; careful but with such intensity. The heat from the palm of his hand cupped my cheek, warming me like a radiator.

I felt myself being pushed back, not that I protested much as I pulled him down with me; his hand cushioning the back of my head like a pillow.

I could've made love to him then, I wanted too, but gradually he eased our mouths apart; my head rising from the ground to keep a hold of him, to recapture his lips, but to no avail, and as I lay my head back down, with Edward hovering above me, he moved to my side, mirroring my position by lying on the ground looking up.

It was then that I found myself staring into the wide eyes of the heavens above.

"Wow" I gushed "It's so big" he clasped his hand onto mine, my eyes captivated by the image before me, as the dark dome above my head transformed into an expanse of twinkling bright lights. Some sparkling more intensely than others; winking almost mischievously.

"Amazing isn't it? Like a faraway land" he mused, and I couldn't help but turn my head to gaze at him, his eyes glistening under the moonlight.

"Do you see that one up there, the brightest one of all?" I nodded but focused on his face. "That's the North Star" he told me. "And to the left of it, is the plough…you see how it looks kind of like a saucepan?" I re-faced the sky; nodding admiringly "…as for the rest, I have no idea".

"Beautiful" I muttered in a breath. Half in reference to the display before me, half in reference to Edward.

"Yeah" he sighed, leaning his head closer towards mine. "On the nights when I'd walk home from work, providing it was a clear night, I'd look up and see them shining down on me. It made me feel like I wasn't alone, you know. I guess that sounds kinda silly."

"No, it doesn't. It's true… It's almost like, they're watching down on us".

"My grandmother, before she died, told me that every time you make a wish, another stars reborn" said Edward.

"That's sweet … do you think it's true?"

"Who knows, she got kind of batty towards the end there" he smirked.

"Well I think it's true" I told him.


"Totally; look how sparkly they are. They're filled with so much hope" I answered; wondering how many wishes had been made that night, the sky was filled with an array of stars "Did you want to make a wish?" I asked him.

He paused, a second later he shook his head, "No I don't need to… I have everything I want right here with me" he squeezed my hand, making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We lay there then, for I don't know how long, a gentle and effortless conversation flowing between us. Just enjoying each others presence beneath the night's sky. It was the most romantic and thoughtful moment I'd ever experienced. And I felt like in that moment we made a greater step towards solidifying our love and commitment. Edward told me things that night he'd never shared with anyone. And yet again I delve into another side of that complex character; finding another dimension to the sensitive and passionate Edward Cullen; the one he dared to share only with me...