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Chapter 7:

I returned home to find Betsy sat comfortably back on my driveway. I gave her a little welcome home tap as I passed her, glad to know she'd survived the scare and was now ready to take on the world once again. I would take advantage of her new lease of life later this evening, there was a movie at the local theatre I was dying to see, and with a surprising lack of homework set for the night, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Having quickly showered, changed and towel-dried my hair, dinner went by within a flash, probably because, as always I had very little time to stop and think. By the time Charlie and Emmett had arrived home from work I'd already had the dinner all cooked and laid out to eat. I was out of the house by 7.15, pulling onto the cinema car park by 7.30, and buying my ticket by 7.40. I didn't waste any time as I headed for screen number 7. I needed a good seat; one that was preferably right at the back. That way I wouldn't have someone's feet kicking the back of my chair, or annoying chomblers eating popcorn in my ear.

No. I needed the right mood for watching a movie, call me picky, but if I didn't have complete and utter tranquil silence, my entire night would be ruined. I guess that was one of the reasons I went mid-week, and only chose to see the most obscure type of movies, (I'd rent the popular ones; it was just less hassle) because more often than not, I was the only one in there. And that suited me just fine.

"Well well well," a familiar voice appeared from behind me, stopping me in my tracks. "You show up everywhere". And for a split second, my entire world was thrown off balance. I could pick that voice out a mile off, and his tone told me he was wearing that cheeky grin of his.

"I could say the same to you!" I said as I turned around to face him, my breath hitched in the back of my throat. Nervous elation then turned into pent-up frustration, as I tried my best to maintain my emotions. That said, I couldn't prevent my heart pulsating at what felt like a 100 miles per hour. And my hand automatically rose to touch my damp tangled-up hair. Typical I should show no care for my appearance on a night that I run into Edward.

"What is this? You're stalking me now?" I accused him with wide eyes, my hands clumping at my loose hair, pulling it together to one side, hoping I looked at least half way decent in doing so. But he just stood there, all smug and self righteous.

He simply scoffed back at me. "You wish! Don't flatter yourself! … I work here!" he gave me a knowing look, as he tapped the 'Cinema Staff' badge on his shirt, before he couldn't help but snigger in amusement.

"Oh" I glanced away towards my left in avoidance, I really should learn to just keep schtum sometimes "...well, how was I supposed to know that".

He certainly wasn't shy in expressing his amusement, as his head shook from side to side as he laughed; until it eventually subsided…

"So are you here by yourself, or…?"

"Yes. I do have the ability to go out by myself you know" I spoke in an abruptly sarcastic voice, a consequence of my state of annoyance, before I let my voice soften. I couldn't seem to control myself when I was around him. If I wasn't blushing erratically or stumbling over my words, I had a temper that was totally unjustified. "…besides, Alice wouldn't appreciate the movie I'm going to see. She'd only sit next to me and ask loads of questions …" I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, I hear you hate that" he interrupted.

(… Or apparently not so totally unjustified!) I ignored him and kept on, "…She's a more romantic comedy sorta girl".

"Well sure, isn't that what most girls like?"

"Yes, probably. But I'm not like most girls, am I" I smiled smugly, folding my arms across my chest, remembering back to lunchtime and my unfortunate embarrassing outburst. I felt more amused than humiliated by it now though, thankfully.

"Right. How could I possibly forget" he smirked back, his eyes locked on mine as his head nodded just a tad, before he changed the topic of conversation. "So, are you looking forward to your birthday next weekend?" he said, a little distracted might I add, before he gave a wave goodbye to someone behind me. I took a glance to see who it was, only to see a tall slim black haired girl waving back at him. She had that cool rock-star-ish vibe about her. And that did not amuse me!

"Yeah, I..I guess" I spoke with hesitance, before turning back to face him. His eyes looked back at me expectantly. "Camping should be interesting" I went on, trying to ignore my tinge of jealousy. "I'm mostly intrigued to see the look on Alice's face when she sees the state of the restrooms" I mused a little, unable to prevent my smile of delight at the thought of Alice's reaction to the camping facilities. "But, my actual birthday's on Thursday. But I'll be spending that with my dad".

"Oh ok. Cool" he gave a small nod of approval. "You doing anything special for it?"

