Love to reviewers

And Countess Black, as always

This takes place before chapter 32 of FMS.

Warning: This drabble is VERY DARK and includes, among other things, GRAPHIC SEX OF DUBIOUS CONSENTUALITY! I would not consider it rape, per se, but both characters are deeply twisted individuals, and this is meant to reflect that.

NO ADVOCACY is implied.

Snapdragon means 'deception; gracious lady' presumption' and hydrangea means 'thank you for understanding; fridgity; heartlessness'.

The Moon took him early tonight. He ran with Her joyfully, and now that it's done he feels the urge. He has a female waiting for him in Wiltshire—little and tender, with melting eyes and a skin smell that still hovers in his nose. His fists clench and he breathes hard for a moment, infuriated that another male had mated with his new young female.

Well, it will be resolved soon enough. Greyback pops his neck and rotates his shoulder. He feels his age these days, often as not, when he runs with Lady Moon. The new young female will invigorate him, he thinks. He flexes his hands and wishes her curly hair was clenched within.

Bellatrix steps from the darkness. He half snarls, but there is little venom there. He has a reputation, after all. Greyback is adept at looking below the layers to find the creature within, and he feels in her a great sharp intelligence, fearsome resolve and unmatched cruelty. If things were different, he would bite her and have done with it. She would be a worthy match for him.

But they are not different. She is not precisely the Dark Lord's successor, but she is as good a claimant as any, one of the nuclei around which the ashes of the Death Eaters have reformed, and he needs her as she is.

"What are you staring at, then, wolf man?"

He laughs. "You, Bellatrix. I presume there's a reason you're skulking out her, rather than holding court in the house?"

She lifts her head. " Wanted a breath of air. I keep forgetting how stupid they all are."

"Even your dear husband?"

Bellatrix tenses slightly. "Rodolphus is as loyal a Death Eater as you will ever find."

"Even with his taste for--"

She holds up a hand. "What do you care? You did it too." She tilts her head back and looks up at him. Her eyes are ringed in kohl, making them disturbing and faintly exotic. Greyback has little taste for the exotic—he prefers them sweetly submissive, with soft pink flesh and girlish looks, on the whole—but Bellatrix is calling to him in his wolfishly heightened state.

She seems to know it, too. She looks down, smirking, and he feels himself hardening a little, craving the feel of a female below him, soft fleshed and ready for him. She steps closer, and he smells some perfume on her, dark and heady. She smells like flowers and blood, just a little.

"You want me." She says it flatly, with neither pleasure nor disgust. Bellatrix has always been beautiful—she understands how a woman can wield her beauty like a knife. She'll use her body to bind herself to him, to keep him near.

Greyback says nothing. He knows he should not—this is no easily cowed girl-woman, but a canny and dangerous Alpha female. His young one might grow into one such as this, in time. With the right guidance, of course.

Bellatrix's eyes are wells with coins of moonlight floating on them. "You are an animal. Not fit for a Black. Not fit for anyone. Even the mudblood is above you."

"She'll be below me soon enough." He tries to force his erection away and fails. Bellatrix steps even closer, face level with his chest, and takes him in hand. Her little hand cups the bulge and he grunts as pleasure radiates from him in hot, slow waves.

"If I am an animal, what does that make you?" He bends his head to her neck and runs his teeth along her throat. Bellatrix shudders and works him free of his trousers.

"I am His most faithful servant."

"Were. His most faithful."

"I—still—am." She is stripping the gown away. She wears the same plain white cotton all Pureblood women wear, and it's driving him mad. She takes her time with the last layers, until the Moon kisses her body and her hair and tells him to mount her.

He feels no compunction. No shame. He is the Alpha—he might have as many females as he wishes. He steps forward and motions for her to present to him in preparation for their mating. She smirks up at him and step back. "Perhaps I've changed my mind." She waves her wand and her underclothes fly toward them.

She means to master him, then. Greyback feels tempted to leave her on the ground and walk away, relieve his needs with the first unfortunate muggle girl he meets. He wants so much to go and claim his female—this woman, any woman, is merely a place holder until that day.

