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Rowan spent most her time when it was not raining outdoors in the forest surrounding the house. Robin did not approve of her wandering around, but when he was not homeā€¦ What he didn't know wont hurt him, she thought as she walked on the fallen log that she used as a bridge over the river. That's when she heard it.

A loud whimpering came from below in the river. She than saw a bobbling furry body being pulled downstream. Rowan hopped off the log and ran in the direction. She went down the less steep slope of the bank and searched for the furry creature.


A dog-or was it a wolf- was struggling to get out of the water. Rowan dropped her bow and quiver on the grass before hurrying over to the dog. It yelped at her and wagged its tail knowing that she was there to help him. Rowan stood in the mud her boots sinking as she began helping the dog get free. The dog broke out of the muddy water and ran onto the grass barking at her. She hurried up and stood in front of the dog. The dog was a puppy, but a fairly large one. She could now see that the dog was a he, and he was a very beautiful dog at that. Grey like a wolf but with brown throughout his coat.

The dog then jumped up on her and pushed her down into the grass licking her face. "Stop it!" Rowan said laughing. The dog stopped rolled over onto his back and looked at her panting. She smiled and stood up making her way over to grab her bow and quiver from off the ground. The dog stood and followed her than gave a loud puppyish yelp and sat in front of her. She smiled, "Good boy."

The dog waged his tail and looked at her ears pricked. She looked for a collar but found none. "How would you like to come with me?"


"Okay then." She began walking off the dog following her all the way back to the house.

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