"Erm … well, actually," I couldn't help but shuffle my feet awkwardly as I answered. "We're going to see Disney on Ice. We go every year, its kinda sad I know, but, tradition in a way. It'd be weird if we didn't go after all this time".

"Right" he laughed a little. "Cool, well I'm not one to knock tradition".

"Yeah" my words elongated. "Well," I shrugged, "I guess I better get going anyway. I don't want to miss the start of the film".

"Or the trailers!" he added brightly, "more often than not they're the best bit" he smirked, his eyebrows rising.

"Yeah, well if that's the case with this movie, I shall be very disappointed" I told him as I began to walk away.

"Well have a good one!" I heard him call back. I gave him a small smile of thanks before finding my way towards the screen.


"What I would give to kiss thy ruby lips … to taste the sweetness of thy breath …"

I was so unbelievably swept away by the movie, mesmerised by its beauty, visually and vocally, that everything else just faded into the background.

This was my idea of real love; loyal, romantic and passionate.

It all seemed so straightforward back then; communication was the key, I was certain of it. The man would tell the woman how he felt; they'd date, fall in love and live happily ever after! There'd be none of this cryptic talk we have to put up with.

Ok, so that was a tad simplistic and probably a rarity in that decade as well. But who wants complicated! I'd take simplistic over complicated any day.

I was pulled out of my zone of wonder, as a dark figure sat beside me, followed by an arm brushing against my own. I frowned feeling slightly uncomfortable at their close proximity. There were barely a handful of people taking up the seats, so why would anyone choose to sit hidden, right at the back beside me? I turned my head a jar to see why. Facing the culprit with wary eyes.

I felt myself sigh uncontrollably. "What are you doing here?" I whispered to keep my voice below the movie. I'm not sure why though, like I said, the theatre was practically empty, and I'd doubt anyone could've heard us from above the music, as the orchestra suddenly kicked into gear.

"I'm on my break..." he looked at me, before he focused his vision onto the screen ahead of us. ""Figured you'd be hiding at the back here" he smiled fondly, his face glowing from the lights reflected off the screen. "So how's the movie?"

"Its fine, thank you" I could hear the annoyance in my voice a mile off.

He seemed oblivious however and kept on, "Cool, so what's it about?" he said as he sunk further into the chair, his leg cocked up, resting on his other one.

I sighed in irritation. "You work for the cinema, shouldn't you already know the answer to that question!?"

"I work behind the scenes, with the programming. I don't hand out the popcorn" he raised his eyebrows at me, giving me a look that Alice often wore, as if I should've guessed the obvious.

"Well, again I say, how was I supposed to know that?" I huffed. "So what are you, some kind of computer genius?"

He laughed softly, "Just a man of many talents" he shot me a sideways glance, and I could've sworn he winked at me. But I was probably imagining it…

"Well, I suggest if you really want to know what it's about, then maybe you should just Google it or something. Or look at the theatre programme, you know it's not just about computers Edward," I rolled my eyes. "Now, if you'll excuse me…" I finished, before folding my arms across my chest and turning back to concentrate on the movie. Or, attempt to concentrate at least.

"So is it a love story or something?" he went on. And I knew he was only doing it to irritate me.

"Yes Edward" I huffed, "it's a love story. Something I'm sure you know nothing about".

"Ouch!" he laughed back "…What, you think I've never been in love before?" he sat upright to look at me, giving me his full attention.

I shrugged my shoulders, my eyes focused on the screen. The truth was I'd love to know the answer to that question, I knew so little about him, for all I knew he could already have a girl friend. But I tried to remain as uncaring as possible. Well, as uncaring as one could be with Edward Cullen sat staring at you so intently.

"Typical" he huffed a meek laugh. "Why is it that girls always think they're pro's at this?" he went on, and my face twitched a little; I could sense a rant was on the cards. "Might I remind you that more often than not it's the guy doing all the work," I finally turned to face him, intrigued but baffled at the same time, and I'm guessing my face clearly showed that. "Oh please, don't give me that look! Traditionally it's the guy that does all the asking; first dates, anniversaries, the engagement!" he counted them on his fingers. "And if the guy doesn't go out of his way with his romantic gestures, the girl gets all huffy about it" he rolled his eyes comically. "Bearing in mind, the girl usually just sits back and watch's whilst the guy loses his mind just to please her… I'm telling you, there's a math behind love, and we're the calculators" he pointed to his heart.

