Prompt 29 : Sun


Dean held it together long enough to pick up the last of the equipment they'd carried with them into the cemetery and get it back to the car. As he threw the shovels into the trunk, his eyes were already on the remains of the bottle he'd been drinking from earlier. Eliot reached in to get the bottle and took a swift pull of the liqor within, feeling it burn down his throat taking away some of the lingering taste of the smoke and smell of rotten flesh. He held it out to Dean as he slammed the lid down and watched as the younger man swallowed repeatedly.

Eliot patted Dean on the arm and saw as he let the bottle drop away from his lips with a muttered apology. "It's okay, I understand . . . Come on. Get in the car, I'll drive." Eliot gave him a guiding push towards the passenger side of the car. "You're better not driving right now, let's try and get there in one piece."

Eliot shifted the car into drive and they pulled away without looking back again. They'd left Blue Earth behind them and had been on the road for almost an hour before Eliot broke the silence. "He was a good man. I remember when he took us to see Jurassic Park. Do you remember the pirate ice-cream?"

"He had a good sense of humor," Dean agreed. "He always had time for Sam and I. Nothing was ever too much trouble. He came to Sam's graduation and everything, came to fetch us whenever we asked . . . never once said he was too busy or too far away! He'd just drop everything and come."

"He loved it when you two were staying with him. He always looked happier when you were around. I think he always wished he could convince your Dad to stay in Blue Earth, use it as a base."

"Yeah . . . he never did convince Dad of that one . . . Jordan's dad . . . Jordan's dad agreed to it eventually, enroled Jordan in the high school and so he could stay with the Pastor even when his dad was away hunting."

The conversation continued for the next hour or two, gentle reminiscences of the past, of time they'd spent together, shared memories of Blue Earth and the people there who had meant so much. They drove into the rising sun, the sky growing lighter as the new day dawned.

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