Bellatrix is determined to stick to the plan. She'll let him do it to her, and then he'll be hers. She expects a few moments of damp, fumbling tedium like her husband.

She is a properly raised Pureblood lady, and if circumstance made it so that she was compelled to bear wand against the encroachment of the muggle hoards, she is no hypocrite in things. She has contempt for the flesh and those who are ruled by it. This will happen, and she will close her eyes and see His face.

Greyback is having none of it. He springs, knocking her wand away and pressing her belly first onto a hummock, pulling her hips to his. He thrusts and she moves to meet him, grunting with the force of his motions. She tries to push herself up on her hands and he pins her arms down and keeps thrusting.

Bellatrix is surprised by this turn of events but not disheartened. Let him think he won; she'll still own him in the end. At first what he's doing hurts a bit, but as her body loosens after sixteen years of chastity, complete as a nun's, she finds herself adjusting to his rhythm and joining in.

It's been some time since Greyback has had a female, but the fundaments never change. The female below him is more than willing—even submissively held, she's squirming and sighing and murmuring with pleasure. After a moment he allows her to move, and she presses against him. "Ah, yes, ah, right there…"

"For a female who did not-- want me, you are-- strangely eager-- for it."

"I said I—did not want—you—not that I—didn't want—this."

"You have --a husband."

"He -- has—tastes." She opens her legs more and presses her face to the earth, breathing the sweet dirt, and pretends it's the Dark Lord mastering her, the Dark Lord bringing pleasure to her secret places. If it's Him, it can't be wrong. If it's Him, she's not disloyal. All for Him, everything for Him.

Greyback wishes it were the other female. Bellatrix is adequate, but he wants his prize. He is pretending it is her crushed beneath him, her soft skin under his torso, her sweet little breasts he is cupping in his hands like apples. He wants more than anything to dominate her as he has Bellatrix at this moment; wants to driver her utterly into the earth so when she rises, smelling of him, she is new-born, a creature wholly different and strange to herself.

"What will you—do to—her? Your mudblood?"

"Take her --over-- and over,--- just --like –this—until his smell is—gone. Make her plead—for it. Make her—scream." He drives deeper into her and Bellatrix's hands curl into claws and rake the earth. She has never felt such bliss. Women do not have these feelings, she knows, and yet her nerves are on fire and her skin is moving like a million little snakes.

"And-- Draco? Yes-- yes, harder,--damn you!"

"I'll make him-- watch while I—take her like-- we are now and—rip out—his heart and—bollocks. I'll make her drink his—blood and taste his—tears. I'll teach him-- to take what's-- mine."

Bellatrix falls off a precipice. Her blood is hot and thick in her veins and she slumps, undone, as above her Greyback finishes and pulls himself out. He regards the female he has just used and tangles his hand in her hair, curly and dense just like his new little one's is. She hasn't cried, though—he knows his new little female will sob like a heartbroken child before he's done breaking her. The thought makes his manhood twitch a bit, but he isn't twenty two anymore, and he lets it go soft.

Bellatrix rolls and eyes him with loathing. "You are an animal." She is panting, skin dripping sweat, and her hair is a ratty cloud above her, not that she cares. Greyback stares down impassively.

"I am a predator. I smelt weakness and I took advantage, no different than you did."

She laughs a bit as she stands and summons her clothes. They dress in silence and prepare to go back separately.

"Your husband truly doesn't mind?"

She shrugs. "He's never said." She is sure her Lord wouldn't fault this…momentary lapse. He would want her to be relaxed enough to carry on His work, and this has helped enormously.



"When you do those things…may I watch?"

He gives her a surprisingly handsome smile, new scars rippling like embroidery. "Wouldn't have you miss it for the world. Oh, and Bellatrix?"

She raises an eyebrow.

"You aren't as subtle as you think you are."

He ambles off into the woods and she goes to the house after a quick scourgify, wondering what had just happened and whether she'd won after all.