aibou-doodle: I know I said this is the first one-shot, but seriously-- never taking prompts from my friend again. I mean, "Cow"? Let's just be thankful that this brief and seriously weird conversation popped in to my head. Now, what does that say about me, huh?

Warnings: Implied Puzzleshipping. And mild swearing. Other than that, it's fine.

Characters: Yugi, Marik, Atemu.


Yugi was woken by the soft glow of light travelling through his open door. Frowning, he stirred and blinked blearily as the beam fell across his face. He always turned the light off before going to bed, so what was it doing on? The arm draped around his waist told him that Atemu was still in bed, and the snoring from the room next to theirs meant that Sugoroku was sleeping.

Ah, Yugi though sleepily, it must be Marik.

The blond Egyptian was staying with them for a while, at Yugi's insistence, since Ishizu was out of town for a few weeks hosting another exhibition on Egypt in a different museum. She had taken Rishid with her, and told Marik that he could stay in Domino if he wanted to. Yugi didn't like the idea of Marik staying on his own so he begged the boy to stay with him and his grandfather. Ishizu had mentioned that her brother was a heavy sleeper, so...

...What was he doing up?

Groggily, Yugi slid out from underneath Atemu's arm and got off the bed. Atemu grumbled at the movement, and muttered something about 'evil Bakura' and 'food poisoning'.

"Gonna die someday..." Atemu mumbled. "Death by chicken... or a spoon..." The lighter half rolled his eyes as Atemu let out an odd, sleepy giggle.

Yugi took a moment to steady himself as his feet touched the floor before forcing himself to walk towards the door. He slid through the gap, wincing slightly as he entered the light. The sound of his footsteps were muffled by the carpet (which was just as well, because he was probably making a lot of noise due to his half-asleep state) as he walked down the stairs. He checked the kitchen first, but found no Marik in there so he went to the sitting room.

Marik was sitting on the couch with his back facing Yugi. His arms were crossed and he was staring intently at the wall opposite him. Yugi moved forward and looked at Marik, and then followed his line of sight to the wall. Looking back at Marik again, he asked, "Marik-kun... what are you doing up?"

Marik's eyes snapped up to Yugi, apparently not having heard (or seen) Yugi enter the room and stand beside him. "Yugi-chan! It's a bit early to be up, isn't it?"

Yugi almost flinched at how awake Marik sounded. "Yeah," Yugi mumbled. "Yeah, it is. Why are you up?"

"Oh," Marik said. His eyes went back to his study of the wall. "I've been thinking."

Yugi raised a sleepy eyebrow. "What about?" He would later claim that his sleep-induced mind had caused him to misunderstand what Marik said after that, because there was no way that Marik actually said what he did next.


Yugi felt his mind begin to shut down at the absurdity of the moment. He took a deep breath. "...Cows?" he repeated.

"Un," Marik agreed, frowning slightly at the wall. "They've kept me up all night. I mean, I never saw a cow when I was Tomb Keeper. Then I come here and, hello, it's a cow! Black and white or brown and white. Or just black. Sometimes just brown. And some of them produce milk which people drink. Don't you find that a little weird?"

Yugi blinked. Not as weird as this conversation. "Err..." he studied Marik cautiously. "...Yami no Marik?"

"What? No! It's Marik! I'm serious here, I can't get my head around 'milk'. Don't get me wrong, I mean we've all been breastfed at some point in our lives, but isn't it strange to drink the milk that's come out of an animal?" Marik continued talking as if there was nothing bizarre about what he was saying. "I'd like to meet the person who found out that cow's milk was drinkable. And why from a cow? Why not a horse, or a cat?"

The abbreviation 'wtf ' was currently swimming around Yugi's mind as he tried to process Marik's words.

"Milk doesn't make sense," Marik concluded. He looked up at the smaller boy. "What do you think, Yugi-chan?"

"I think," Yugi began slowly, "that this is just a really weird dream, and I should probably return to bed so that this will end."

Marik frowned. "Huh?"

"Goodnight," Yugi said. He turned around and proceeded back up the stairs. He left the light on but shut his bedroom door, and decided he should probably keep it shut at night from now on. Yugi shuffled back to the bed and climbed in.

Atemu rolled towards him and automatically put an arm around Yugi's waist. "Where d'you go?" he asked sleepy. "Missed you..."

Yugi sighed as he settled in to Atemu's hold and snuggled against his chest. "Light was on," he said through a yawn. "Marik... awake... weird... cows..."

Atemu opened his eyes as Yugi continued to ramble nonsense as he fell asleep. He thought he heard something along the lines of 'absurd' and 'milkshake'. He smirked. "Aibou, you say the silliest things when you're asleep."

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