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Chapter 5:

(The following day)

The drive to school was long and silent. I probably would've initiated conversation with Emmett, if it hadn't been for my preoccupied thoughts about Edward. Truth be told I hadn't actually dreamt about him last night. But that didn't change the fact that he was still the last person I thought about before I'd drifted off to sleep, and the first person I'd wanted to see as I rose from my slumber.

When did I suddenly become so love sick? Ugh! It grieved me as I started to acknowledge that fact, before I hastily pushed it aside. I couldn't like him. And I wasn't about to let an arrogant guy like him squirm his way into my head.

I was determined to maintain that current state of mind, as we approached the school parking lot. Unfortunately, as soon as my eyes had clocked him, I felt my cheeks start to burn, my heart begin to race in my chest, and the butterflies in my stomach turned into atomic bombs. I was certain he would turn any woman's legs into jelly; no matter how strong-minded they were.

So there he sat, on the wall to the canteen, hands in his lap, with his pale almost translucent skin and a glowing smile spread across his face, and yet he looked strangely so odd there; as if he should be behind glass, in some Italian museum, with all of the other artistic masterpieces…

So it seemed Alice had officially taken Edward under her wing. He was now one of the clan. Brilliant! I'll make sure to thank her later on… that was sarcasm by the way. Because as much as I adored my delightful best friend, she only proved to make my life extremely difficult. Especially considering the pact I'd made with myself not 10 minutes ago; the Edward de-appreciation pact. I was chief leader and proud of it.

"Hey Ali!" Emmett leant over to wave to her, his big arm flailing around in my face as I un-buckled my seat belt, before I grabbed a hold of my bag off the back seat.

"Hey Em!" she grinned back at him. She was starting to bounce again, and her tiny pixie nose began to twitch; a cute and quirky characteristic she'd developed once she grew nervous. They'd always had a soft spot for each other. I could never understand it personally, but I certainly wasn't about to ask...

I saw him eyeing Edward as I closed the passenger side door, to which I just rolled my eyes at him. "Be good baby sis" he presented me with a knowing look that only an older over-protective brother could give to his little sister.

"Always am big brother" I smiled at him sweetly before slamming the door to a close. He papped his horn twice as he exited the school car park. He always had to make a big scene when he was around. Just to let everyone know he was there. Typical Emmett really.

As I turned around to take a step forward, I was abruptly cut short. "Bella?" Alice looked at me questioningly, as she stood in front of me; her eyebrows knitting together as she frowned. I often thought she resembled that of a cartoon character, she was always somewhat animated.

"Alice?" I mimicked her expression.

"So, where's Betsy?" she looked at me with genuine concern. She loved that truck, but only from a distance of course. I often wondered if it reminded her of Emmett in some way. After all, Emmett was the one who'd picked it out for me, claiming it was as large and as loveable as he was, but equally as bad-ass and over-protective.

"Who's Betsy?" A baffled Edward asked from where he stood beside her. I immediately cringed, why did I have to be such an embarrassment to myself!? What kind of person names their truck anyway!? I scrunched my forehead, closing my eyes for a moment and wishing I was somewhere else. And just as I was about to say 'no one', Alice oh so kindly cut in for me. "That's Bella's truck, she named her Betsy," she announced triumphantly. And at that moment, the tiny ounce of self respect I held for myself quickly diminished, and it took all I had to brave a look at his face. I could tell by his facial expression that he was trying his hardest not to laugh. He had tiny crows feet develop at the corners of his eyes, meanwhile his smile curved into a cocky grin. One could only imagine what he was thinking!

If the floor had opened up in that very moment, I would have proudly held the white flag and gladly jumped inside.

"How very… original" he finally responded, his grin mocking me completely.

"So erm, where's Jasper anyway?" now seemed the perfect time to change the subject. Anything that didn't involve me and my stupidity was a step forward in the right direction.

"Oh, he's running late. He said he'll catch us at lunch" she waved it off, appearing as if she couldn't care less. "You've got Psychology first right?" she then looked at me with inquisitive eyes.

"Yeah why?"

"Oh great! So does Edward! … Bella will look after you" she said as she turned to face him with added spirit.

"Erm, well actually, I sorta have…er…" I began in an attempt to make my excuse, but the glare from Alice's eyes didn't agree with me. "Nothing. Never mind. Yeah, that's fine" I eventually turned to him forcing a feeble smile, to which he responded with his own. It was so much easier to agree with Alice rather than face her piercing glare or probing questions.

