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The hallway was exquisite. It was so white yet there was no light. I paced my way down the hall in my cream-colored nightgown and lightly pressed my fingertips against the solid wall. Goose flesh appeared on my arms and legs as my bare feet touched the marble floor. The corridor seemed to go on forever without an end in sight.

My fingers brushed against a new obstacle as I continued on my way to nowhere. A single painting was presented before me and stood taller than three of me stacked on top of each other. I looked and I studied it, but for some reason I could only understand what form was in the frame. Maybe it was a landscape or a person, but I could not decipher it so I moved on. More and more mysterious portraits appeared, but I stopped for none since it would be a waste of my time to look at something I could never grasp.

No windows and no end. No way to escape and nowhere to go. What am I supposed to do? A breeze from no specific location ruffled my silver hair in my face, but what disturbed me was the scream that seemed to accompany it. My bones chilled and my blood ran cold. I could not move a single limb, nor hair on my body. All senses escaped me besides the most basic survival instincts.

I twisted back around from which I came and saw a door right in my face. Its dark mahogany wood seemed out of the ordinary from where ever I was, and the gold writing along the arch seemed foreign. Barely touching the edges of the doorframe, my body began to tremble without my command as small whimpers and screams escaped the entryway in front of me. Should I continue on and ignore the door? Or should I walk through and find the reason for my fears?

Without really comprehending it, I had already opened the door and strolled my way into the impending darkness that engulfed the room. My icy eyes scanned the abyss laid before me, and my stomach lurched at the troubling smells circulating the room. I fell to my knees as the entry sealed the inhabitants inside and cut off any source of fresh air coming from the hallway of no windows. My body was wracked with coughing fits as I heard my lungs, and the voices, around me suffer. They all moaned and cried. Wept with the distress of pain and despair.

I forced myself to stand above the bodies that revealed themselves around me. A groteus sight greeted me as I watched many forms of men's bodies either cut to pieces or bleeding to death, faces twisted with the misery of their wounds. An aisle cleared in the middle of the sea of dead soldiers, just as Moses did with the Red Sea under God's permission. I took off in a hurried second and ignored all hands that scratched at my nightgown in order to pull me down.

My legs failed me the next moment as I reached the end of my intended path, far from the sealed exit. A few bodies invited me and my vision to a wonderful sight as I got a full blown view of scarlet. The scent of copper and flowers greeted my nose as I feel face first to the dusty floor. An odd combination to smell, but this place was anything but normal. I barely registered the words flowing from a body's lips next to me except for the occasional, "…do not run…" "…you…this" "…did not…" "Why?..."

It soon encircled my throat with its bloody hands, and they constricted as hard as it able to. My breathing hitched and it slowly drained the life from my soul. I welcome the stop to this crazy nightmare, but none seemed to come quick. The job was being done slowly and painfully, trying to squeeze out every last ounce of feeling left in my delicate body. The last thing I was able to register was me trying to push away the abuser before blackening out…

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