"Wow. You've certainly got a downer on relationships haven't you? You make love sound like a suck fest". To say I was disappointed was an understatement. But maybe it was for the best. Knowing he was just like every other moaning, lazy, romantic-less guy, added to my list of how truly imperfect he actually was. Looks could be very deceiving. "Maybe you should consider batting for the other team then. Balance out all that hard work" I offered an exaggerated smile.

He simply laughed in return. "Well it would be less hassle" he mused for a moment. "And I'm not saying that I'm down on relationships, or love for that matter; that's not what I was getting at. In fact, I'm all for it. I'm just saying, we should be given more credit when it comes to love. We're not stupid. We know what works … some of us even enjoy a good old fashioned love story now and then; myself included" he held his head up high, and I couldn't help but smile back, shaking my head a little. "Well, aside from those retched period dramas" he added; his face turning up at the thought of it. "Now watching those are hard work" he nodded slowly, all goggle-eyed.

"Edward, this is a period drama" I told him, my eyebrows rising as I signalled to the big screen ahead of us. To which the two leads were now running through the fields, swept up in a loving embrace.

"Oh right" he frowned slightly as he glanced ahead. "Well, good job my breaks practically over then" he smirked as he shifted forward in his seat. "Don't want to out-stay my welcome".

"Since when were you welcomed?" I smirked back at him. I'd never been much of a joker, or a teaser actually; I'd never been put in a position to try it. But the grin on Edwards face had me tingling. I quite liked the feeling of being cheeky, and in a way, the more times I spoke to him, the easier it became.

"Suit yourself" his mouth was curved to one side in a crooked grin. And if this had been a perfect world, I would've freeze-framed the entire image and taken a snap shot for later enjoyment.

But this wasn't a perfect world, and I'd just have to make do with the memory of it.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then…," he then leant towards me, his sweet scent suddenly sparking my senses to life, "try not to miss me too much. I know it'll be hard." His eyes were so round as he spoke; my sight filled solely by the image of his face. My mouth opened a jar in an attempt to speak, but he'd already gone before my brain had kicked into gear. Stupid brain! And all I was left with, was a mirage of his grinning face left lingering in my mind…


I was distraught. Marching military-like out of the cinema doors, completely heartbroken. All glassy eyed with my lip quivering as my emotions got the better of me. How dare they go through two hours of that, to just kill one of the main characters off at the very end! I clenched my fists and frowned my forehead to focus myself; I was actually thankful it was cold outside. The air was so cool and refreshing that it soon washed away any impending tears. I was also thanking my lucky stars that Edward hadn't cropped up for a third time that evening. I would've been mortified to have him witness me in such a state over a silly tragic love story.

That said, an even bigger part of me was wishing he was still around. For some reason I couldn't seem to stay away. To shake off the feeling and control he had over me; the warmth of my racing heartbeat whenever he was around. It was beginning to feel like a drug to me. I'd never experienced this amount of attention from any guy before, and suddenly here I am, with almost more than I can handle. It was everything I'd ever wanted…

To be noticed.

I slammed the driver-side door to a close. Leaning back into the chair I closed my eyes.


My eyes opened to see my vapoured breath fade out into the atmosphere. I flicked the heater on to warm myself up, before I took a glance at the clock. It ticked to 11pm. And for some reason my eyes drifted back towards the building.

As if by magic, he appeared. 11 o'clock on the dot, and he was exiting through the cinema front doors. His bag swung over his shoulder as he headed off towards the main road, walking over the grass verges before he made his way onto the footpath. My eyes tried to follow him for as long as possible, but he was fast, and the darkness quickly swallowed him whole.

I shivered at the thought, feeling as my heartbeat started to relax. I wasn't even aware it'd sped up so fast – nowadays it seemed that was a common occurrence whenever he was within any range of proximity to me. I was always so utterly transfixed by his movements, that nothing else came into awareness until after he was out of eye sight.

It was then that I realised how far I'd fallen. Allowing myself to be taken over by something completely uncontrollable. I needed to re-take that control, to protect my heart like I had done since I was little. Lust was merely a deadly sin, and no good would ever come from wanting someone that I was certain was unattainable. Friendship would have to be enough…

Time to take control!

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