"Great! Oh and at lunch, were talking birthday ideas!" she added, and I willingly glared back at her; I'd been wondering when she'd mention the dreaded B word. "I just thought I'd warn you in advance" she smiled at me sweetly. I could never care much for birthdays, especially when it concerned my own. The only thing I cared about, was attending my usual birthday night tradition of Disney on Ice with my father. As for the rest, the constant fuss from Alice, the opening of the presents, the oxygen-suppressing bear hugs from Emmett and the obligation to maintain a bubbly persona, (the latter of which I found very difficult) I could do without.

The bell went shortly after and we went our separate ways; Alice skipping off towards her Art and Design class and Edward and I making our way towards Psych. We walked in silence. Thankfully the hustle and bustle of our fellow students took away any lingering awkwardness, before we all piled into the room taking our seats.

I walked towards the back corner. An old habit of mine; I preferred to hide away rather than being the centre of attention, I'd leave that for Alice. As it turns out though, it probably wasn't the wisest of ideas. Because here I was, at the furthest corner of the class room, sitting side by side with the one person I should have been avoiding. I couldn't deny my slight sense of smugness however, as I noted the expressions of jealously that graced the faces of the other females in class, as they gazed longingly after Edward. I'd never been at the source of anyone's jealousy before, and it wasn't half bad to say the least.

"What are you smirking at?" I felt him nudge my side with his elbow, and I suddenly realised he'd probably just witnessed me grinning to myself like an idiot. "You like psych class that much huh?"

I released an awkward laugh, my mind now working overtime to come up with some snappy comeback, but as I turned to face him, I was overcome with emotion. I felt almost star-struck, completely mesmerized as I looked into the depths of his ocean-like eyes. I'd never been this close to him before, I knew he was attractive, but I'd never known anyone to be so flawless, his skin almost begged to be touched. I felt automatically sucked in, like his eyes were pulling me towards them like a vacuum. You could so easily get lost in them, the eyes, the face, the Greek god-like physique. Everything about this man sitting beside me seemed inhuman.

My mouth instinctively gaped open, and it took me 2 long seconds to muster enough strength to close it. I must have looked like a right dork (even more so than usual), and the response I'd previously calculated in my head had totally scarpered. I couldn't even remember the question. Had he asked me a question?

The smile of confusion that now spread across his face suggested he had done, so I simply replied with a lame "Yeah," and left it at that.

I was thankful when the teacher walked in and began scribbling on the white board. Something about the 'History of Psychology', or otherwise known as snooze fest 2009. Nevertheless, I would need to make a conscious effort to pay attention; I couldn't have Edward thinking I was a slacker as well as an idiotic klutz.

It was then that he did something I definitely wasn't expecting. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a slick pair of thin black rimmed glasses. Designer of course. I noticed the fancy lettering on the leather case as he'd snapped it shut, before he slid them onto his nose.

Yikes. Now he looked geeky and hot. A tantalizing combination… I'm sure everyone would agree.

I'm guessing he'd noticed my triple glance -not quite as subtle as I'd hoped for- because not long after he leant into me, his eyes still fixed on the teacher as he spoke in a velvety whisper. "You never seen a guy in glasses before?" he smirked, before his eyes caught with mine.

I didn't respond. Not because I didn't want too, but because I simply couldn't; my throat almost seizing up as soon as our eyes had connected.

I chose to just turn away, hoping I hadn't come across rude, before focusing my full attention onto the lesson plan, ready to learn!

Unsurprisingly however, I was so busy concentrating on myself – preoccupied with my thoughts of self-hatred or contemplating the current state of my hair - that I hadn't heard a single word the teacher had said. And by the time I'd realised what was happening, we'd been split into pair's, handed a project each, and been told we had less than 45 minutes to compile and present it. Understandably, I was quickly beginning to panic…

…(10 minutes later)…

Time was ticking by, and we had approximately 35 minutes to prepare. We were now within the confines of the library walls, walking side by side in silence. I distinctly noticed how he kept a permanent space between us, like he really didn't want to be close to me anymore. Strange considering not 15 minutes ago, his arm was practically rubbing up against the side of mine. Maybe he had a proximity complex? It couldn't have been me, surely I didn't smell bad?

