I saw this 'Tony and Pepper comicverse' thing on YouTube and got inspired by the images.

I HAVE NOT EVER READ ANY OF THE COMICS. You should know that now, I'm bound to have got something wrong.

Anyway… this isn't exactly my normal writing style, just something I had to get out of my head.

I doubt any of the (awesome) people that have added me to their author's alert will like this as much as my other stories and I don't expect them too. But please review anyway.

It took Pepper a while to get used to her new body.

Although, strictly speaking, it wasn't her body, it was armour, cybernetics, whatever you wanted to call it, it was just different. Being crushed by a 50 story building had left its affect on her, and it was only thanks to the engineering genius of Tony 'I am Iron Man' Stark that she was still alive.

Pepper traced the implant in her chest and it glowed slightly under her fingers.

'Still getting used to it, huh?'

Pepper turned round.

Tony Stark was stood in the doorway, gazing at her softly. Pepper's eyes were automatically drawn to his own implant, glowing under his thin cotton t-shirt.

Tony stepped up to her, and ran his finger around the edge of the implant.

'Don't forget to charge it,' he said softly.

And he was there. Right there, right in front of her, and Pepper's heart was beating faster then it had ever beat before and she felt light-headed and dizzy so can you blame her for responding when she suddenly felt Tony's lips on hers, his hands on either side of her face. She could feel his heart beating fiercely under his chest and she felt her legs turn to jelly, her arms wrapped around him, pulling him close, tightly so their implants were touching.

She felt like her body was full of fire, a raging heat that licked her veins and fuelled her heart. Her arms were everywhere, tracing his body, wrapping themselves in his hair, stroking the back of his neck.

His hands were everywhere too, wrapped around her waist, tracing her stomach, her implant, twisting themselves into her hair.

And then her husband walked in.

Happy Hogan.

And the moment was lost.

Tony pulled away, and she could see the pain on Happy's face as he stared at them, stared at their identical implants. He ran out of the room, and Pepper followed him, of course she did, it was his ring she wore on her finger.

And although Tony grabbed her wrist and looked deep into her eyes she pushed him away and carried on running, tears pricking the corner of her eyes. Her body isn't fire anymore, its ice, freezing her heart, her chest, her lungs; her implant feels 10 times heavier.

She runs after Happy, away from Tony, back into her life.

The life she doesn't want.