Chapter 3 (Ian Ironheart)

Nothing pleased Ian more then to be chased through the streets of a great city by the local authority.

As the city dissolved into the darkness of the night, glistening lights and the roar of activity filled the streets and buildings. People moved around like lemmings indent on bumping, pushing and just mindless activities that one would do at night.

But for Ian, this was a time for girls, gambling and drinking. Often leading him into trouble, trouble that the Hansa always ends up paying for. If he was not on his last leg, his fate would be unknown by now.

The streets lit up with the sounds of sirens and flashing red and blue lights, as Ian takes his prised motorcycle out for a test drive.

Sat comfortably in the cockpit of his vehicle, he raced the motorcycle through the narrow windy street intent on escaping. His cursed himself on the sudden lack of concentration as he tried keep an eye out for local authorities. He was a wanted man after his little hiccup with his commanding officer, something he grinned about with pride.

His motorcycle whizzed at breathtaking speeds out of the city and into the surrounding deserts, its V shaped suspension preformed effortlessly at absorbing the impacts of potholes and sand mounds that was sprayed along the road like brail on card. He remained safe and relaxed in the toughened cab that surrounded him and the massive ekti reactor behind his cab provided the immense power. It looked more like a futuristic toy with a huge concrete block on the back, but he custom made it with such grace and finesse that he would often get offers to sell it.

Ian grinned as he maxed out the engines in order to escape, the authorities did not stand a chance with his pimped out ride. But his victory was short lived until he ran out of ekti.

As he came to an embarrassed and painful halt, the vehicle stopped, remaining upright. Ian opened the doors that flung open in the shape of gulls wings and stood beside his ride. Standing tall and firm with dark short hair and well-built frame he straightened his leather jacked and decided to smoke a joint. He looked beyond the horizon at the growing number of light that eventually got closer to his location.

With satellite view and tracking, he would not have gotten away, or so they thought. But without ekti there was no hope.

"God damn authorities, got nothing better to do than harass motorists…" He laminated to himself as he enjoyed his last moments of freedom. Although he did estimate that the Hansa needed him for something, otherwise they would have sent a remora down to assassinate him, leaving nothing, that was the general way the Chairman operated.

After a few moments waiting in the cold, the police cruiser rolled on up, police grinning at their luck. "This must be the easiest arrest yet boy!"

Ian frowned, eyes cold and face as stoned as a hippy, "It would not be easy if I did not run out of ekti, this bloody war, why can't the hydrogues go fuck themselves," –He paused checking the officers responses before he carried on-, "and leave us alone!"

Even though his sentence seemed out of place, they could smell the pot and assumed it was that, also they decided to book him for driving while stoned. Such a fitting end to a joyride.

But before the authorities had the chance to do anything, a dark unmarked vehicle of futuristic design pulled up in front of the burned out shrubbery in the desert background. The vehicles headlights washed the night away as it approached.

Ian did not see anything fascinating about their vehicles, it still looked like a cheep car, but he was curious and cautious.

Two dark figured men walked out, uniforms impeccably clean and facial features looked similar in both individuals, like they were twins or cloned.

One individual talked with the officer in charge of the chase, while the other walked over to Ian. Ian could not understand what the two individuals in the background talked about, but is scrutinising glare was diverted when he noticed a husky man approach him with black uniform and strange coloured tie that had a mixture of yellow and red patterns.

He stood up, studying. "What do you want?"

The husky twin stopped. Said nothing for a few seconds and then talked like a compy robot that was on drugs, "I have come to take you to Hansa HQ. Come NOW."

His tone was somewhat threatening and Ian did not like that. But as he processed the information, the local authorities scattered in all directions, leaving Ian with the two strange individuals.

Trying his best to hide his worry, Ian put on an actors face, "If you got any ekti then I can drive myself, I cannot leave my bike out here alone!"

The two individuals did not respond, as if they where only programmed to escort him. They stood, ramrod straight waiting for the answer they needed. But they only waited a moment.

Impatient, the two men step forward, "You need to come with us sir, the Chairman wishes to have a audience with you." There tone changed, Ian could almost sense a hint of threat.

He pushed his luck further and stared at them, but the two individuals in black uniforms made their move, they snapped forward like a rattlesnake going for the kill and wrenched Ian into the vehicle. Without a husk in the wind, the vehicle disappeared into the darkness, leaving Ian's bike alone.

Ian did not like his treatment, he did not like it at all, he sent a flurry of fists and kicks at anyone that placed a hand on him and General Lanyan was no exception, he was just walking past at Hansa HQ when he got into the middle of it.

"Get the hell of me! Get out of it!" Yelled Ian as he punched and wedged his way out of the grasps of the two strange looking men.

A stray kick flew into Lanyan's chest, as he staggered back. Angered at the disturbance he assisted the two individuals in dragging Ian to the waiting room, "Calm down boy!" He shouted.

With a smart maneuver he escaped and ran down the creamy old-fashioned office corridor. He was not happy about being in Hansa HQ after he told them he wanted to retire a few years ago due to unsatisfactory assignments he was given. He felt expendable and with this new war on, the Hansa did not care about the lives of their solders.

But his freedom was dealt a blow when Basil Wenceslas opened his door in front of him, deliberately. With a stabbing pain in his noise, he was dragged back to the waiting area and introduced to Adam Johnson.

"So why are you running away?" Adam asked, trying to clean the blood of his hand after shaking Ian's.

Ian Smiled, and replied with a happy note to his tone, after all Adam Johnson was going to be his CO, "I have an authority problem, I smacked my last CO and sent him to hospital."

Adam looked disturbed and stared at him with wide eyes. But Ian noticed this and tried to calm him down, in a sly voice. "Don't worry, he was an asshole and he had it coming for a long time!"

Adam did not know if he should feel relived or not, what was Ian's level of 'Being an asshole.' But as they both looked on, they waited, waited for the meeting to start. They chatted on.