I cringed at the thought, suddenly feeling even more self conscious, but hoping it was just my paranoia that was getting the better of me.

"Alright, why don't you try this end, and I'll look that end" he signalled to the books in the distance. "Let me know if you find anything".

"Yeah, sure" I nodded with a smile, watching him walk away whilst I grabbed any random book off the shelf. He had the most perfect walk, kind of laid back but cool and macho at the same time; I gazed after him giddily. Finally turning my attention to the opened page in front of me, I frowned … what was I looking for again?

I rolled my eyes as I released an exasperated sigh. I really should make more of a conscious effort to pay attention.

Flicking towards the index page, I tried to locate something familiar, but the words failed to resemble anything meaningful. I wondered for a moment if Edward had found anything. Well, it was either that or I was just looking for another excuse to admire his beauty a little more. And at that thought, I couldn't prevent a sneaky peek down the aisle. Pulling the book down ever so slightly, just allowing my eyes to skim over the top, I glanced at him.

I felt my heart skip several beats as I noticed him staring straight back at me, his eyes just grazing the tops of those sexy black rimmed glasses. He cocked an eyebrow as he smiled, before his eyes suddenly narrowed, almost into slits. But he wasn't glaring at me in annoyance; instead his eyes flashed something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Passion maybe?

Certainly not, and I was embarrassed to even think of it! It was probably just the lighting or the shadowing of the glasses that made it come across that way. I immediately ducked behind the book to hide my now rosy red cheeks. Silly Bella, I thought to myself, cursing under my breath as I got lost in my state of humiliation.

"So did you find anything?" his voice suddenly quipped; he sounded unexpectedly close. And as I removed my shield of protection, placing the book back onto the shelf, I realised he was standing right in front of me; his glasses now perched on top of the mass of his jungle-like hair. Strange that I hadn't heard his footsteps as he'd approached; he was as silent as a mouse. I supposed that was down to the sheer volume of my thoughts however.

"Erm, no … actually I didn't". I said remorsefully as I looked up sheepishly into his eyes; very aware that my cheeks were still ablaze, and silently praying he wouldn't turn to the book shelf and see that I had been 'reading' a book that had absolutely no connection to what we were studying.

"Well maybe if you'd been looking up Psychology and the Media, like you were supposed too, you might have gotten somewhere." Damit! He had noticed! "I also suggest you leave Freud's theories on psychosexual development for late night reading" he said with a grin as he tapped the book I'd been reading.

"Sorry?" I asked unawares. I cringed as soon as I processed the title of the book I'd been looking at.

"You don't want to give people the wrong impression now do you" he once again quirked an eyebrow. I could tell he was loving this.

I huffed back, "Can we just get this done already". I really wasn't in the mood to be teased by him. Even though I'd brought it on myself. Nice going Bella.

"Sure. One step at a time …" he said casually as he flicked through the book he'd picked up, his back now leant up against the bookshelf. "What's with you today anyway?" he frowned slightly as he glanced from the book back to me, "You know I wouldn't have put you down as the ignorant one".

"Excuse me! I'm not! And you don't even know me!" I bit back, my arms doing all-sorts, and I may as well have been using a megaphone as I answered him. I doubt such a loud sound had ever struck these library room walls before.

"Calm down" he laughed a little as he held his hands out in defence, before taking a glance around to check no one was in sight "I'm just saying; you weren't even looking at the right book".

"Well, maybe I got confused" I looked elsewhere, trying to look all innocent.

"Or maybe you're trying to tell me something" he nodded at me knowingly.

I rolled my eyes, sensing a smart remark was brewing. "And what exactly would I be trying to tell you Edward?" I released an exasperated sigh. "Enlighten me".

"I don't know" he shrugged. "You're not having secret fantasies about your father are you?" he squinted his eyes at me mockingly, before he chuckled to himself in amusement.

"Yeah Edward, you know those Freudian jokes never get old" I replied in sarcasm as I once again rolled my eyes; a bitter taste now touched my tongue.

"Well you brought it on yourself… You seem to have a habit of doing that" he grinned back smugly, and I felt my fists clench in aggravation. "Well come on then" he angled his head towards the work desks in the far corner. His eyes now growing wide. "We're not going to get anything done just standing here!"

I followed despite my reluctance. The sooner this class was over, the better!

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