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Chapter 7

Alice sat on the bed lost in thought and long ago memories. Her eyes slowly wondered up off the bedspread falling on her bag of clothes. She watched the bag with empty eyes then slowly the look on her face became enraged. She leaned forward, her hand reaching out and tearing at the neatly folded clothes. She was so blinded with emotion as she threw the clothes about the room that she tried to continue even when a pair of arms wrapped tightly around her trying to restrain her wild outbreak.

"Alice," Edward hissed low in her ear as he tried to restrain her, his eyes full of concern.

Her hand remained outstretched towards the bag, her fingers just millimeters from the fine leather. She was under so much stress that the perfectly folded clothes had made her snap. She had felt as if they were mocking her in their perfection, packed tightly with care wrapped up in a fine leather bag, safe and protected; two things she was currently not.

"Alice stop," Edward said as he tightened his grip. Carlisle got up from the chair he was occupying taking the bag off the bed then began to pick up the clothes.

"Alice, it's alright," Edward whispered as he tried to calm her down.

This seemed to have the opposite affect as she snarled like a wild animal and struggled harder managing to slip of his arms. She flew off the bed, turning to him with angered eyes her fists clenched tight at her sides. "I don't know that!" she shouted at him causing the unfamiliar words to hang in the air.

"I have always known things!" she cried desperately. "But now, I don't know anything. I can't use my visions because anything I see Aro will see! And now they've taken Jasper." her voice craked as closed her eyes pressing her hand to her mouth as she fought to hold in her sobs. I can't-I can't-" her body shook as her crying broke through leaving her unable to finish her thought as she dropped to the ground curling into herself. "I've never felt so alone."

Her visions had always been apart of her life, bringing Jasper and the Cullen's into her life. Even though she had physically been alone for almost thirty years she had never felt alone because they had been in her life through her visions. They had been a huge comfort and now they were beginning used against her.

Carlisle sat down next to her wrapping an arm around her shoulder as he looked at Edward who sat on the bed watching her with sad eyes 'Any ideas?'

Edward shook his head slowly as he moved off the bed then settled on Alice's other side "you're not alone, Alice."

"Maybe you guys should just leave," Alice whispered as she shrugged out of Carlisle's arm and stood.

"Alice we're not going to just leave you here," Edward growled in annoyance.

"Edward you have to!" Alice shouted desperately. "We're lucky he hasn't come up with a bullshit reason to keep you and if you're all trying to find some way to get us out of here they might not let you leave."

"She's right," Carlisle sighed as he pressed his face into his hands.

"Carlisle we can't-"

"I don't want to leave them any more than you do Edward, but I don't think we have much of a choice."

"Demetri is going to rape her Carlisle," Edward seethed.

"What?" He asked completely applauded as he turned his gaze to Alice seeking confirmation.

"I'll be fine," Alice tried to reassure them putting on a brave face and fighting to keep her frightened thoughts hidden.

"We'll talk to Aro," Carlisle decided as he moved towards the door.

"You're welcome too, I really don't want to be in his presence any more than I have to be," Alice said tightly as she looked down slightly crossing her arms over her chest curling into herself slightly.

Carlisle turned placing his hands on her shoulders as he leaned down slightly to look her in the eye "We're going to figure something out, Alice."

Alice sighed as she leaned back against her door and closed her eyes. Carlisle and Edward had left after speaking with Aro telling her that Aro had said he speak with Demetri, though none of them were certain he would actually stop. She growled in frustration hating the fact that she was still trapped as she pushed herself up from the floor and wrenched the bedroom door open. She slammed the door closed uncaring when the doorframe split from the force then walked along the wall of the hallway. She stopped at the end pulling open the large door at the end of the hall staring out at the balcony with a small smile.

She walked out taking a deep breath as she leaned on the marble rail looking out at the night sky while her fingers absently ran along her wedding band. Her small smile fell from her face as she looked down then pulled the ring from her finger. She spun it sadly with nimble fingers tilting it slightly, allowing the light to catch the inside of the band. The word hope was engraved in the band causing her small smile to return.

Jasper had always thought it was the perfect word to describe her. Hope had been the first feeling he felt when he met her. He had said that she made him hopeful; that she was his light at the end of the tunnel and that no matter the situation, she always looked on the bright side.

"I don't know anymore Jazz," she whispered to the band. "It's getting so hard to remain positive."

"You remind me so much of my Didyme."

Alice tensed clutching the ring in her hand securely as she looked over her shoulder. She was surprised to see Marcus standing behind her; of all the Voultir she had never thought Marcus would come talk to her. "I don't want to talk to Didyme," she said sharply as she turned her head back around assuming he was trying to encourage her stay by mentioning someone she might be comfortable talking with.

"You can't talk to her, no one can," he said gruffly, forcing the words from his mouth.

Alice turned, surprised by his wistful heartbroken tone, her face turning sorrowful at his hollow empty look, as he seemed to simply exist. "I'm sorry," she said sincerely suddenly feeling very guilty, as the realization dawned on her; his mate was no more.

He watched for a moment before speaking again "Your bond is strong with your mate."

"He's everything to me," Alice said plainly.

"A word of advice," he said turning to leave. "Forget him, forget any possible future with him and accept your new future. It will make your transition easier."

Alice watched him sadly as he walked down the hall slightly hunched over everything about him lifeless. Alice sighed as she closed her eyes and shook her head feeling nothing but pity for him. Dropping to the ground she curled up slightly, opening her palm to stare down at the gold band. She took a deep breath sliding the ring back on her on her finger, some confidence seeming to return.

"Aro wants to see you." Alice closed her eyes her confidence slipping and tried to will away the voice and the request. "If you wont come with me, I could always go get Demetri." Alec said with a twisted smirk.

Alice snarled as she pushed herself up throwing him a glare as she walked around him. Alec only laughed as he turned to follow her grinning as if the whole situation was nothing more than a game. "The Voultri isn't so bad," Alec said as he watched her with a large grin. Alice remained silent as she walked with her jaw locked and her fists clenched tight at her side. "You should consider yourself lucky," his excitement only seemed to increase when she turned to glare at him. "Not everyone gets to join the Voultri," he smiled proudly.

Alice turned her head back and continued to walk silently her eyes locked forward. "He doesn't even care about you," Alice whispered quietly after a moment.

"What does caring have anything to do with power?" Alec sneered as he cocked an eyebrow.

"He only wants us for our gifts. He would of pulled a rat off the street if it could do what you and your sister can."

"Well," he said turning back with a smug smile. "I guess we were lucky enough to be those rats."

"You're expendable, to him everyone is. The moment a better gift comes along he'll replace you." She turned to look at him with a smirk "He already has with Jane."

"I'd watch what you say, Jane is not known for keeping her temper."

"She can't hurt me any more than Aro already has," Alice spat as she pushed open the door that lead to the garud.

"Alice how wonderful of you to join us," Aro smiled as he stood from his chair and floated across the floor, stopping in front of her as he reached out and took her hand. His smiled faltered as their expressions blanked momentarily. "You haven't had any visions?" he asked sharply trying to keep his face from showing any anger.

"I don't always have visions," she expressed bitterly.

"You wouldn't be trying not to have visions, now would?" he asked with a slightly curled lip fighting to keep the snarl from his voice.

"I can't imagine why I would do something like that," she admitted sarcastically as she pulled her hand from his. "I want to see Jasper," she said trying to sound authoritative.

"Show me something worth seeing and I'll let you see him," he said with a slow smile as he extended his hand to her.

"I can't control what I see."

"Well than, we'd better hope for the best," he said as he pushed his hand forward reaching out and clasping her fingers once again.

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