Chapter 20

Within the next hour, they found the group members except for the leader. They interrogated them to make sure that they were the ones holding the drug and how the group got their hands on it and got some of the remaining vials and needles that they had. They were even asked about the leader's wherabouts and they shook their head. Gibbs gave them his signature stare, though they pissed their pants, they still didn't give out any information.

When he stepped out of the interrogation room and sighed and said, "I hate druggies."

"Nothing again?" DiNozzo asked as he drank some coffee.

"Yeah, anything on Ginji's condition?" he asked.

"Ducky is keeping an eye on him and he even chained him to the bed to nmake surre he doesn't get up and go all whatever mode that Ivy and Ozzy said." DiNozzo answered.

"I neeed to ask Ban about that." Gibbs said as he took a coffee cup from the cup holder tray that was on the table. "After what I saw, that is nothing normal from what he usually does when he attacks."

"Yeah, with the damage he done to your car, he can still be able to cause a storm." DiNozzo said.

"I am still a bit pissed about that, I better check on him and see what we can find about this group leader from Midou or something." Gibbs said as he left the room.

In the Ducky's lab, Ginji was asleep on one of the tables. The injection area on his arm was wrapped in a bandage. Ducky was sitting next to him drinking some of the coffee tthat DiNozzo brought him so he wouldn't fall asleep.

The door opened and saw Gibbs and said, "Ah Jethro! I was wondering when you will be coming in!"

"Anything?" Gibbs asked.

"No, he has been snoring and not only that I keep on hearing some kind of gnashing sound that he makes with his teeth." He answered as he cleaned his glasses.

"Interesting, looks like he is back to normal since he does snore time to time and the gnashing, I don't know about. Did he wake up and say anything?"

"No, not yet. He has been out for a while, I guess he is sleeping off any of the Firefly that may still be in his system. Any luck on the group leader?"

"Nothing, the other members wouldn't give me any information. I have a feeling that they might be hiding him somewhere or he might've killed himself."

"I doubt that he would do something like that despite the side effects."

"Mmm…" they heard and they turned and saw Ginji open his eyes. "Huh? Oh hey Dr. Mallard, Aggent Gibbs, where is everyone and what am I doing in autopsy?"

"You came under the effects of Firefly that might be in your system still." Gibbs answered.

"What! That means I did really try and kill Ban!" he asked.

"Yes, not only that, you wrecked my car in the process in some kind of "Lightning Emperor" mode." He answered.

"Oh no! I couldn't have, no wonder why I passed out." Ginji said.

"enough of that you two, do you know anything about the group leader that may have injected you?" ducky asked.

"what do you mean?" he asked.

"He means do you know his name?' Gibbs asked.

"I think so, it maybe blurry but I heard the word "Stealy" while I was coming to a bit after being knocked out by his group members." He answered.

"Stealy huh?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah, that is all Iremembered." He answered and then felt his stomach growl. "I am a bit hungry."

He tried to move and felt the chains.

"Why are there chains on me?"

"I had to make sure you did Ducky answered.

"It worked, can you let me go?" he asked.

Ducky looked at Gibbs.

"I got what I needed to hear , so let him go." Gibbs answered and left.

Ducky released him.

"By the way, where did Ban and Himiko go to?" Ginji asked.

"Ban took Miss Kudou back to her hotel room and went back to Jethro's but Akabane is still here, he was worried about you." Ducky answered.

"Aw man!" Ginji exclaimed.

Akabane came in with a box of donuts and said, "I am so glad you're awake ginji, I bet you're hungry!"

Ginji shook nervously as he said, "Yeah…I am…I never thought you would stay here when Miss Himiko went to the hotel without you."

"Well Midou made sure she got bback safely." Akabane said.

Gibbs found McGee asleep on his desk and yelled, "McGee!"

He woke up and said, "Yeah boss?"

"I need you to find a guy with the last name "Stealy" and step on it!" he ordered.

"You got it boss!" he exclaimed and yawned as he started to type on his computer and waited for some results to come up. "I think I got something!"

"What is it?" he asked.

"Well, there is Bill Stealy where in this database, he got arrested on drug charges and ended up escaping. Not only that he was living in California at the time and moved here." McGee answered.

"I better ask one of his friends." Gibbs said and headed back to the interrogation room where a guy named Ely was still sitting.

"Can I go home now?" he asked.

"You're still under arrest forpossessing a very dangerous drug that was shipped illegally. I need to ask, do you know a Bill Stealy?"

"You mean Phil? Yeah, what about him?"

"That son of a bitch changed his name! Did he give you the drug?"

"Yes, he got it and he handed it to us and tthen we enjoyed it despite its effects." Ely answered.

"That thing caused a homicide and then a suicide in one day! Not only that, your leader almost caused another homicide between two of my agents. Now you will tell me where he is!" he yelled.

"Okay okay! He is hiding in the basement of my house! You can find him in the torage closet in there! Please don't hurt me!" he exclaimed.

"Now this case his closed." Gibbs said and left to tell Shido about his findings.

The police arrested the guy and brought him and he was questioned and was told that he bought Firefly from an Asian seller in the black market and then was sentenced for the murder of Lance Corporal Cavannah and the cause of Brianna's suicide.

The next day, Himiko and Akabane were handed the remaining vials and syringes in a protective envelope with Biohazard stickers on it.

"Thanks a lot guys for the help in this case." Himiko said

"No problem, we were just doing our job as usual." Ban said.

"What are you going to do with the drug once you get back?" Ginji asked.

"Take it to NCIS of course, they were the ones that hired us to get it back to them." Akabane said.

"I guess the Japanese unit is starting to get better at their job." Gibbs said.

"I guess we better get back now and finish off the transport." Himiko said. "Oh, by the way, Paul said you still need to pay off more of the tab."

"Yeah, we know, most of our paychecks go into that and now we have to pay for repairs on Gibbs' car." Ban said.

"Not only that, repairs on the park since Ginji's lightning went all over the place causing some of the concrete to burn." Gibbs told them.

"Damn it!" Ban exclaimed.

"Well, I guess we better head back they're waiting for us!" Himiko exclaimed. "See you when you come home for a case or return for ggood."

"Yes, see you two around especially you Ginji!" Akabane said as the both of them left.

"Yeah, whenever we will be buying a ticket home." Ban grumbled.

Ginji gulped and said, "I better not see Akabane when that happens!"

"You two have it rough, looks likee you will be here longer than ever." Shido said with a smirk.

"You better wipe that damn smirk off your face Monkey Boy!" Ban yelled.

Shido laughed as he walked off.

"Get back here!" Ban yelled as he followed.

Ginji sighed and said, "I guess it will be an even longer stay."

The End

Author's Commentary

Well guys, I know it took four chapters for this case but I got it done and same with the story! I hope you all enjoyed this one. I don't know if I will be writing another sequel but I know I will be doing moEliza's Story" So, see ya around!re ffics. So, look out for my next one, "Pokemon: .