Chapter 9

MORE ACTION!!! HAO NUKI HA! (It's Japanese. No idea what it means.)And the last chapter but I shall make a sequel!

Joe's POV

Kimmy went to the back of the limo and opened a compartment and it was full of self defense stuff like guns and gold knuckles.

"The gold knuckles are for me I know karate and it hurts when I punch with that. Leave all physical contact to me I know tai-chi, Karate, tike wan do."

"You are just full of self defense."

"Thank you."

She was right behind Kimmy about to punch her in the back of the head. When Haley pulled back to punch and let go. Kimmy had the gold knuckles on and when Haley was 2 centimeters away Kimmy caught Haley's fist and socked Haley in the face. Haley had and imprint on her face then Kimmy was in fighting position and when Haley got up Kimmy started beating the snot out of her. It was amazing!!!! Kimmy was Fantastic at it!!!! Eventually Haley surrendered after Haley surrendered Kimmy accidentally punched her in the face one more time.

"I surrender, I surrender!" Haley was on her knees begging.

"Too late I already called the police and they're here." The police were taking Haley away and we were laughing but it wasn't over.

Nick's POV

I knew it wasn't over but there was something I had to ask Kimmy and it would switch immediately and be a little awkward. I wanted to ask Kimmy to be my girlfriend but it would change the mood immediately.

"Kimmy, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"..."Kimmy was thinking

"Sure, I'd like that."Kimmy said.


Soon we were making out but not with tongue. EW. But somehow it wasn't like the end of a movie I had expected. Probably because it wasn't over Haley still had other people.